OnStar is a package of services

OnStar is a package of services

OnStar is a package of services designed to provide you with the personal assistance you need while traveling. The Safety and Security plan provides you with the peace of mind knowing that the push of a button connects you to a highly trained OnStar Advisor that can help you any time of day or night almost anywhere you drive. The Premium service plan can help with a myriad of daily conveniences including hotel or restaurant reservations, ATM locations and much more.

The Three-Button System

A simple three-button keypad located on the dash or adjacent to the rearview mirror is all you need to be connected to an OnStar Advisor. These three buttons enable you to send or receive a call from the OnStar center, or send an emergency call, which is treated as a priority.

OnStar uses existing emergency service providers, as well as cellular telephone and satellite technologies. It operates alongside the electrical system in your vehicle and is powered by your vehicle's battery. If your vehicle's battery is damaged or disconnected, our service will not function.

OnStar starts with sophisticated Global Positioning System Satellite information to locate the vehicle, wireless communications to seamlessly link the vehicle to the OnStar Center, integration of the OnStar system to the wiring in the vehicle, and a professionaly staffed center that's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with access to sophisticated computer databases and mapping software.

OnStar utilizes the vast resources of state and local emergency, fire and police departments to provide assistance. An OnStar Advisor facilitates on behalf of the subscriber the location and contacting of an emergency services provider.

Q. Can the OnStar Center still unlock a vehicle if the vehicle battery is dead?
A. No. If the vehicle battery is dead, the OnStar cellular connection cannot be used to unlock the door. However, the OnStar Center can contact a locksmith or other service provider as required.

Q. Can OnStar unlock a vehicle if it is parked in a garage, under an overpass, in a tunnel, etc.?
A. Yes. As long as there is adequate cellular service available to the vehicle, it can be unlocked.

Q. Can OnStar really unlock my vehicle from a thousand miles away?
A. Yes. Simply call OnStar and give the Advisor your Personal Identification Number or Security Code Word. OnStar can delay opening your door for up to 15 minutes, giving you enough time to return to your vehicle. Take a test drive today and see OnStar Remote Door Unlocking in action.

To operate OnStar, a service contract is required. Services will vary depending on the plan you choose. For more information, call 800-ONSTAR7.

When you look at the overall costs of OnStar, it's really not any more than paying for other monthly services such as cable television. We want to make this important service affordable for as many people as possible. That's why we offer one-, two-, three- or four-year billing periods. The Safety and Security Plan starts at just $199/year or $16.95/month and the Premium Service Plan begins at $399/year or $34.95/month. And your savings become more substantial as you increase the length of your contract.

How can OnStar help make your travels easier? If you're lost, OnStar can help guide you to your destination. If an airbag deploys, the OnStar center is alerted and a trained Advisor will attempt to contact you and contact the assistance you need. If your instrument panel displays a warning light, OnStar can perform remote diagnostics and advise you accordingly. Locked out of your car? OnStar can remotely unlock the driver's door. An OnStar advisor can also provide assistance with hotel and restaurant reservations, and provide several concierge services. And all of these features can be found on any GM vehicle that is equipped with OnStar.


Dealer-installed 3-button system: $695
With a choice of service packages:

Safety and Security: $199 per year
Premium Service: $399 per year

Factory-installed 3-button system plus one year of service (safety and security or premium, depending on model) will be included in the price of the vehicle.

The 3-button system has a dedicated cellular network, eliminating the need for a separate cell contract.

Safety and Security services:

OnStar MED-NET: Personal information such as physician's name or important medical facts can be stored and provided to a hospital emergency room in the event of a serious accident.

AccidentAssist: An OnStar advisor can provide step-by-step guidance after a minor traffic incident. OnStar will notify an insurance company of an accident, as well as provide a check list of what information is needed to file a police report, or to speed an insurance claim.

Emergency Services: In an emergency, the driver simply touches the emergency services button and an OnStar advisor locates the vehicle's position on a digital map and alerts the nearest emergency services provider.

Remote Diagnostics: If a warning light flashes on the vehicle's instrument panel, the driver can contact the OnStar Center and an advisor can send a signal to the vehicle asking for the status of the engine computer. The vehicle transmits any problem codes and, based on this information, the advisor recommends the required action, which could include turning off the car and waiting for roadside assistance, scheduling a service appointment as quickly as possible, or getting the problem checked during the next scheduled maintenance visit.

Automatic Notification of Air Bag Deployment: If a vehicle's air bag deploys, an emergency signal automatically is sent to the OnStar Center. An advisor will attempt to communicate with the vehicle's occupants. If there is no response, or if the car's occupants report an emergency, the advisor will determine the exact location of the vehicle using GPS and will contact the appropriate nearest emergency services provider.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking: If a subscriber calls the OnStar Center to report a vehicle stolen, the advisor can send a signal to the vehicle, get its location and begin tracking the vehicle. The advisor will give the location information to the nearest police authority.

Roadside Assistance With Location: If a customer has mechanical trouble, a flat tire or runs out of gas, the OnStar Center will dispatch the nearest GM service provider to the vehicle's location without the driver and passengers ever having the leave the vehicle.

Remote Door Unlock: If the driver locks his or her keys in the vehicle, a call to a toll-free number connects the driver to the OnStar Center. After obtaining accurate security information from the caller, an advisor will send a cellular data call to the vehicle that instructs it to unlock itself at a specified time.

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I used the service for the first time tonight, and to say that I am impressed is an understatement!

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