Toyota has reduced CO2 emissions in Europe with 9%

Toyota has reduced CO2 emissions in Europe with 9%

Toyota Motor Europe continues to reduce CO2 emissions every year, despite the economic crisis, using green energy, according to the 2010 Sustainability Report released today by the Japanese car manufacturer.

Regarding the sale of vehicles, the Japanese company has achieved a 9 percent reduction in CO2 emissions for Toyota and Lexus cars sold in Europe (EU27). From 145 g / km CO2 in 2008, the average dropped to 132.2 g / km in 2009, according to JATO Dynamics study. This is the result of the company's continuous investment in innovative technologies and growing popularity of Toyota Optimal Drive and Hybrid Synergy Drive system (HSD) and Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD).

With the start of the Toyota Auris HSD production at its plant in Great Britain, marked Toyota's first local production of technology in Europe. The vehicle has the best of its class consumption of only 3.8 litres/100 km and 89 g CO2 per kilometer.

As part of overall plug-in hybrid (PHV), Toyota Motor Europe has leased 200 plug-in hybrid Prius cars to selected partners in 18 European countries that will test the car in normal use. The vehicle is equipped with a Li-Ion battery pack that can be recharged from a normal outlet and can travel up to 20 km in electric mode 100%. Thus, CO2 emissions reach 59 g / km combined cycle.


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