World premiere: BMW 5 Series crash test with automatic braking system

World premiere: BMW 5 Series crash test with automatic braking system

World Premiere, BMW has successfully a crash test with the BMW 530d with automatic brake intervention system in a specially equipped laboratory of the German Supervisory Organization Car (DEKRA).

A crash test checks only the structural integrity of the automobile and other passive safety systems. Now there are electronic systems that warn a driver of risk of collision and car passengers and preparing for an imminent crash. Crash test procedures must in future consider and active safety systems to prevent an accident occurring or minimize the force of the collision.

Each driver knows this situation: after a turn in front suddenly appears behind a locked car in a traffic jam. Reduced visibility due to careless driving or risk an accident. This scenario is due to produce more than 40% of accidents in Germany.

The premium segment cars such as BMW 5 Series, are already equipped with electronic systems to decrease anticipatory involved risks that arise in such situations.

The new BMW 5 Series, which has just been introduced on the market and the new BMW 7 Series, is optional with an integrated autopilot (Cruise Control) with warning function and automatic braking Accident - Cruise Control Stop & Go .

If a potential head-on collision, the driver is alerted through an indicator of the instrument board and, simultaneously, the head-up displays. While braking system enters a phase of preparation. Braking pressure may increase more rapidly, thereby diminishing the response time of brakes and braking distance.

Where there is imminent danger of an impact, the system enters the second stage of operation. In situations where emergency braking is required, along with visual warning is triggered and a beep. If the driver still does not respond, it triggers an automatic braking procedure on a very short period: time of 1.2 seconds there is a moderate deceleration, already before the driver to use the brakes.

On the basis of radar sensors autopilot (Active Cruise Control Stop & Go), the system recognizes the front accident becomes imminent. In this case the collision rate is reduced by an automatic emergency brakes intervention. As a test case in the so-called Euro NCAP offset crash car accelerated at a speed of 64 km / h. Moments before the collision with the BMW 530d automatic brake on the speed of 40 mph, according to the procedure of the system safety. Because of this decelerations just before the accident, car collision position change from a situation without braking. The car will be slightly bent forward. While all passengers, by braking, entering into an optimal position for the accident, relying on seat belts and thus reducing the tension would be transmitted through the force of impact.

So far these systems have been tested only on a test stand and in a crash test. Through collaboration and DEKRA BMW was made a first step in testing under real conditions of such active safety systems and the different scenarios pre-crash.


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