Volvo Warning Systems And Gaining Autofranare Balancing Test By ADAC

ADAC, the largest car club in Europe, and braking assistance systems tested seven models. The only system in the test which has been rated "very good" was at the Volvo, with convincing performance in any traffic situation.

The emergency brake assist Volvo can save lives. Proof of this claim is comparative test conducted by ADAC, the largest car club in Europe, which for the first time tested systems from six manufacturers in various situations of collision.

The Volvo V60 was the only one who has made a "very good" and was by far the winner comparativului.

Volvo offers various systems, emergency brake assist its models. Volvo City Safety System is standard on six Volvo models, while the system is "Full Auto Collision Warning with Brake and Pedestrian Detection is optional. Both systems have been classified as" very good "in ADAC test which participate Volvo V60.

They used various traffic scenarios: a collision with a vehicle low speed collision with a vehicle brakes, collision with a vehicle stopped and a collision with a station. In all these cases, the Volvo system has produced results convincing and reliable operation of the Volvo V60 made to automatically avoid impending collisions or slow down long enough to impact massively reduced.

The machines were tested by ADAC: Volvo V60, Audi A7, Mercedes-Benz CLS, BMW 530, Volkswagen Passat and Infiniti M37.

The "City Safety" collision avoidance at low speeds can detect a vehicle in motion or not, and can automatically brake the car as much as possible up to 30 km / h to minimize or even avoid an accident. The system uses laser technology.

If the City Safety system identifies the distance to the vehicle in front as "dangerous" by virtue of an impending frontal collision and the driver does not react by braking, acceleration or power steering system automatically brakes to avoid the impact or reduce the impact effects. When the relative speed of the vehicle in front is up to 15km / h collision with the vehicle in front is totally avoided. City Safety System is now standard equipment on six models Volvo S60, V60, XC60, XC70, V70 and S80.

The "Pedestrian Detection introduces a revolutionary preventive safety technology. The system uses a radar sensor with a camera mounted on top of the windscreen detects and saves pedestrians in the vicinity of the car. The radar is designed to calculate the distance to the obstacle (pedestrian), and the camera is "trained" to recognize the human form to save the human forms detected. When a collision is considered imminent (identified human form and distance "dangerous") brake system automatically limiting car, depending on vehicle speed, even avoiding the accident. Function is active at speeds of 4 km / h - 80km / h. "Pedestrian Detection is optional along with Collision Warning System Collision Warning and Adaptive autopilot. Autofrânare warning and full function is active at speeds up to 200 km / h.


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