Best 2000 Watt Amp – Top 2000w RMS Amplifier for Your Car

For those interested in customizing their car or for anyone who is serious about their music, upgrading the sound system is an essential step since stock stereos in cars just don’t cut it. The first step in your upgrade is the amp, so here are our top picks for the best 2,000-watt amplifier.

Planet Audio AC2000.2 2 Channel Car Amplifier - 2000 Watts, Full Range, Class A-B, 2-4 Ohm Stable, Mosfet Power Supply, Bridgeable

Planet Audio AC2000.2 2 Channel Car Amplifier - 2000 Watts, Full Range, Class A-B, 2-4 Ohm Stable, Mosfet Power Supply, Bridgeable


The best 2000 watt amp of 2020

1. Planet Audio AC2000.2 Anarchy 2000 Watt Car Amplifier

This is a two-channel amp that gives 1,000 watts of output at 2 ohms through two channels, 500 watts at 4 ohms through two channels or 2,000 watts at 4 ohms through one channel.

It includes a MOSFET power supply for high-efficiency output, and as an A/B-class amplifier, is constructed with special linear circuitry to increase sound quality. The amp is bridgeable too, giving you an extra level of power and flexibility to customize your system the way you want it set up.

It also features adjustable low pass and high pass controls, allowing you to choose which frequencies are sent to the subwoofer and which are sent through the main speaker system.

The variable bass control also allows you to control the bass boost, so you can give your music a level of extra depth when you need it. The subwoofer is controlled from a wired remote, so you don’t need to adjust the amp directly.

The sound quality is crisp, clean and precise, and the amp itself has a cool blue backlight, making it look funky too. This amp sells for a very reasonable price, making it well worth investigating if you want to give your car sound system an upgrade.

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2. BOSS Audio AR2000M Armor 2000 Watt Car Amplifier

Budget Pick
BOSS Audio Systems AR2000M Monoblock Car Amplifier - 2000 Watts, 2-4 Ohm Stable, Class A-B, Mosfet Power Supply, Gray

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This is another amp from Boss that is similar to the previously reviewed model but also slightly different. It is a one channel Class A/B amp that would work best when used to power a subwoofer.

It can produce a maximum output of 2,000 watts through one channel at 2 ohms or a maximum of 1,000 watts through a single channel at four ohms.

It includes a low pass filter in the range of 50-250Hz and also features low- and high-level inputs as well as variable high pass crossover. It is easy to adjust and offers many options to customize the sound and functionality to set it up the way you prefer.

It has an attractive look, and due to its compact size and slim shape it is easy to install in a variety of positions, making it a good choice, even in a smaller car.

As well as the many useful features and high level of performance, the outstanding feature with this amp is its price. This is among the least expensive 2,000-watt amplifiers available, and if you are looking to beef up the sound in your car without breaking the bank, this could be an ideal pick.

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3. Rockville DB12 2000 Watt Car Amplifier

The Rockville dB12 is a 2-ohm mono car amp that looks great and is designed to give you a lot of power for your money.

According to RMS ratings, it will give 1,000 watts of power through a single channel at 2 ohms or 600 watts at 4 ohms – with a peak of 2,000 watts at 2 ohms or 1,000 watts at 4 ohms. It has a low pass filter for 50-250Hz and a subsonic filter for 15-55Hz.

It features a fully adjustable 12dB/octave crossover with differential circuitry and includes remote dashboard subwoofer control as well as a fully adjustable 12dB bass equalizer. It also a boasts mute function and a Delay Soft Start system.

So much for the technical details, but how does it perform? The answer is, as long as you match it to a suitable set of speakers, this amp will give you plenty of power for your stereo system. You will be able to turn this up and run it for extended periods with no overheating.

Overall, if you want a powerful mono amp -probably for a subwoofer – that represents great value, this could be worth a look

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4. Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000W Power Amplifier

This is a sleek and stylish amp from well-establish audio brand Kenwood. It is a mono amp designed specifically to power subwoofers and can give you one channel of 500 watts at 4 ohms or one channel of 1,000 watts at 2 ohms.

By providing 1,000 watts RMS to your subwoofer, this amp allows you to really turn up the bass, for a clean, crisp and deep sound. You can dial in up to 18dB of bass boost if you really want your system to pump out the lower frequencies.

It also has a variable low pass filter for 50-200Hz at 24dB per octave.

This is a tough and durable amp that is built to last as well as for giving you superior sound quality and reliable performance. It has a particularly striking look, giving your car a more professional touch.

Although this amp doesn’t compare with some higher-end models, you know that when you buy a Kenwood, you are buying a brand that is backed by its reputation – for the amount it costs, this is an excellent choice of amp.

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5. Skar Audio 2000-Watt Amplifier

This is a mono amplifier designed to power a subwoofer that has a maximum power output of 2,000 watts through one channel at 1 ohm. RMS power at 1 ohm is 1,000 watts, at 2 ohms is 700 watts and at 4 ohms is 400 watts.

This amp also has plenty of settings and adjustable features to allow you to customize the sound to the way you like it. It features a built-in low pass filter and subsonic filter, as well as a bass boost at 45Hz from 0 to 12dB and phase shift settings. The frequency response is 20Hz-250Hz.

It also comes with a remote subwoofer control, so you don’t need to physically adjust the controls on the amp itself.

It includes a MOSFET power supply for high efficiency and internally, it contains advanced four-way protection circuitry to keep it functioning safely.

This is a powerful, efficient and reliable amp that can happily handle one or even a pair of subwoofers for extended periods. This is a high-quality amp and a serious piece of equipment – if you want your sound system to bang, this is another one you might take into your consideration.

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6. BOSS Audio R2000M – Riot 2000 Watt Car Amplifier

Boss is a well-known brand in the world of car audio systems, and this amp is a solid mono unit that kicks out a maximum power of 2,000 watts at 2 ohms through one channel or 1,000 watts at 4 ohms.

It has plenty of features to allow you to customize its performance and sound. It includes high- and low-level inputs, as well as variable low pass crossover and a variable bass booster for extra depth and power. The subwoofer is controlled by remote.

It is rated as 2-ohm stable, meaning at 2 ohms, it will give you superior power output. It also incorporates a MOSFET power source, again, providing more efficient power. It is an A/B-class amp, meaning it contains special linear circuitry for increased power and sound quality.

It also incorporates shortage protection to keep it safe if something goes.

Boss has a reputation as being an entry-level brand – while this is true in terms of price, the quality and performance of this unit a far above what you would expect at this price point. A recommended option for someone taking the first steps into the world up upgraded car audio systems.

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7. Hifonics ZRX2016.4 Zeus Car Audio Amplifier 2000-Watt

This 2,000-watt amp from Hifonics is a four-channel unit that can provide 1,000 watts of power through each of two channels or 500 watts of power through four. It can also be used as a three-channel amp, giving you maximum flexibility over how you configure your sound system.

This is a high-quality, powerful and dependable amp with low pass and high pass filters. It is 2-ohm stable, offering a high degree of sound quality and precision.

Another advantage of this unit is its thin shape and small size. This is another amp that is easy to install in even the smallest of vehicles. However, don’t assume that the small package equates to a lack of power – this amp will give you plenty of kick to make sure your sound system gets heard.

The amp also has a pleasing aesthetic design. Even though amps aren’t usually on prominent display, you can rest assured that this one will also look the part whenever anyone catches sight of it.

While there are certain amps out there that offer higher levels of performance, they also cost a lot more money. If you are looking for a serious upgrade to the sound output in your car without investing a serious amount of cash, this could be just what you need.

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8. New Rockville RXD-M1 2000 Watt Car Amplifier

This is a 2,000-watt mono speaker from one of the top brands in this price category, Rockville. RMS ratings state that it can put out 1,000 watts of power through a single channel at 1 ohm, 700 watts at 2 ohms and 400 watts at 4 ohms.

Its peak power rating is 2,000 at 1 ohm, 1,400 at 2 ohms and 1,000 at 4 ohms.

This amp features a high-speed MOSFET power supply for efficiency and power, along with Class D optical coupler technology, offering more powerful, punchier bass, and studio-grade bipolar output stage transistors.

The exclusive Professional Peak Limiter Circuitry also reduces distortion for clearer, crisper sound at all levels. It also incorporates fully-adjustable 12dB/octave crossover and a 50-250Hz low pass filter.

To summarize, this is one of the very best amps available in this price range. It offers an excellent combination of power, performance, sound quality and reliability, and you could do much worse than installing one of these in your vehicle.

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9. Pioneer Gm-D9601 2400-Watt Amp

We know this is a roundup of 2,000-watt amps but we just wanted to include a couple at the end for people who need 2,000 watts and then just a little bit more.

This subwoofer mono amp from Pioneer is a very simple, uncomplicated but high-quality piece of equipment. The Pioneer brand name is as good as they come, and if you want a little bit of extra power for your car, this could be a wise choice.

This is an uncluttered no-frills amp that is small enough to fit into most cars. It looks good, is built to last, won’t overheat easily and generally does the business. Highly recommended.

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10. Hifonics ZRX2416.1D 2400-Watt Amplifier

The second 2,400-watt amp that we’ve chosen to include is another unit from Hifonics. This is a very similar amp to the one we looked at above, but it just gives you that little bit of extra power.

It is a Class-D mono amp designed to power subwoofers. At 4 ohms, it will give you 800 watts, at 2 it will give you 1,600 – but at 1 ohm, it will give you a whopping 3,200 watts. It also features an old-style Hifonics heat sink for enhanced heat dissipation.

This amp also incorporates a MOSFET power supply, diagnostic indicators and remote control as well as short circuit, overload and thermal protection to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Overall, another top pick, especially for someone who wants just a bit more than 2,000 watts.

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Match the amp with the speakers

The key to choosing the right amp is to match it to the speakers you plan to use it with – if it’s too weak or too powerful, you could end up damaging the speakers or the amp itself.

As long as you choose a compatible setup, all of the speakers in our roundup will serve you well and come highly recommended.