Toyota has recognized a problem in the Prius's brakes

Toyota has recognized a problem in the Prius's brakes

Toyota has admitted today at a press conference that there was a design problem in the braking of the popular Prius hybrid, but in January it was resolved and a solution be found for cars already sold.

Hiroyuki Yokoyama confirmed in a press conference today that there was a defect in design of the ABS (antilock braking system) to the new generation Toyota Prius hit the market last year, but the problem was resolved last month and soon will seek to repair them and those already available to customers.

"We, as producers of cars, we want to take certain steps to explain these issues to our customers and therefore now study them closely. We will make a detailed announcement soon, "said Hiroyuki Yokoyama, quality control at Toyota.

"Brakes are weak but if you continue pressing the pedal, the car will stop," he said Toyota, after the press conference were announced three quarterly financial results of fiscal year 2009.

U.S. authorities have reported more than 100 complaints about the braking system of the Toyota Prius and the manufacturer said it received 77 complaints in Japan. In Europe there were no reported problems of this nature, according to Toyota Europe.


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