Subaru - the safest cars in the U.S.

Subaru - the safest cars in the U.S.

Subaru brand has received official recognition as the only manufacturer that has certified all the machines' Top Safety Pick "by IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) - equivalent organization Euro NCAP.

IIHS provides consumers with vehicle safety information on a system based on four ratings. The latest results for the first time, brought the roof to test structures and without a good rating for it, the car was not receiving the maximum rating.

Thus, under new regulations for roof strength of 94 cars in 2009 to 2010 received the maximum rating of "Top Safety Pick" only 27. This rating confirms that following the IIHS tests, the machine that provides the best protection in front impact, side, rear and roll.

For frontal impact assessment is based on a crash-test results conducted at 40 mph (65 km / h) and for side impact at 31 mph (50 km / h). Efficiency when measured by assessing the impact of the rear headrests. Winners must also have as standard and electronic stability system (ESP or ESC / VDC - Vehicle Dynamics Control - the Subaru).

Subaru is the only manufacturer that has received Top Safety Pick for each class in which its models are on the market.

"We are very pleased that all machines are the only manufacturer certified Top Safety Pick. It is an extraordinary success and a tribute to Subaru engineers, "said Tom Doll, executive vice president Subaru of America. "This recognition of the IIHS is a further confirmation for our customers maintain the highest standard that they produce cars that are reliable, durable, reliable and pleasant to lead" Subaru has officially completed.

2010 Top Safety Pick Rating:

Small class

- Honda Civic 4-door versions, with optional ESP (without version and)
- Kia Soul
- Nissan Cube
- Subaru Impreza (excluding WRX)
- Volkswagen Golf - 4-door versions

High Class

- Buick LaCrosse
- Ford Taurus
- Lincoln MKS
- Volvo S80

Medium Class

- Audi A3
- Chevrolet Malibu built after October 2009
- Chrysler Sebring 4-door version with optional ESP
- Dodge Avenger with ESP optional
- Mercedes C Class
- Subaru Legacy
- Subaru Outback
- Volkswagen Jetta
- Volkswagen Passat
- Volvo C30

Small SUVs

- Honda Element
- Jeep Patriot with optional side airbags
- Subaru Forester
- Volkswagen Tiguan

Full Size SUVs

- Dodge Journey
- Subaru Tribeca
- Volvo XC60 produced after November 2009
- Volvo XC90


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