Older Drivers, Elderly Driving, Seniors at the Wheel

In the next 20 years the number of elderly drivers (persons 70 & over) is predicted to triple in the United States. As age increases, older drivers generally become more conservative on the road. Many mature drivers modify their driving habits (for instance to avoid busy highways or night-time driving) to match their declining capabilities. However, statistics show that older drivers are more likely than younger ones to be involved in multi-vehicle crashes, particularly at intersections.

Research on age-related driving concerns has shown that at around the age of 65 drivers face an increased risk of being involved in a vehicle crash. After the age of 75, the risk of driver fatality increases sharply, because older drivers are more vulnerable to both crash-related injury and death. Three behavioral factors in particular may contribute to these statistics: poor judgement in making left-hand turns; drifting within the traffic lane; and decreased ability to change behavior in response to an unexpected or rapidly changing situation.

Concern about the increased number of older drivers and their potentially decreased driving abilities is growing, especially among younger drivers. Statistics, based on all people injured or killed in traffic crashes, indicate that older drivers are at a disproportionate risk for becoming involved in fatal crashes. A NHTSA study of 1995 FARS (Fatal Accident Reporting System) data reports that senior citizens accounted for:

  • 5% of all people injured in traffic crashes
  • 13% of all traffic fatalities
  • 13% of all vehicle occupant fatalities
  • 18% of all pedestrian fatalities

In a 1997 NHTSA study, older people made up 9 percent of the population but accounted for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities and 17 percent of all pedestrian fatalities. NHTSA's "Traffic Safety Facts 1997: Older Population" (DOT HS 808 769) reports that:

  • In 1997, more than 24 million people in the United States were over 70 years of age.
  • Representing 9 percent of the population in 1997, the 70-and-older age group grew 2.1 times faster from 1987 to 1997 than the total population.
  • In 1986 older drivers were 7 percent of licensed drivers; in 1996 they were 19 percent of licensed drivers.
  • Of traffic fatalities involving older drivers, 82 percent happened in the daytime, 71 percent occurred on weekdays, and 75 percent involved a second vehicle.
  • When a crash involved an older driver and a younger driver, the older driver was 3 times as likely as the younger driver to be the one struck. Moreover, 28 percent of crash-involved older drivers were turning left when they were struck-- 7 times more often than younger drivers were struck while making left turns.
  • Older drivers involved in fatal crashes and fatally injured older pedestrians claimed the lowest proportion of intoxication--defined as a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 grams per deciliter or higher.
  • While only 55 percent of adult vehicle occupants (ages 18 to 69) involved in fatal crashes were using restraints at the time of the crash, 70 percent of fatal- crash-involved older occupants were using restraints.
  • "On the basis of estimated annual travel, the fatality rate for drivers 85 and over is nine times as high as the rate for drivers 25 through 69 years old."

Statistics show that in two-vehicle fatal crashes involving an older and a younger driver, it is 3.1 times as likely that the vehicle driven by the older person will be struck. In 27% of these two-vehicle fatal crashes the older driver was turning left. Drivers over 65, along with new teen-age drivers, have the highest accident rates per miles driven. Another NHTSA study found that on the basis of estimated annual travel, the fatality rate for drivers 85 and over is nine times as high as the rate for drivers 25 through 69 years old.

Lawrence Nitz, a political scientist from the University of Hawaii, conducted a three-year study of Hawaiian traffic records and found that drivers over 75 were far more likely than other motorists to be cited for certain offenses, including failing to yield to pedestrians, backing up unsafely and failing to stop at a flashing red light.

What is being done to address the problem?

Mandatory driving tests - California, which requires retesting for anyone involved in a fatal crash or three or more crashes in one year, requires drivers over 70 to retest if they are involved in two or more crashes in one year. Proposals in several other states to toughen licensing requirements for older drivers have been thwarted by senior-citizen lobbying groups (AARP & others), who say age-based measures are discriminatory. They claim that a person's chronological age is not an accurate predictor of driving ability. The lobbyists argue that if seniors are forced to take mandatory roadtests in the absence of an incident, other age groups should be required to take them as well.

Deficit reporting laws - Pennsylvania is one state that has a physician's reporting law, requiring physicians to report disabilities that may affect driving ability. Some physicians, however, are reluctant to jeopardize their relationship with a patient by making such a referral. Most other states do not require physicians to report psycho-motor, visual, and cognitive deficiencies that may affect driving to licensing agencies.

What else can be done?

  • Deficit screening - Screening could be given to all drivers for whom age-related decline is suspected and whose performance is viewed as a safety concern for themselves and other motorists. In addition, health professionals and others who work with older populations could administer the tests. Screening could become a part of the regular process of license renewal. By reducing testing time, drivers could be quickly screened and identified either as capable, or as in need of further testing.
  • Crash statistics - DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and insurance company records can help identify high-risk older drivers. In addition to crash counts, the details of the crash (roadway condition, time of day, location, fault) are important. Some crash patterns (e.g., the driver stopped in the middle of the roadway) may be better predictors of future crashes than others. Given that many older drivers involved in crashes have never had a crash before and may not have another one during the following year, crash records will identify only a few high-risk older drivers. However, crash statistics may be an important part of a comprehensive program to identify high-risk older drivers.

What can you do? - You may wonder about older friends and family members' performance on the road. You want to support their continued mobility but on the other hand you worry about their driving abilities. Unfortunately we don't all retain the ability to drive a car throughout our lifetime. Physical disabilities, mental illness, medications, loss of vision, or frailty can end anyone's driving career prematurely. Before you bring up the subject, keep in mind that the thought of losing a driver's license is very disturbing to most older people. Americans rely upon their cars to get to work, go to the doctor, go shopping, and visit their friends and relatives. The elderly equate losing their driving privileges with being dependent, feeling trapped, perhaps losing choice, control, and spontaneity in life. Discussing driving skill with an older person requires great diplomacy.

AgeQuest, a specialty firm addressing the training needs of professionals in the field of aging, older adults, and family caregivers, suggests in its publication "Supporting the Mature Driver" that the decline of skills necessary for safe driving sometimes occurs suddenly or subtly. Signs may include a pattern of close calls, violations or collisions, increasing difficulty in noticing pedestrians, signs, objects, or other vehicles; an observable decline in physical abilities; or a rapid onset of fatigue from driving.

Older drivers need to be aware that medications can significantly impair their driving by making them drowsy or distracted. Physicians and pharmacists should be consulted before starting new medications, to see if the drug can affect the ability to drive. Since side effects are often worse for the first few days of a new medication, people should avoid driving until they know exactly how a new drug affects them. If any medication causes sleepiness or disorientation, someone else should do the driving.

Eyes change with age. They lose the ability to focus quickly. Peripheral vision narrows and the retina becomes less sensitive to light. Physical activity is needed to keep a person strong and flexible for those quick reactions needed while driving. To be a safe driver, paying attention to road conditions and your own body changes is essential. A person's chronological age is not an absolute predictor of driving ability, but its impact should not be denied. Ultimately, however, what counts on the road is performance.

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What ever!

i think that the elderly shouldnt have to take their licenses over because they may be old but they are still human and they want to drive just as much as any person who drives! so i think they shouldnt have to retake their test!

I disagree

You have absolutely no good logic behind your argument, no one is arguing that older people aren't human, the issue is safety...and no one is saying old people shouldn't drive because they are old, it is because they are unsafe. Elderly people are just statistically proven to be more dangerous than any other age and the only way to successfully weed out the unsafe older drivers is to take a test to see who should and shouldn't be on the road.

scared to death

My Dad is 82 years old. He has had several strokes and has now been in rehab 7 weeks. He is so determinded he is going to drive hisself home. He had been able to drive a short distance to the postoffice etc. But he didnt tell anyone and took off on a trip over 300 miles. He was back 2 days and then had a bad stroke. He doesnt use good judgement in things he is doing and he isnt going to listen to any of us. Im at my wits end and dont know to deal with him.

Bad driving Dad

My father was a horrible driver. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I contatced the DMV and asked them how I could get him off the road. I filled out a report and they sent inquiries to his eye doctor and his family physician who both said he should NOT be driving. The DMV had him retake his driver test which he failed and they finally revoked his driving priviledge. Remember it is a priviledge, not a right. He was furious with me, but finally agreed that it was better that he shouldn't drive anymore because he kept having fender benders and couldn't afford the repairs anymore.

I commend you on your

I commend you on your decision. It wasn't even the can't afford part, what about possible hurting another family? Nice choice and thank you for keeping us all safer.

Victim of elderly driving

My car was hit by a woman in her 80s in July. She hit 4 cars at the same time pushing the gas instead of the brake. My car still is not the same as it was. People are dying because of older people that shouldn't be driving. Too many of them on the roads, take their DLs away, enough is enough.

I am another victim

This week my mum and dad were crossing the road using the zebra as they always did to be safe when the were hit by an elderly driver who said she didn't see then because of the sun. My mum died the same day and my dad was taken to ICU, I can't believe this has happened especially as the driver was local it was 3.00pm when all the school children would have been on their way home so she should have been on her alert,regular testing and medical checks are a must and I hope the police investigation will bring charges against this woman she has ruined mine and my childrens life.


I am so sorry for your loss. I too was struck by an elderly driver (85 years old) when I was only twenty. The elderly driver pulled into traffic on a clear sunny day, attempting to perform a left hand turn against traffic pushing the gas instead of brake, and failing to yield. The collision ripped the aorta just above my heart and caused my head to be placed through the windshield at full speed. I required open heart, plastic graft, multiple bypasses, physical rehabilitation, and months in the hospital. I was unable to walk properly for the following year. The elderly driver was cited for failure to yield though I was unable to sue to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills because the elderly driver had already distributed assests to children. I was not drinking or high, I was a US soldier and unable to keep up with the physical and mental demands of the military following the collision. Drivers in their eighties are extremely dangerous to the entire public and this situation should not be allowed to persist.

I Lost My Son

I am so sorry for your loss. My son, age 20, was on a bike in a bike lane near his university when an elderly driver turned right in front of him. She even saw him at the top of the hill and just about 10 seconds later turned across the bike lane. He died from his injuries. I am forming a non-profit organization to educate everyone about changes that affect driving as we age and advocate for screening older drivers before they can renew their driver's licenses in all 50 states. I am so sorry for you and your family. My family is also forever saddened and changed.

scared to death

An 86 year old bad driver killed my daughter, for the sake of someone elses kid, take away the keys, sell the car and get him a driver. You are an enabler who will be as responsible as your father if he kills someone with his car!

I took away my step father's

I took away my step father's keys and his car after he got lost and drove 4 hours away while trying to make a 15 minute trip to his home. He is absolutely furious with me. Now that I know he is obviously confused - how could I possibly encourage his continued driving? If he caused an accident and killed someone else or himself - morally, I'm responsible. I won't do it - thank you for making me feel better - cause he is not making it easy. Having laws that help us with this would make our highways safer and our decisions easier.

take away the keys

I don't know where you are but unfortunately in Texas you can't just take keys away. We went to the DMV filled out reports and they still haven't done anything. I'm sorry your daughter was killed but I think it's the government agency's responsibility to look into people who have problems driving weather they are middle-age or elderly. It's a shame you are blaming this person for their father's decisions because my whole family is in this boat. We've contacted doctors, the dmv, and the local law officers. Now they need to do their job.
We took his keys and he called a lock-smith. The law said if we take his car without permission it is theft and we can be arrested. Again I'm so sorry about your daughter. A friend of my sister killed her when she was just 16 because her friend was a bad fast driver...they didn't even give this person a ticket!

Driving after a stroke

Take his keys. I did it with my husband and he was mad a few days but then realized he wasn't going to get them back.

My dad had severe stroke 2 years ago and is dangerous!

Sept 2009, my dad had a stroke that affected both sides. He has gotten his left side back, but his right side is still very weak. He has trouble w/his entire right side and shouldn't't be driving. He blows stop signs and had trouble stopping and staying in correct lane. He has trouble backing up etc... His doctor won't do anything, even though he knows he should not be driving. I wrote our dmv, and he only had to do 1 hour ocupational therapy, which he can put on an act if his driving is involved. It's not the age that should be taken to stop driving, but the physical and mental aspect of it. I can only hope that someone will never have to go through this ever. It is heart breaking watching my dad almost hurt people because no one will help. Pray for our family.

dad with stroke

When my mother had a stroke in Oregon, which barely affected her physically but did affect her mentally, the doctor was mandated to contact the DMV and she automatically lost her licence=thank God. I'm sure she would have killed someone if not.

You might contact your DMV and see what you can do.

my mom is 81, she was a

my mom is 81, she was a school bus driver for many years, now her driving scares the crap out of me...I don't let my son drive in the car with her because I fear...she's already had three accidents...I've tried talking to her but she is a feisty old lady....she is too driving me out of my witz...

Stubborn/self centered elderly drivers

You need to anonymously report him to the DMV for further testing. It's a shame the DMV isnt doing their jobs. We all should be reporting the elderly drivers going extremely slow and holding up traffic (of course they never pull over). The DMV should be encouraging everyone who sees it, to report it. It is ashame that the kids of elderly are affraid to take control and take away the keys. Maybe going as far to disable the vehicle to save their loved one or others. I hate to think that they really do nothing because it could hamper their inheritance...But I do think that!

Thats is so retarded you

Thats is so retarded you should drive him around.

Reply to Jack Meoff

I HAVE AMENDED MY ORIGINAL STATEMENT TO SAY THAT In British Columbia Canada, if a medical professional is aware that a patient especially those over 65 years' years has an accident record then the Medical professional is liable to litigation if that patient eventually mains or kills another person while driving a motor vehicle. That being the law, such as it is, the Doctor, to save himself from a law suite, recommends to the appropriate authority that his patient take a driving test to determine his/her capability to drive.
This is very stressful for a Senior to be"put on the hot seat"so to speak.
This smacks of a "police state" , as far as I am concerned.
Yes, if there is suspicion of a problem with the patient driving, then deal with the matter with some diplomacy and without the immediate involvement of a local faceless government entity. Unfortunately the faceless Government entity appears to have power that is uncontrolled.

My Father

My father is almost 88 years old. He had two major surgeries in the last 6 months and recovered very well for his age. But, he shouldn't be driving. He does everything too fast and I know is not alert enough to drive. But, what am I supposed to do??? He insists he drive fine and will not stop. He just started again a couple of weeks ago. I took his keys and did not know he had another one. He won't listen. I agree. We live in PA and I think it is terrible that doctors won't do what they are supposed to. If they doctor would only make it mandatory for him to take is test again, then he would have no choice. But, if I want to, he won't go. I have tried everything.

My Father - I Feel your Pain

My Father is 81 years old and I informed him yesterday that I was submitting the paperwork to the DMV for him to be retested. However, California has a "cover your behind" process that will probably take 6 months before he is ever given a behind the wheel test. He's been in 4 accidents since March. 2 were his fault; 2 he says weren't, but he lies.

He went out on May 9 and bought a new car - who would give an 81 year old man, who obviously can't walk, with a credit score of 620 a 6 year loan? One week later (yes, 7 days), he hit a concrete pole - a pole he has driven around 2-3 times a day, every day, for the the past 6 months. He destroyed the entire passenger's side of the car. Also, he had rolled the loan from his other car into the loan for this new car and drove off the lot $6,500 up-side-down in the new loan. Add to that aprox $4,000 in damage (with no money for the $1,000 deductible) and you see the mess I'm in with no hope of getting out of the loan except a repossession.

Check with your DMV (go on-line) and see if they have a form that YOU can fill out. Yes, the Dr may have to complete a form (they do in CA), but at least YOU will have documentation that you were on top of the situation, should anything happen. I was told to be as detailed as possible with my description and to include everything I could think of, including a picture of the damage done to the new car.

In CA, I have to complete this process again and again if he keeps passing the test as this does not put him on a "watch list" to be checked every year. I will do so until the license is gone.

Hang in there and do what you can do. Makes copies of EVERYTHING and keep ALOT of documentation of what's going on, what he's said and what you've done to try to stop a tragedy.

That takes courage, and I

That takes courage, and I applaud you. I have a similar concern with my father, who is 94, although he has had no accidents. Fortunately he moved recently, and now he rarely drives more than 2 or 3 blocks within his assisted living complex, when he's too tired to walk to dinner. I'm scared to death of even that, but he lives in Florida, where the elderly have free reign. Last year, at the age of 93, he renewed his driver's license for TEN (10) YEARS, solely on the basis of an eye test. That is criminally insane, in my book.

Florida does have a form that

Florida does have a form that you can fill out and send in, anonymously, to revoke his driving priviledges. I just sent one in today for my dad.

Same problem with my father

The flooding in PA was a blessing in a way. Dad's home and car was damaged beyond repair and we were able to my parents into a personal care home. I did have the doctor revoke his license, however, because all he talked about was getting another car. Now, they are in the secure dementia ward, but if he got out he'd probably call a cab and go straight to a car dealer/rental place.

His dementia is so bad that he got lost a block from his house before (not just once) and got lost coming to my house recently.

He's upset - and I understand it is an ego blow - but he's safe. He wants to appeal, however.

In PA, a doctor can write in to the dmv and have a license revoked. If you can get him to the doc for a "physical" tell the doc to do a cognitive screening.

If that doc won't send in the proper form and revoke his license, find one that will. It took years of trying to get Dad's family doc to do it, and finally the doc at the home they are in had it done in 2 weeks.

Not easy to do - but necessary when the person has health issues that make driving errors more apt to happen.

Call the doc today - he or she can help you. Good luck. I can sympathize!!

Re: My Father

Don't bother with the Doctor, Call the DMV or what ever it is call in your area. Tell the excatly what you just wrote or what is a concern for you about his driving and they will re test him. I promise!!

I'm in pa also.

I can royalty understand what you wrote! My dad had a stroke two years ago, and he was approved to drive even though he is has right sided weakness. I emailed PennDot and he only had to do one hour occupational therapy, which he can put on an act when his driving is at risk. We fight all the time. He blows stop signs, speeds has trouble stopping and as he waves padestrians to cross, he keeps his foot on the gas. His doctor is useless. But, I went and talked to my local police, whovwere very kind and concerned and said that his doctor could be arrested and lose his doctors license if he does not do something. A message about this from the officer was played for the doctor so he ordered a driving a complete driving test. If he did not, the police would. Also, if you give the officer where you live your dads vehicle info and his name, they can keep a look out for him and if he would ever be pulled over, they can make him take a drivers test. Hang in there. You are not alone! Jody

there is a law on the books

there is a law on the books that physicians have to report patients that are impaired to drive. They will need to be tested by a independent agency to see if they are capable of driving. If the patient gets into an accedent the doctor will be liable. He knew the patient was impaired to drive and yet allowed it to happen, he can go to court for any damages caused. Just that simple, talk to your father's doctor.

Using your criteria that the

Using your criteria that the only issue is safety, then no teenager should be allowed to drive. They are statistically the worst group. But I agree that age should not be a determining factor. We all have difering abilities at any age and will all age differently. Therefore I propose that everyone, irrespective of age, must retest at least every 5 years.

This sounds like a good plan.

This sounds like a good plan. I'm a teenager and I know I'm not the best drivers, so I stay away from driveways and try not to go far from home when I rains, but I have several friends who are worse drivers than myself and don't take such precautions. I really do think we need more extensive Driver's ed programs. In my state (NC) all you need to do is to read through some material on the internet, take a 3-day course, and practice driving with a parent for 6 months (which many parents don't even let their children do). After that, some kids assume that just because they have a license that they are apt drivers, which really isn't true at all.

Long story short, I would agree with you. Things change over time and we need to check both the visual and mental aptitude of all drivers regularly.

teenaged drivers

While I understand your idea that people should get retested every 5 years, I am growing quite weary of the "teenagers are bad drivers" statistics and arguments. Of course they are; they are just learning how to drive. A baby learning to walk does not walk with the ease or comfort of a five year old, because it takes time and practice to walk effectively. The same argument can be made for teenagers driving, they will get better with time. Not many people question the driving priveleges of the 25-50 age group because these people have honed their driving skills. However, it is beyond unlikely that the elderly's driving skills will improve, and in my experience, the elderly take far less accountability for their actions on the road than young people.

I agree with you

Thank you, I've been hunting for details about this subject for ages and yours is the best I've discovered so far.

Jack Meoff

You Have My Word I Agree

Most dangerous????

I agree with your general thoughts but you will find driver risk is at a peak when the driver is young/new/inexperienced. Predominantly male, with risk taking, aggression, poor attitude, recklessness, inexperience being key reasons. As drivers get more experience and mature personally, the risk drops significantly in the 30 to 50 age range, when it starts to rise again, to similar risk level of the young, inexperienced group. Your logic would suggest new drivers be taken off the road, I think. However, the older group have different type of crash. They've got lots of experience, so 'practice' clearly 'doesn't make perfect'. Weakening mental function , eyesight, co-ordination, concentration, confusion all start to have a great impact. Elderly drivers, therefore are not killing people with risk taking, aggression etc., but with increasing inability to cope with traffic situations. Confusion, lack of awareness are the cause of many crashes involving elderly drivers. If re-assessments were required for everyone, every ten years, perhaps, then more regularly beyond, say, 70<?> then we'd save lots of lives, as driver weaknesses (skills, attitudes etc) would be identified earlier and could be dealt with through advice or training. The cost of an accident is massive. In UK it's calculated a fatal crash costs society about $2million), so there's a massive saving to be made by reducing crashes.
I've voluntarily had re-tests at advanced level every five years or so, for many years and surely that makes me safer. Perhaps those people who argue against re-testing are good but not confident, or confident they're not good.

Want to kill?

I choose not to drive due to a heath issue. I don't want to perhaps hurt someone. If anyone reading is a senior - How would you feel if you hurt or killed someone when you could have prevented it?

Thank you

I appreciate your decision. My brother-45 and nephew-9 we killed in a crash two months ago. They were hit head on by an 81 year old semi truck driver who was not able to see that he was in the wrong lane. He was, unfortunately, "legal" to be driving that truck. He started his truck driving profession, making very good money, at the age of 75. Elderly drivers pay more for driving insurance because they are a higher risk. The information on aging and inevitable physical changes is everywhere, yet ignored. No matter how young you feel, your eyes, ears, neurological systems and stamina are degenerating. The process is as natural and unstoppable as any other physical milestone we all have during our life course. Frame of mind, sharp as a tack or not, cannot stop this process. Laws will be changed. Until then, my plea is that the elderly, graciously accept there is a time to give up the keys before another life is lost.

Wanto to Kill??

My mother-in-law is 90 and cannot see out of her left eye and is going blind in her right. She is totally deaf, and usually chooses not to wear her hearing aids. I love her dearly, but she will not give up her license!! My husband plays along and will not take it. She is and always has been a horrible driver. She manipulates and bribes him. She can turn on the charm, but is very selfish and vindictive. What can I do?? I am in Ohio.

My mother

My 91 year old mother sounds like your mother-in-law. She was a good driver in her younger days. My Dad died 3 years ago so she is alone. We don't know how good her vision is but she has told us that she has macular degeneration in my eye. Same issue as yoru mother-in-law with the hearing problem. My Mom is very frail and can not turn her head around to see what is behind her. I have 2 sisters and we are divided on how to handle this mess. I'm thinking og talking with her doctor and get him involved. Have you tried this?


Well i think You should take her to a counselor so she cn b convinced to stop driving at this age because if she keeps driving she will probably kill someone and maybe even kill herself if she can barely even see or hear. Hope she gets some help.

Poppy cot

While watching the abc news, I listened to the reporter telling about the accident that happened in the Walmart parking lot-- in which a lady was fatally injured by an elderly driver. Much was said about the elderly driver should not be driving. Let me remind you that not long ago there was another incident in a store lot which took the life of another lady in an auto accident. To the best of my knowledge, both happened when the gas pedal was depressed instead of the brake. My question being: How old was the driver of that car? Another question also comes to mind--who has more accidents, the young or the old, men or women. We all know the answer to that question--so should all the male drivers be denied driving privileges? Or all the young? And let us remember who changed our diapers, fed us, took us to school, helped with homework, paid for college!!! Get the picture. Let us take the driver off the road because of breaking the law, not just because they are getting old, as you will also--if you stay around here long enough.

Parent your parent.

Statistics and facts of the matter mean nothing to you? Face it, elderly drivers are usually dangerous because of diminished abilities. Why are you so willing to risk the physical well-being of another human being(s)? You can come up with all of the anecdotal evidence you'd like, and yes, everyone is capable of having accidents, but the elderly have diminishing abilities and should be held accountable, regardless of whose feelings might get hurt. Just because my mother wiped my butt and sent me to school, doesn't mean that I will allow her to put others' safety in jeopardy...I think she counts on me for that these days, whether she likes it or not...much like she used to do for me.

Driving is a privilege, not a

Driving is a privilege, not a right. If ANY person's driving is a danger to themselves and others, that privilege should be revoked.


You sound very childish. No one should be allowed to drive just because "they want to". Driving is an activity that makes you responsible for the lives and safety of those you are sharing the road with. If you are not capable of being completely safe, you should have your license revoked. If you are driving and your eyesight is bad or your reaction time is slow, then you are not safe. Unfortunately those are the types of things that come with old age, and in my opinion they do need to be retested to prove they will be safe on the road. It is no different than having to prove you can drive safely the first time you test.

15 year olds are human too,

15 year olds are human too, but we don't let them out on the road either.

Older people driving

I think it is wrong for most older people to drive and they SHOULD be tested before they are able to. It is already a "danger" to put your self on the road and it does not help to let people drive that are unsafe to themselves and others.

Yeah and so do 13 year olds.

Yeah and so do 13 year olds. They want to drive as much as old people too but they have to take the test.

senior moments?

The point here is that as we all age we lose many abilities. Senior citizens need to be tested(vision, health and a driving and written exam). These days roundabouts are popular and they don't know how to use them. They have seizures and strokes which result in injuries and fatal accidents. They don't stop to consider what the consequences are for their independence. They need to be tested. It's a win win situation. If they have health issues it will benefit all of us by keeping them off the road.

Do you want?

Do you want to wait until someone you love is killed by an elderly person who should not have been behind the wheel?

If you re-test them then you

If you re-test them then you can be sure if they will handle themselves, or get killed because they weren't tested to see if they can still handle driving. It's for the good of the elderly driver and the people surrounding him/her when driving.

You are right but as people

You are right but as people get older, sight hearing and perception diminish. It would be safer if seniors retook their driving test. But they would have to retest often maybe every 7 or 8 years.

Sorry but that's not logical at all

Every driver has the responsibility to be safe - for their own sake and for others, too. We all should take a re-test every few years to identify any bad habits, poor attitude etc. Just because a driver is human, this doesn't remove their responsibilities. Do you want your 75 year old airline pilot, or your 80 year old doctor to have had no assessment, check-up or re-test - ever??? I think no. Just because a driver is nice, polite, human shouldn't give automatic right to drive.

Elderly Driving

This isn't an attack on the elderly, it's just a topic on how to keep our roads safe. It's been proven that as people get older, they develop diseases and physically degenerate (eyes, reaction time, etc.) We're not saying, 'let's take all the old farts licenses away because they drive slow!' We're saying let's test them to make sure that they are still safe drivers. I think you'd think differently if you were the victim in an accident because the elderly man or woman that crashed into you couldn't see or brake in time.

Father in Law

I know the elderly resent the scrutiny involved in this situation but it should be recognized that many of them should not be driving. My father in law can barely walk, has trouble following a conversation, falls asleep at the drop of a hat, has serious reaction time issues and yet he is still driving. He is in a state that doesn't have any requirement (not even eye exams) for license renewal and frankly I'm afraid he's going to kill himself or someone else. I think once you hit 70 you should be tested every 2 years (on an enclosed driving track) Not eveyone should be driving.

Not age discrimination

It is a proven fact that the elderly tend to have physical and mental disadvantages as they age, therefore, it would be wise to retest their driving skills before letting them on the road with a potential for accidents.

I agree, Ben!

Many times I would be driving down the street and see an elderly person coming out of their car and they could barely walk, let alone drive. Some of those that I have seen have great difficulty just getting out of their cars. If their ability to even get out of a car is so difficult, how can they possibly react in the time needed to stop their car from hitting someone, perhaps a child running into the street for a ball.

It is a known fact that their reflexes are slower than they were years ago. Where are the family members in all this? Why are they letting this go on when they should intervene perhaps with their physician to see if the physician agrees that it is dangerous for that person to get behind the wheel.

I don't agree with others here that it would take away the senior's independence and worthliness if the license were taken from them. How does one balance the life of another person being taken away with the feelings of a senior whose driving privileges have been revoked? There is no comparison. EVERYONE OVER 65 SHOULD BE TESTED ON THE ROAD AND WITH A WRITTEN TEST. Laws have changed over the years....for example, how many people drive with their lights off when they are using their windshield wipers, even if they are being used intermittently. They think that b/c it is daytime they don't have to have their lights on. Well get over it...put them on...how are those on the road supposed to see you when there is heavy rain or even a very cloudy day with a little rain.
I will get off my soap box now.
Thanks for the use of the hall.

It's not always the families fault.

Marlene, I wish taking away an olders persons license was simple. Unfortunately It's not. My dad is over sixty and two years ago had a horrible stroke that affected both sides. He couldn't even speak right for awhile. He did get his left side back, but his right is really weak and he has trouble with his right arm, hand, leg etc.. Some how he barely passed the drivers basic test. I have been fighting with him because he blows stop signs, has trouble stopping, can't see baking up and more. The doctor is useless and the dmv was notified and the state police say he has to kill someone first before they'll help. So you see, It's not always the families fault. To be honest, we are all technically at fault when blame this person or that. Please think of all aspects of situation before speaking.


I think that old people shudnt be allowed to drive because they are a danger to the roads and they cause alot of crashes i think that they should give up when they get to 70 because the elderly get free travel on the public transport anyway i think that old people shudnt drive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Drivers over 70

My dear Strange: Save this statement until you are 70, then re-read it. You won't like it one bit, because you will most likely still be a very capable driver. You will think you are in the prime of life, because people stay healthy longer nowadays than before. I am 70, quite physically fit, and still working 30+ hours a week at volunteer jobs to help those less fortunate than myself. Some of the people I give rides to are younger than me, and already physically ruined! My problem is my 93-year old father, who won't quit driving. He's never had an accident, but his reflexes are slowing and his health is weakening. Just 5 years ago I thought he was doing fine. Since then he's cut back how far he drives, won't drive at night, avoids freeways, and thinks that's enough adjustment, so he won't quit entirely. It won't be long until that's not enough, and I am worried but unable to stop him.

The issue isn't reaching a specific age, it's about retaining ability. Some people age 50 don't qualify and some age 80 are just fine. I could support testing every 2 years starting as early as age 60, or whenever a doctor reports you to the DMV at any age, to protect society. That's not discriminatory. I'll pass that test today at age 70, no problem, but I'll take it to protect you against someone else younger or older than 70 who would be taken off the road by mandator testing.

The other guy!

I am the victom of a elderly car crash an 80 year old man took a left hand turn right in front of me on a high way. He was following a SUV and didnt stop to see if he was clear to turn. I broke my foot and dislocated it in three places, my boyfriend broke his leg and his right foot was ejected out the windshield. I lost every thing! The ability to walk, my car,job, apartment, and I still have sever pain and artheritus in my foot. He didnt even get a ticket for causing the accident. I think you will sing a different tune when it happens to you!
This topic is important to me and all of the people that will be driving in the next ten years. The baby boomers will be about 70 then and will make up a large number of the motorist that will inhabit our streets!

Amanda-wake up and smell the coffee

unfortunatley getting old does bring up many issues especially about driving.
Tell me you haven't seen elderly people crossing the middle line, cut in front of traffic or almost hit another car. Elderly people tend to lose thier motor skills, cognition, eye sight and thier hearing which makes them more vulnerable to getting into an accident. So, in your opinion, your going to say 'let them drive because they want to and they like to drive' Think about the consequences of your statement. It is proven that as people get older (65+), they cause more accidents and fatalities. They need to be retested to make sure that they can drive safely on the streets. I don't know why you wouldn't want that for one of your loved ones. that is what is wrong with this world...it is called IGNORANCE!!!!!!!

Accept it!

I've been actively avoiding tragedy from elderly drivers for 35 years and it's only going to get worse with the aging of the baby boomers. Why fight it?
Instead, we should embrace our American flare for independence and create a form of bumper/smart car and then designate or create lanes specifically for elderly, beginning, or otherwise impaired, drivers' use, should they choose. It would take years, but we do it for bicycles!
We need to stop trying to control other people from our fear, and figure out how to deal with reality.

Agree- test over the age of 70!

I am in absolute agreement with many others on this board. My Mother was recently rear-ended at a red light by a 94 year old man. It seemed to be minor so Mom turned in to the nearest parking lot and waived him to come in too. He just kept on going and never did stop. Luckily, she was able to write down the license number and called the police. When they went to talk to the man, he didn't even know he hit her and didn't see her wave him in the lot. Nobody was hurt thankfully but it did cause $1000 damage to her bumper.

Another situation recently in our town. A teen driver was sideswiped by an elderly person. He was waiting in the middle of an intersection to turn left and the elder, who was in the through lane, decided half way through the intersection to turn left. So he turned, and turned right into the car waiting to turn that was in the correct lane. The teen then followed the elder to KMart (go figure) and the elder didn't even know he hit the teen's car and was trying to say that the teen turned in front of him.

I live in a state where elderly driving legislation will NEVER pass as the demographics are heavily senior. But it HAS to be considered in every state.

talk to my grandmother

i cant agree more! my grandmother is 64 and it almost seems like her brain is dying. she has gotten so slow with everything. she can barley get my name right half the time.
someone needs to bring this topic to justice.

elderly driving

some elderly people may know how to drive well and others may not. my grandfather only has one eye and he drives better than most people i know. i think they should be able to keep their liscences.

No one is saying they

No one is saying they shouldn't drive. Its jst that after a certain age they should be retested. Infact, with age comes medical problems. Such as blindness, deafness, forgetfulness, etc. For instance my parents were driving jst 15min from my house to theirs' and was lost for 4 hrs (no cell phone). Althought they eventually arrived at home we (the family) was worried sick. And to let u know my father had jst retired a month earlier frm being a truck driver of 29 yrs with an excellent driving record.Think before you become so defensive I know u love your parents.

elderly driver

Not every elderly person is a poor driver. We have several examples in my family, between the ages of 81 and 91, who still drive, and do so very well. My own father (82) is a very safe driver, in spite of his own difficulty with walking due to hip pain. He had cataract surgery last year in order to clear up vision issues, and found this resulted in more confidence when driving. Mind you, the elderly members of my family DO NOT drive during inclement weather, try to avoid heavy traffic hours and routes, plan their itineraries to drive during daylight hours, maintain their vehicles impeccably, and no longer drive on lengthy highway trips. They are most grateful for the privilege to drive, are aware of the limiting time of good driving years left, and would give up their keys reluctantly but graciously.

elderly driving

I agree completely with this subject, there is still many older drivers (65+) on the roads who are safe and are still able to drive carefully and whos reaction times, eyes and hearing havent yet deteriated.

However, there are also many older drivers who arent as quick with their reactions or eyesight and who are still driving, i think this is very selfish because they are not only putting themselves at risk but also other innocent drivers. I realise it is not their fault and they still wish to drive but it is dangerous and after all the data and statistics i have seen on the matter i have come to the conclusion that elderly drivers cause a large percentage of accidents on our roads.

Many older drivers realise they cannot drive as well as they used to. Some decide to drive only during the daytime and on quiet roads. These are the rational, sensible ones.

As for being tested every 2-3 years after the age of 70, i think is a very good idea because there are older people out there who are still capable of driving sensibly. This will also cut down on the amount of elderly drivers who arent capable of this and will help to make our roads safer.

elderly drivers

It's not age discrimination. Just like we all had to take driving tests to get our licenses, we should all have to continue taking tests to make sure that we are still mentally and physically capable of being able to drive safe. You don't let your friend get in the car and drive after 10 beers do you? Then why would you let someone who can barely hear and/or see drive? When people get older their response time declines, and should be tested in my opinion at least every year.

elderly drivers

i agree completely. its not that old people arent responsible, it's just that they cant see as well anymore and the cant turn their neck to see if other people are coming :]

On my way to work this morning

I was t-boned by an 82 year old woman who didn't see her light turn red even though it was a 2 lane highway and everyone else was stopped...she ran right into me and i'm fortunate that i am able to type this right now. Thanks for plastic cars lol...she had plenty of obvious clues that she should be stopped such as the traffic in the intersection and the lanes of stopped traffic and lets not forget the big red light!! I work for an optometrist and see elders coming in all of the time with their cataracts and retinal issues and they all drive themselves there. There's nothing we can do if they wear their glasses and can be corrected to 20/40. Pennsylvania does require doctors to notify Penndot if there are medical condition that could cause problems. I have a friends who's mother has alzhiemers and the doctor says she can drive even though my friend has told the doctor that she thinks she should no longer be driving. I will be making my voice heard in this matter. mandatory physical road driving every 4 years after the age of 60. no closed courses. that doesn't demonstrate ones ability to drive in the real world with others on the road.

I work with them.

I work at a retirement home and I have seen the elderly there get in accidents with their WALKERS. They constantly crash into each other with their walkers and get their wheels and handlebars and oxygen tubes tangled up. I can't even fathom how they would do behind the wheel of a car.

Elderly drivers

Driving is not a right it's a privilege. Those who can't do it safely any more can and should have they're license revoked. Not having to pay for gas and insurance would open up the possibility of them to take a cab or bus were ever they need to go.

new laws needed

Their is nothing at all wrong with having more extensive testing for the elderly. I'm all for it. It has nothing to do with age discrimination. Come on give me a break. It's all about feeling safe on the road. I'm not trying to condemn all elderly. I mean their are some who are in great shape and have all of their mental capacities. But then their are some who just shouldn't be behind the wheel. You wouldn't give a kid a loaded gun to play with, would you?

writing a paper on elderly driving

i totally agree with passing a law to enforce safer conditions on the road. Nothing against the elderly, but everyone had to take a test to start driving and we should all have to take more when we get older to ensure the safety of ourselves and others on the road. I say elderly drivers should be requried to take a test at the age of 65+ every 4 years to keep the peace on the road. And this is with the permission of their doctors that they are capable to drive both physically and mentally. It's just common sense.

it's not phasing- it's wise

anyone who drives or rides in a car...(oh i guess that's just about everyone) can look around and see either the effects or the dangers of elderly driving. i think the real issue here is not just the accidents and the problems caused by SOME senior citizens on the road, but the ignorance shown by those who say it isn't a problem or that it is stereotypical to accuse senior citizens of being bad drivers. yes of course not all senior citizens are bad drivers but those who are should be at the least re tested and at the most deprived of their license. let us open our eyes to the real problem at hand: statistics are fact, not personal opinion and you cannot deny the facts that senior citizen drivers can be dangerous behind the wheel. only those who are bad drivers will be punished so those who are abiding the laws and driving safely will be free to do so, regardless of age.

im writing a paper too!! nd i agree

its definately not age discrimination. thats kinda like saying if a person was diagnosed with a fatal condition and thinks, well i dont have to take this much medication, because not everyone with my condition dies. what!!?? thats just not smart!! its a proven fact that as you get older your reflexes, and your sight, hearing, etc. all get a little less then perfect so why take that risk. i mean their just a few tests, and its not like were trying to yank licenses from them entirely, were just trying to make sure that they are both mentally and physically capable to be driving, safely

I agree but take it further

I agree 65+ should be retested every 4 years. A gradutate lic. should be given so older drivers can maintain some independence.But if we are really concerned with public saftey, then a driving test every 10 years for those ages 25-65 and make the insurance company lower rates for all those people who pass.


I agree that not 'everyone' should be out there on the roads driving. But when I read some of these comments from the younger people who automatically think that a person should not be driving after a certain age: Well, let's fast forward many years and see what THEIR opinion will be when THEY get to be that age!! I just bet that most of them will change their tune!

my situation

I am 17 years old and i live with my grandparents i do everything for them from bills, groceries, Dr appointments, medicines,cleaning, and anything that needs doing. i know for a fact that my grandfather should NOT be driving but there is no one, not even their kids will do anything about it because "its not their problem" and it wont be their fault if/when he kills someone. he cant turn his head and doesn't even attempt look when backing up he just assumes it is all clear. he has had multiple wrecks the last of which involved a bright yellow pole which he passes frequently. he is 77 years old has had a stroke, is a diabetic with sugar that is usually around 217 which is high, he cant feel his feet, has poor vision, gets lost in a very small country town where he has lived all his life, refuses to check his sugar or watch his diet, is violent, has hit, yells, is irrational, has no financial capability or decision making not to mention a complete lack of both common sense and he doesn't consider how his actions effect anyone but himself BUT according to his Dr. he is perfectly capable of driving so yes i a young person think that our societies head has been stuck firmly up its butt.

Driving Ms Daisy

I found this web page while searching for info on laws about the elderly driving. I agree with Tomd on the driving abilities of all ages. My car was hit in the parking lot of the local grocery store by a woman in her 80s two days ago. I was stopped directly behind her waiting for a space to be vacated when she backed into me doing minimal damage. I parked and got out to exchange papers only to see her heading out of the lot. I ran after and got the license # and called the cops. The cop smiled when he took my statement and asked if I wanted to charge an old woman with the hit and run. He dropped by her house and she called me at first denying she ever hit me. Then when I calmly said that was fine and that we will let the insurance people handle it she then offered to pay in order to avoid the points on her insurance. Interesting response from an innocent party I thought. While she may be confused, she is evidently not stupid.
Ms Daisy dropped by this morning because she wanted to take pictures of the damage. She continued to waver back and forth from claiming innocence of everything to dismissing the damage as not worth worrying about. She even brought alcohol swabs to wipe away the mark and I really had to vigorously tell her to stop touching my car to avoid further damage.
Breathe deep - ok, after letting that out, my main concern is that after meeting Ms Daisy I know now she is not capable of properly driving a car. She is too short to see out the back window. She is confused and loses focus while talking which leads me to believe she loses it while driving.
I fear the next time she backs up it won't be my 2,000 LB car she hits but a child.

There should be testing for all throughout our entire lives, not just when elderly.

You all are making good points, but...

I am a retired police officer age 59 with no accidents or citations, ever. I have seen and investigate hundreds of accidents over the years and all ages and situations were involved. Probably 30% of all the drivers on the road today should not be there. I also believe that the elderly drivers should be tested frequently, I'm talking about annually, at any age someones health, awareness and reaction time can change. I live in Arizona and was appalled that when I got my license here it was for many years, too many, without having to get a vision test or reaction time test. Most of the accidents I see involving elderly drivers has nothing to do with speed. It's bad judgement or confusion. Just two days ago an 85 year old woman turned into the oncoming lane of a 4 lane road and hit a couple on a motorcycle killing them both. She refused medical treatment at the scene. About a month ago an 82 year old woman drove through the wall and into our local post office. This type of thing happens all the time in this country. Now for the other side of my 'gripe' if you will. I see young drivers today doing things that scare me seriously. I'm talking about the 20 to 35 year olds who are driving down the road, texting which by yhe way caused an 18 year old gorl to cross the center line and hit another car headon recently in Phoenix killing everyone aboard buth vehicles,, talking on on the cell, putting on make up and eye liner using BOTH hands!, tailgating, driving aggressivly (usually because some old person is slowing them down), driving in the fast lane too slowly and don't even notice the 4 or 5 cars behind them who would really like it if they pulled over to let them by. I could go on and on. Any one who reads this and drives a vehicle, the next time you get in your car, start it up and pull out onto the road , remember that somewhere out the someone else idoing the same thing and is going to try to kill you. Drive defensivly and pay attention to everything that is going on around you. If you see something happening first you can probably avoid it. God Bless...tomd in AZ.

Im writing a paper also!!!!!

It's not an elderly attack it is just wise. All elderly people should take the test over because some elderly people senses get weak and cannot keep up on what's going on.

My opinion for my coursework!!!

I believe that elderly drivers should be re-tested at a certain age but should not have their liscenses taken off them at that age because some may be able to see and drive perfectly fine. Having a re test and maybe a sign in the car saying elderly driver would help them and the community. Elderly people should not be treated differently and it is not their fault. I think that after a test they should be fine and be able to drive freely. Although many crashes and deaths may be casued by them, young people are just as much to blame and a higher majority of crashes are caused by younger drivers. If the elderly people that are tested are not fit to drive then they should not but a test is the best way to find out and to make the roads safer. That is just my opinion and i am sure that many of you will agree or disagree, but you must be able to see some idea in the suggestions that i have put orward to you. I do not believe that it is age discrminiation as it is helping us to stay safter and stop the crashes, injuries and deaths caused by unsafe elderly drivers. Thank you for reading.

Not a Right but a Privilege

Remember, I think it is importatn to point out that no one has the 'right to drive', regardless of age. Driving is a privilege and as such you need to earn that privilege. No law states everyone has the 'right' to drive. Everyone over 70 years of age, buck up. I won't let my kids drive with my 80 year old mother and she still doesn't get it. She disregards signaling a lane change or yielding in any situation. Over 70? Take a road test, if anyone dares to go with you. Reminds me of the joke 'My father died peacefully in his sleep...not like the others in his car who were screaming.'

One of the Elders

I can see testing the driving abilities annually or every 2 years after, lets say, 70.....But I also think that we should test the youngest drivers for the same thing......Once they get their license, some of them through caution to the wind and speed, tailgate, and as TomD said they are texting, talking on the cell phones, putting on make-up or showing off (if there are others in the car)...
They put others in peril with no regard for anyone but themselves....So, until age 30, all drivers should have to take a road test on an annual basis....

I'm am too doing a Paper!!!

I read every ones comments and i too agree that the elderly should re-take a test for their vision and driving skills because we all no that the elderly are a major hazard to us all on the road and they can seriously hurt us on and off the road.

RE: whatever

yes we understand that elders are still humans but retaking the drivers test doesnt nessicarily mean they cant drive they are just tkig the test...DUH!! and if they dont have fast enough reflexes or cant determine time spaces between things they shouldnt be driving b/c they are a major hazard to everyne around them....retaking the drivers test doesnt mean they cant drive...old people enjoy to drive yes but some of them are so old they dont need to have their drivers license anymore because they cause accident and are hazardous to other drivers and cause other around them to get frusterated because they are driving to slow and that could cause someone to try and pass them and that caould cause an accident....

Straight Up Dusty

Ok, Carol, I disagree. Old people are terrible drivers. And if they're not, then what's the problem with taking a simple drivers test, testing things like their vision, and reaction timing. I personally find nothing wrong with the elderly taking a second test if that means there are less accidents occuring on the roads. I may be 17, but I'm not hating on the elderly, everyone has the right to drive their vehicles.

eledrly should not drive for certain reasons

i think the elderly should not drive but i do know there are some older people that can drive well. Thats why we should just send them in every year to take a driving test and if they pass they can drive if they dont no more driving for them.

the elderly should not drive

i think they casue alot of problems on the road my mother has alot of problems with them bumping in to her and so forth..but they should be tested at the age of 60 because not all r bad drivers!


I think seventeen-year olds shouldn't drive. I was knocked over and dragged underneath an SUV driven by a seventeen-year old boy. He sped through a red light at an interesection where I was crossing with a walk light at traffic lights.
He didn't see me because I was wearing dark clothing.
He was talking to his mother on a cellphone and she heard the impact of him smashing into me.
If he couldn't see well enough to see someone before he banged into them, why was he allowed to drive?
Why don't we ban unsafe drivers of whatever age?
Why don't seventeen-year old driver have adequate insurance?
I think all drivers should, by law, have insurance that covers potential victims so they can live a decent life, even after they've been maimed by drivers who are too old, or too young, or too stupid.
Let's get bad drivers of all ages off the road.


What makes a good driver safe and cautious? EXPERIENCE! A seventeen-year old driver has had maybe a year of driving, probably less. You need to let them build up that caution. Yes, that was incredibly stupid of him to do and I'm sorry you were injured but don't blame an entire group of people for the mistakes of one person.

I will be old one day

I read the postings from two people who tell me that I will be old one day. I sure hope so. But, when this happens, I will have no problem surrendering my driver's license because my golden years should be all about enjoying the rest of my life. I would not want to have to deal with the guilty conscience that would occur if I accidentally killed someone simply because I JUST HAD TO HAVE THINGS MY WAY. I plan to live in the downtown area of any city where I can be within walking distance of my things. Public transportation would not bother me either especially if I was retired and had ALL DAY to get my destination.

I love old people

Old poeple should be allowed to drive because I am one. I am 74 and a perfectly healthy individual. I useed to work for the council as a motorway maintance officer so I'm used to doing alot of driving. Its time that us, as old people, fight for the power to drive on.

my dad

my dad was sitting at a stop sign waiting for traffic to clear when he was bulldozed over by a 70 year old woman. she was on meds and didn't have any business on the road. We as a country need to protect ourselves when on the road. too many stupid drivers already exist. the elderly need to have stricter laws when renewing their drivers' licenses......

you might all be saying that old aged people should be retested- that is a good idea but i dont agree with the people who say they should be taken off the road. infact research shows that out of everyone 21-24 year olds are most involved in crashes and people 65+ are actually, can you believe it least involved in critical crashes. doesnt that mean that 21-24 year olds should be tested again? i think that you should take this information in before you say they should go off the roads

Elderly Drivers

I agree with this and think that every state should make their elderly retest, because I live in North Dakota and they are always driving the wrong way on one way streets and I also seen them get into crashes and say they weren't at fault. they shouldn't be driving if they can't pass the test.


I am a senior citizen who KNOWS about all these dire effects occuring on Earth. I just don't know why people will not allow the elderly to have the freedom they want as by not allowing us to do anything we wish by driving cars its as if we are banned to do things as well as working for the country and playing my part in making it a bettter place to be in the UK is not nice on how people will want to ban us from driving as one day they will be in the same position as us.

You don't know until it happens to you

I was just in an accident 2 days ago, 5/11/09, with a lady that was 90 years old. She was using a center turning lane as a traffic lane. According to witnesses and the officers taking the report she did not see me, from over 600+ feet away. She never broke or anything. I did see her and tried to move out of the way. I could not get out of the way because of traffic. The only thing that saved me and didn't make it any worse was I had turned my car a bit. All that happened was she still hit me at 35-40 mph but she ricocheted off me. She never used the brakes. No skid marks or anything. She still caused about $4500 damage to my car. This could have been much worse. I could either be seriously injured or she could have been killed. So people saying that making people of a certain age prove they can drive is not discriminatory its safety. Safety for them and the other people that are driving on the roads with them.

We had to prove that we could drive get our licenses and at a certain age we should prove we can still perform at a safe level. If not well there is always public transportation.

They need to test every year!

It's simply a fact - sad, but a fact- that as we age, our physical abilities decline. There are very few exceptions to this rule. My co-worker is married to a 95-year-old man who thinks his driving is just peachy, when, in fact, he runs red lights, stop signs, drives in two lanes at one time without realizing it, and literally cannot hear. He accidentally drove over his own foot and broke it because he failed to put the car in park before getting out. She refuses to ride in any car he's driving and it's a real source of conflict between them. It's nothing personal. Inexperienced drivers have issues (I personally got in an accident less than six months after I got my license because I didn't look carefully before backing out.), drunk drivers have issues, physically limited people have issues. To say it's discrimination against the aged is ridiculous. People need to stop being so sensitive and start being sensible.

senior citizens driving

i almost got ran off the road by an old person because she couldn't see me! they should get retested!


Yes I think that people who do not have the skills to drive should not drive. Of any age. But I fear the overgeneralization to 'the elderly' that I read in these posts. That is pure prejudice. Have I ever seen an elderly person wander out of a lane. Well sure, occasionally. Have I seen a young person wander out of a lane? You bet, frequently! I have fast reflexes, excellent vision, and notice and avoid the dozens of younger people lurching, wandering, jerking along while focused on their cell phone conversation. Never saw an 'elderly' person talking onacell phone while driving. I'm good at avoiding wild people and trucks bent on tailgating on crowded highways. What about all the just- below- the legal limit- drinking drivers? Something needs to be done about unsafe drivers, but it should not be based on a class--that is just prejudice.

common sense! stop the car!

whatdoya know... i'm writing a paper too! well... i completely agree with drivers needing to take tests for driving. in madison i watched as the senior in front of me veered across all three lanes at once! he didnt even have his blinker on! common sense! you dont drive well!

I'm doing my coursework on Should the Elderly be

I really agree, I have only just started my paper but already most of the evidence points to the fact that many elderly drivers fail to drive as well as others that are younger. Their reaction times, eyes sight and and just general problems are a hazard to other drivers. By having such problems puts them at a disadvantage. I'm not being discriminate to the elderly, I just think that they should have to take medical tests to be able to drive. My nan struggles to drive - sometimes even forgetting to indicate. I worry that she could cause an accident. But my grandad, who is older, is one of the best drivers I know. The facts are simple to see: the elderly are older and will suffer more problems but should be able to drive.

Driving with age

I had my first accident at age 69. It was not my fault, but I realized I may have slowed down. So I joined the BMW Car Club High performance driving schools. By now, I am signed off for solo driving on the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Watkins Glen International Raceway, Lime Rock Park, but not quite yet at Circuit Mt. Tremblant in Canada. In ten years, I have had one serious spinout with financial consequences. I will review my future activities next year - at my 80th birthday!

i want to drive

i was recently informed that i might not be allowed to drive soon after celebrating my 87th birthday. i am very offended as there are worse people than me,such as drunken yobs on the road killing inocent people. i am angry about this and hope you reconsider that we are not all stupid.

should the elderly drive

I agree and dont agree I think young people are the dangorus ones they are more reckless and more than often they suffer from road rage just like emily I have just started my coursework and there might be elderly people involved but there are also younger drivers so I think both sideds are at fult

I drive like an asshole...

...I am a 21yr old male living about 40 minutes north of Philadelphia. At minimum i drive an hour a day (sometimes much more than that) and I have to admit that I am, at times, a terribly inconsiderate driver. I drive a stick shift and almost always have something occupying my right hand; be it a cell phone, an ipod, cup of coffee, you name it! I text while driving, often enough, and just yesterday on my way home from community college I accidentally cut off some creep in a blue truck who flipped me off & then yelled asshole out his window as another car honked at me for pulling out in front of them while making a left hand turn. to be honest I couldn't help but laugh at the situation and pray that no police officers were near. I think the main problem with my driving is not that I'm incapable of passing a test (obviously), it's that I don't pay attention and genuinely couldn't care less about the other idiots on the road. The sad part is that although I drive like a moron I have faith that my cat like reflexes will save me in the event of an emergency & have to this day have not been the cause of any accidents (accept for the time i fell asleep at the wheel - but even then I didn't hit another vehicle). When it comes to the blue headed crowd, I believe that their problems are similar. Although most of them are capable of driving they simply feel entitled to do what they want and lack the foresight and reaction time to compensate or preform a successful get away. Unfortunately the majority of American youth (aka anyone born since the 70's) has little or no appreciation for the elderly and don't concede to their driving needs. I think that testing is a great idea, sure why not?- but I have very little faith that any of you people have tried to get a license lately or even been to a damn DMV - that crap will take forever (especially if we have a bunch of old peeps clogging up all the lines!). Also with all the 55 and older VOTING communities popping up none of these changes are ever gonna happen. I say that people continue to drive & as long as there are assholes like me out there you all better try and keep your eyes open. Hopefully you can make it to a ripe old age and then begin/continue to terrorize the streets with your selfish senile ways. Or maybe some idiot who takes the time to read all these posts can write a book on the subject, a book that will shock our generally apathetic/lazy society into social reform! Then this heroic author may one day be able to afford a chauffeur at the time of their biological degeneration. Until then, good luck!

Our neighbor is 94 and has poor eyesight and hearing. It absolutely horrifies us that she still drives. We regularly inspect her care for dents and scrapes or, heaven forbid, blood and other evidence that she has clipped a person. There is a new scrape on there every few weeks. She is going to kill someone one of these days - it is just a matter of time.

We can all thank the AARP for allowing her and others like her to stay on the roads. It is the AARP, with its deceptive statistics, that lobbies state legislatures to not mandate testing above age 70 and so forth. The main stat they use is the overall risk of a senior being in an accident versus persons from other age groups. The pitfall here is that seniors do not drive nearly as many miles as those of us who work, etc. Also, they lump in persons between 55 and 70 with those who are 70+. Those are dramatically different age groups in terms of their driving skills.

The fact is that on an accident rate per mile driven basis, 70+ drivers have a massively higher accident rate. This would be even higher were it not for the fact that accidents caused by seniors tend to be underreported because the attending officer does not want to be the one who 'took granny's keys from her'. I have seen this actually happen with an aunt.


The elderly are so often left out of the conversation about when it's appropriate to curtail or cease driving altogether. How do I know? I'm preparing the case to deliver to my father-in-law and I'm certain this is simply the human tendency to avoid uncomfortable subjects. This tendency to avoid or to become autocratic about driving is only human and we can and will overcome our natures to be better people, sons and daughters. Take the time to do it right. Research, document and find a way to be respectful and understanding when you finally have this difficult conversation. Remember ... this was the person that pulled over in the middle of nowhere to change your dirty diapers, taught you how to drive and probably helped you buy your first car.

seriously injured by elderly driver

My life and the lifes of my loved ones have changed forever! My husband and I were hit by a 76 year old driver that crossed the double yellow line and hit us from behind while we were walking down our street Easter morning. I lost a leg and my husband suffered serious brain injuries. One of my daughters was with us, but didn't

Who to Blame?

Ok Elderly drivers with age become more sensative more fragil and many develope eye sight problems etc. But where do you leave these teens who are constantly TEXTING and Driving, Drinkingf and driving. And middle age people who tend to leave late from a certain place and think they will make it in time if they speed up causing more accidents and more aggressive drivers. So put it this way if you are more relistic and look at it in diffrent points of views why not retest every one anually. Like many of you said its not about pointing fingers but about making our roads safer so lets start with all our road problem. Not only elderly but with all drivers including teens. And no i am not saying this just to pick on teens, i'm a teen my self and am very stuck in the bad habbit of texting and driving so lets all take reasponsibility for our actions

driversss :)

i think everyone has the right to drive and i see where everyone is comeing from, and i know a lot of young people like 17- 20 year olds want to drive too... but most of them act all hard, and go speeding and i think they cause crashes the most. Elderly people, although there reaction time is slower, they drive slower so there is no need for speed and no-one rarely gets hurt, so althought they cause some crashes, What age group doesnt , and everyone deserves a right to drive, and we should all act responible and drive carefully...

I can read

It was written to confuse, but the stats above say elderly people are NOT in accidents 'disproportionate' to their numbers in the population. To wit, 'in 1996 they were 19 percent of licensed drivers' but accounted for '5% of all people injured in crashes, 13% of all traffic fatalities, 13% of all occupant fatalities, and 18% of all pedestrian fatalities--i.e., they do better in every category proportional to their numbers among licensed drivers. Teens and young adults should be so lucky. Their stats in these categories is appalling. The spin put on these stats in the article above is just that--spin. Figures lie and liars figure.

i say retest them

im doing a speech presentation on this topic and you know before i came to this website i was all for it and now im leaning towards it more than ever. you have senior citizens killing other motorists and peditrians because of multiple reasons. i would not want to be walking down the street let alone my child and end up being hit by an car. Senior citizens are not bad in any way, but in order to keep the streets safe we have to think smart. it saves their lives and the lives of innocent people. i also do cna work and we have a 75 year old guy there that has his own car and leaves to go see his ''girlfriend'' that lives across town....well somedays he dont even remember which car is his!!! he tries to unlock every car there is in the parking lot!!! He's a sweet older man but its obvious thathe should not be driving anymore because his memory is bad. he may forget the traffic signals or anything!!! but luckily there are programs out there that voluntarily drive these seniors to where they wanna go....safely.

be responiable 4 ur actions

when it comes to teens i think we are worse then the older people are. We kill more people then any other ages. I think we should leave the older people alone and just do wat you do accidents happen in any ages. Wat is the so big deal I dont see it. Be responiabel for urself.

old people

i do not believe that old poeple shold be alowed to drive. they cause unneccesary havoc and danger to the public.


my grandpa got in three accidents last month. One of which was in my car which is beyond repiar. Im just thankful we is alive but he still complains that he wants to drive even though he has already sent himself and 4 others to the hospital. how can we keep him off the roads with out destroying his freedom

old people?!?

I think it is a good idea for the old (70+) to have to take a driving test every year. the reason for that is because some or most older people lose there site or hearing or they forget stuff. so isnt it a bad idea for older people that have some of those problems to not drive because, if they forget that there driving or fall asleep behind the wheel and freak out and or wreak.

I see this as a real problematic issue.

Obviously if an elderly person is racked with nerve pain throughout the day, he is not capable of looking over his shoulder, moving his body while driving, or moving his foot from one pedal to the other.

Also, if a person has been diagnosed with diabetes retinopathy, which affects vision, then he is not able to drive well.

I don't care how long the person has been driving. I don't care how it would affect his personal feelings. I don't care if someone in this condition, and especially in their mid 80s, feels that this is an attack on the elderly.

Someone who mistakes a solid green light for a green arrow, and turns, and the other cars are able to stop in time, then the elderly driver is not capable of driving.

When there is a problem, when a crash occurs, then those injured by the elderly person need to do the following: go after his assets, go after his family members (for not doing something about this problem - it is there responsibility and obligation to take care of these people), and go after the elderly person's physicians - all of them. If they are prescribing medication for a persons myriad medical ailments, including diabetes retinopathy, nerve pain, then these physicians are very aware of the person's ability, or lack thereof, of being behind the wheel of a car.

All of these persons mentioned above need to be responsible for the elderly's actions - those in their care. Otherwise, then they should all be dealt with in a court of law.

Keep the roads safe

We all know that elderly people are not the sole reason for why are roads are unsafe. However, they are a factor regardless and there should be some sort of system put in place to seperate the elderly drivers that are a hazard to the roads from the elderly drivers that are not.

I know from personal experience that 8 out of 10 times that i've ever been cut off, ran off the road, seen someone run a light or stop sign, etc. it was an elderly driver.

So while many things need to change to avoid accidents as a whole, we are talking about elderly drivers here. And like a few others have already said; having a drivers license is a privilege not a right.

We need to b heard

When i am older and my son notices a change in me that comes with aging for my safety and the safety of others i hope he tells me to stop driving. I was hit my an elderly woman who didnt know she had hit me. Why is she driving? If u cannot see a whole car and understand that u should yeild there is a problem. My car is totalled and it was a miracle to walk away from that accident but it could have been avoided. I am writting a letter


! think that every 6 months the elderlyshould have a small test just to make sure they're still in tune. people 60 andup.


The biggest problem with aged driving in the UK today is that most aged drivers are useing there motobility car scheme, some if not most are driving while useing medication , some have been conned into useing there motobility to lease a motor car from the scheme as a motobility scheme user my self i think any one joining this scheme should be retested to see if they are able to drive at todays standards.


I live at a crossroads in the centre of my village so see what other drivers are doing all day long. Yes I know my driving is not as good as it used to be but, this is because I drive less so am out of practice. However I still know how to signal which 60% of the younger drivers seem to be in total ignorance of, I know not to hug the corner when turning left on a blind corner but move over to the centre white line so as to have a chance of seing round and do not sound my horn and drive straight across all things I frequently see happening.
I would willingly take a refresher test if this was required.

All drivers should have a drivers medical and eye test every 4 years at the most and then judged should they have or cause an accident,in which case they should take a mandatory defensive driving course with a final test of competance.This should apply to drivers of all ages as so called facts ,data and figures are regularly being massaged to attain particular aims of the few or politically inclined and cannot be trusted for obvious reasons.

no more old people

I really believe that people over the age of 60 should not be on the streets anymore. Their licsense should be taken away once they turn that age. They have too many disabilities in order for them to be driving safely. They are a huge danger not oly to others but to themselves.They no longer have fast reflexes to save themselves from a potential car crash. The driving tests are only given after elderly people after they have gotten in car crashes. It should be prevented and the only way to do that is to forbid them from driving.

I agree, too

My brother was hit by an 86 year old today; he ran a red light and completelty totaled the driver's side of my brother's car. The older guy then just turned his van around and drove off into some parking lot (I don't know if he saw the cops or what), and then got taken to the ambulance! His van has minimal damage, and my brother's car is totaled. Just like there is an age limit to when you can start driving, there should be one saying when you need to stop!
It's not rude; it's just for the safety of everyone else on the road. It could've been a lot worse, and some day it will be for someone.

Report, Retest & take away licenses

If you see or know an older adult who should not be driving please report them, most DMV's have a way or form to report. Then they can retest them and determine if they can still drive safely or not. My son was broadsided by woman in her late 80's, who blew through a red light, as he was making a left turn; thankfully he wasn't hurt.
Older adutls with dementia should not be driving, period, regardless of age.

Senile Seniors

I think that seniors over the age of 65 need to take a road test every six months as well as go to the doctors to get vision and hearing tested.

I agreeeeee!!!!!!

Not saying all older people shouldn't be driving, but most shouldn't. How many times have you witnessed older people cutting someone off or getting in an accident? I've seen it one too many times. Not too long ago an older man about 65 years old was behind me while we were at a stop light. All of the sudden he hits the back of my car!! So we both pulled over in a gas station and I asked what happened while he sat there trying to explain an losing train of thought his reply was my foot slepped off the brake!!! Thank god no one was hurt, but it could have been so much worse. Older people should be tested annually after the age of 60 for the safety of others on the road!!!! Its not called age disrimination ITS CALLED SAFETY PEOPLE!!!!!!!

writing a speech!!!

I also agree with the whole retesting over the age of 60. Just the other day some elderly driver cut me off and then almost ran into another car right after!! Getting older is a part of life an some can't keep up with all the busy and younger people today. So I say yes please do retest for the sake of other people on the road!!

for some of the elderly commenting on this article


old people do not need to be on the road

i have been in three difrent crashes and all of them have be cused by oler people. over age of sixty. they have no place on the road but should have docters exsuses for there driveing licens

defoo should

i think they shulld get tested at the age of 50 becuzz not alll of them are dangrous only some of them but its not there fault but still that is why they get bus passes and that but yhoo shuldd not stop alll of themm

Young and old a like

It's not just the eldely that having acidents out there, it's also the young. Yes I agree the elderly should be retested regularly but the same should go for young hoons who think they are invinisble and they own the roads, I am 55 and have seen more reckless driving from the young people of today than the elderly people of today. It seems alot of you out there are picking on the elderly, when most elderly drivers are perhaps better drivers than you!!!!! Why do older drivers get cheaper insurances??? may be because they have lass accidents..... Thats called experience!!!! But yes on the other side of the coin there are people out there who shouldn't be driving. Please don't sterotype the elderly that is wrong.

Eventually, there comes a time

My father just had his license revoked after miserably failing both a written and road test because of two incidences during which he went off the road. Fortunately, no one was injured but the vehicle needed repairs. Back when he was a working man, he earned a 'safe driving' award from the company for which he drove a delivery truck. However, now he is 81, has dementia, diabetes, osteoporosis, and congestive heart failure. It was a blessing he lost his driving privileges. Let's keep that in mind...driving IS a privilege, as long as our health permits us to keep ourselves safe as well as others. There are county funded and community transportation programs for the elder to get around. More people should seek them out for their elderly relatives instead of defending these people to remain a hazard on the roads. Let's not wait until your spouse and/or children get killed or crippled for life before safety precautions are implemented such as the mandatory testing for these people. Just FYI, these tests are also required for younger people with certain medical conditions such as elipepsy. Better safe than dead!


My mother is 84, has been a terrible driver her entire life, but now has some dementia and confusion.
The doctor was willing to recommend it and her license was suspended, however, she continues to drive! The police say they can't do anything unless they catch her.
We don't know what to do, we know it is only a matter of time before she kills someone or herself! We are terrified that she will hurt or kill a child!
ANY ideas would be appreciated!


Driving is not something that should be based on age, but on ability - testing should be done periodically on every age - the states that test only after multiple accidents are defeating the purpose - test before the accident! Also by testing, it takes the decision away from anyone in particular - it is very difficult to explain to your parent why you feel he/she should no longer be driving, even if the doctor recommends it, without resentment. Just as a driver under the influence of alcohol thinks they may still be safe, so might an elderly person who does not recognize their deficits.

Driving Over The Hill

An elderly lady drove her car through the a plate glass window of a furniture store nearly killing four people. After doing so she just sat in her car unaware of what she had just done until someone helped her out and explained what had just happened. This is not the first time something like this has happen, I mean how many time have you herd of an elderly person who rammed though the window of a store or restaurant and told the police that they thought they were hitting the brakes. There should be a policy that requires all persons of a certain age lets say (60+) to take a annual driving test to make sure their motor skills and cognitive thought processes are still functioning well enough to continue driving. I know everyone hates getting old but its just one of those things that happens and there is nothing you can do about it, so why risk the lives of others just to save the pride of the elderly?

85 year old driver killed my 14 year old daughter

I wish there were standards in my state - my daughter may still be with us today.


old people cant drive, period.

I can't even recall how many times an old person had come close to veering into my lane or have cut me off not even knowing that they did. It happens frequently and I do think they should be required to take the driving test because they're prone to having vision, hearing and responsive problems. I've honked at an old person plenty of times when they almost hit me and they act as if they didn't even hear it and they aren't even AWARE of their mistakes. It isn't discriminating against age, if that was the case then they would let 10 year olds drive.. I agree with Beth about taking a driving test every 10 years. They need to solve the problem with elderly drivers. I think they're JUST AS BAD as driving under the influence of alcohol...

Really? My 89-year-old mother might kill you!

My 89-year-old mother has been in three car crashes in the past 2 years and still she's allowed to drive. Her greedy insurance company is happy to charge her off-the-charts premiums and the DMV, while clearly recognizing she's a danger (one DMV rep after looking at her record over a lifetime which included 2 fatalities and a reconscrut on her entire face) actually said to me, 'Please, get your mother off the road!' Really, DMV, what do you suggest I do? Pin her to the ground and hire a full-time thug to keep her out a car? Gee, I thought that was YOUR job. All they keep doing is re-testing her and because she's smart as a whip she keeps passing them. But passing a driving test does not a good driver make! She's always been a bad driver and now she's a REALLY a bad driver due to arrogance (an exaggerated sense of your true abilities) and all the other signs of aging that makes for diminished driving capabilities--even for people who once were good drivers. So, my mother continues to go through stop signs, make turns in front of oncoming cars (typical actions of an aging driver)and her insurance company happily supplies her with a new car each year. Talk about frustrating the grace of God! I'm writing yet another letter to the DMV tomorrow. Meanwhile, stay away from my mother on the road and, while your at it...fight the blasted AARP which is single-handedly responsible for more deaths by the hands of senior drivers due to their blanket activism for all seniors--regardless of their prove incompetence. That is just one reason, I would NEVER join the AARP!

Something has to be done across the board.

I had to write a paper for my Psychology class on stereotypes, and I wrote about Elderly drivers. My Dad's mother and step father are in their 70's & 80's, BOTH OF THEM STILL DRIVE! all thought they probably shouldn't they both drink, are on medications for everything from COPD to Depression/anxiety. My Granny can't even finish a sentence without forgetting what she was talking about half the time. Last time I visited her i made her ride with me... no way was I putting my child in the car with her. they won't drive at night thank God! My great granny gave her license up when she was in her ealry 80's the first time she had an accident.
On the other side of this... My mom's dad is in his 70's and still has his CDL's, works a blue collar 40hr a week job, and drives it like he stole it!
I also have road rage problems and cuss at least 5 elderly drivers a day for one reason or another. I agree with others on here that many people younger than 65 shouldn't have license to do so. If you know how to drive defensively, others that don't will make you mad. I could go on and on.
Medical history should be reported based soley on conditions that impair functioning due to the illness itself or medications to treat it. no matter what age you are, if your impairment changes for any reason you should be tested often enough to ensure the safety of others. and once you reach your golden years, tested every 2 yrs with out fail. besides at the age of 65 medicaid will pay for mobility services that are offered in the area. I love my Granny but she needs to let someone else drive.

Help your MOM!

This sounds harsh, but sometimes we need to do things for the people we love so they get the idea....

Next time your mom gets in the car and takes off call the cops and tell them. they will pull her over. Hopefully she won't continue to drive.

you can also take the keys away, battery out of the car, or disable the car another way.
Dementia was the reason my Great Granny's license was taken away. they finally sold the car so she couldn't drive. which is another option you have.

to be quite honest it sounds like you are enabling her to drive b/c you are afraid to hurt her feelings about it. But what if she physically hurts or kills someone else b/c you didn't want to hurt her feelings?

dad with dementia drives w/suspended license

My 89 yr old dad had his license suspended a yr ago when he turned L into oncoming traffic & totaled his car - no injuries. He drove w/a suspended license for a year dispite being told he could not. My mom has a valid license but she'd let him drive anyway - to avoid arguing with him. He got pulled over (different car) by a cop, they took his expired plates - had to go to court - they dropped charges & fines because it's clear to anybody who talks to my dad within a minute that he's got dementia. Now my mom wants new plates so she can drive. She could probably drive - they only go to the store & bank. But I don't trust that my dad won't drive again. I am poa but it gives me no legal powers to tell her she can't drive - even the lawyer & prosecutor told me that. He could be tested at the hospital - simulated driving & reflexes, etc - expensive & he won't pass anyway. But whether he passes or not he'll still end up driving that car again. He's in denial & can't remember a thing. Had a perfect record & drove a firetruck 30 yrs ago - but when I tell him it was 30 yrs ago he doesn't believe me - says it's only been a couple yrs. Testing doesn't solve everything & kids don't have the legal or physical power all the time.

I think EVERYONE should have to retake a driving test every 10 years or so. I have a 17 yr old who is getting ready to drive and I can't believe how many things I've forgotten and what has changed, and I'm only 35!!! This would also eliminate the 'age discrimination' issue as well.

elderly driving

i dont think that we should eliminate the elderly's ability to drive altogether, just have them retake their driving test when they get older so that we can determine whether or not they are fit to drive.

Looking at the proble from different angles helps

My dad just lost his license at 75. My mother can't drive and has a mental disability which would hinder her. There is no ride progam in their area. I live 3000 miles away. I expect, if I don't change my life and move close to them, they will not survive very long in isolation. They are not too open about taking the bus. I am glad that my father will not be involved in an accident, but sad, because I know this will be the start of a downward spiral.

I do think there is a lot of cavalier type of thinking by some younger people on this post. I one time had two young men play chicken with me as I drove home from work. They came into my lane trying to cause a head-on collision with me. I was tired but my reaction was good. They just laughed. Lots of younger drivers are very rude.

We should have better public transport and support services for people. I myself would like to live in a city such as San Francisco or Toronto when I get older. They have good public transit.

One more thought on this... the people writing papers on the subject and coming off as know it alls, cannot write very well.

to you all

look people once you become old do you think that you would want to be told that you can't drive after the age of 60? even if you are a good driver??? I think that is a stupid idea!! i think that older people should be able to have the freedom to drive... only if they can prove that they can! meaning a test every 6 months because a lot can change in 6 months.

Elderly Driving

They're going on about how young people shouldn't be able to drive because they drive dangerously, but they never say anything about old people not driving. And then when someone says something like make them take a driving test again all of the old people get annoyed and say 'we're all not as bad as the others'. Well can't the young people who are actually responsible drivers say that as well?

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