Winner of Eurovision 2010 is the new ambassador of Opel

Winner of Eurovision 2010 is the new ambassador of Opel

Lena Meyer-Landrat of Germany, winner of Eurovision 2010, held a concert Saturday at the end of Open Day at Opel. Alain Visser, Vice President of Sales announced that star for 19 years is Opel's new image.

The concert Lena, Opel begins a new campaign energizing the brand. In addition to conventional methods, such as advertising campaigns, Opel will focus on new channels of communication, social media. Activation Plan includes a number of different initiatives, which will address Opel step.

A major focus will be the area's music and entertainment: the emotional form of communication. Link Opel Lena will help to position themselves in this influential area of communication.

"We are very happy that we have such a representative for our brand. Lena is a young woman, energetic, and the added excitement of our brand. We fit perfectly: music is the most emotional way we communicate. Opel design language is the most emotional of the market. Lena and unconventional personality fits well with us. Lena together we can bring to life our motto "Wir Leben Autos", "Visser said before the concert audience enthusiastic.

The choice of the singer as a picture of her style were decisive Opel strong, extraordinary talent and passion that one puts into his music. Long-term cooperation with Lena includes support them on the road to Eurovision in 2011. Lena Opel as Brand Ambassador will support various initiatives at both the brand and products.


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