Volkswagen: New Research Center For Advanced Technologies In California

Volkswagen has opened a new research center in electronic Belmont, California, to be closer to new partners such as Google and Oracle: the goal is to develop new technologies on board for future cars.

The budget for the new site is approximately 20 million dollars a year and includes a staff of 100 designers and engineers. The VW had some search sites in Silicon Valley that have now been transferred to the new complex.

What VW engineers are working? For example, a system that arrived at their destination, for example in the office or in the parking lot of a supermarket, allows the driver to get off as the car goes in search of a place to park yourself.

And come back to take the driver when it called for it. But it also speaks of a system that recognizes the level of traffic, traffic lights and speed limits and adjusts a number of vehicle parameters.


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