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10 Best 4-Bike Hitch Racks of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

If you enjoy cycling, you are sure to want a convenient way to carry your bike and the bikes of your family around on your car. If you are looking for a practical solution, here are our top picks for best 4-bike hitch rack to help you choose the right one for you.

The Best 4-Bike Hitch Rack on the Market of 2021

1. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack

best 4 bike hitch rack
  • 4-bike rack fits vehicles with a 2-inch trailer hitch only . Vehicle will...
  • 22-inch long carry arms individually secure bicycles with Allen's patented...
  • Folding carry arms quickly drop out of the way when rack is not in use

The Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack is designed as a budget option if you are looking for a simple way to transport your family’s bicycles on the back of your vehicle. It can hold up to four bikes with a maximum combined weight of 140lbs.

You can fit it to your vehicle in only around five minutes. It is designed to fit cars with a 2” trailer hitch and is quick and easy to bolt in place – everything you need to install it is included in the pack.

Once in place, the 22” carry arms hold your bicycles firmly in place, and Allen Sports’ patented tie-down system helps ensure that they are held firmly in place.

One feature we like about this rack is that it can be tilted back if you need to gain access to the rear of your vehicle – this means you can get to your trunk without the need to remove the rack or your bicycles.

For a rack that sells at such a low price point, we have very few complaints. One very small issue could be that it does move about very slightly when accelerating or driving over uneven roads, which means it might be less suitable for longer or more demanding journeys.

However, for most regular use, this rack does exactly what it was designed for, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet rugged and reliable hitch rack for your car, this is a model that should be of interest.

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2. BUZZ RACK Express 4-Bike Hitch Rack

best hitch bike rack
  • Fits 2" receiver hitches and carries up to 4 bikes
  • Platform style rack simplifies bike loading--no overhead lifting or wheel...
  • Movable wheel trays with ratcheting straps and padded upright cradles secure...

This is a bike rack that’s designed for use with a 2” receiver hitch, and it can easily hold up to four bikes with any type of frame. Furthermore, due to the platform-style configuration, it’s easy to place bikes on the rack without the need to remove the wheels or lift them up high.

With heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction, this is a rugged, solid bike rack that is built to last. However, despite this, it’s also relatively lightweight, making it quick and easy to fit to your car or take off when you no longer need it.

We like the moveable wheel trays that include ratcheting straps and padded upright cradles. These design features ensure that your bikes are held firmly in place as you drive, even over bumpier surfaces, with a minimum of movement.

Perhaps one minor negative is that this rack doesn’t have a tilt feature, which means you will need to remove the bikes if you want to gain access to your vehicle’s trunk. Also, there is no hitch lock included – although one can be bought separately.

All in all, this is a solid and secure but lightweight rack that is easy to fit and remove and that will hold your family’s bicycles in place. It is not a budget option, but for us, it is worth the extra money, so if you want a high-quality bike carrying solution, this one is worth considering.

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3. IKURAM 2/3/4 Bike Hitch Rack

4 bike hitch rack
  • Rigid All Steel Constructed Bike Hitch Rack: Long-lasting and durable all steel...
  • Dual-Arm Mounting Design: Optimized dual-arm bike carrier rack which spacing...
  • Easy Tilt-Down Access £ºConvenient access to rear of vehicle with easy-to-use...

If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable hitch rack at the lower end of the price scale, this one could be a possibility. Although it retails at a budget-friendly price point, the manufacturer has included several features that make this model stand out from the crowd.

For example, the steel pipe that the rack is made of is 2.5mm thick instead of the 2.0mm you get with some comparable racks. The coating is also thicker than with some other options, meaning this rack should stand up to tough conditions and stay in good condition for longer.

There are a few thoughtful touches we like, too. The tail plugs include reflectors for extra safety while you are driving, and the straps that come with it are designed to be anti-fatigue, also ensuring they last through more uses before being replaced.

Furthermore, it also includes several features that increase its practicality, notably the ability to tilt when loaded, giving you access to the back of your car without the need to remove the rack or all the bikes. It also boasts fold-down arms for extra convenience when not in use.

We might complain that it does seem to rattle a little, especially when it isn’t loaded with bikes. Also, the instructions are very poorly written (or rather, badly translated) and aren’t much use.

However, when paying such a low price as this, most people will be happy to accept a few minor inconveniences, so if you don’t want to pay top-end prices, this could be an excellent alternative. A recommended product.

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4. MaxxHaul (70210) 4-Bike Hitch Rack

best 4 bike rack
  • Securely transport 4 bikes
  • Swing down feature allows easy access to rear of vehicle
  • Fits 2 inch receivers

The MaxxHaul 4-bike rack is designed for anyone who needs to transport up to four bicycles on the back of the car but who wants to spend the minimum amount of money possible. This is among the cheapest bike racks available, but it is still functional and serves its purpose well.

This model is designed to fit into 2” x 2” receivers and is quick and easy to fix to your car. It features a padded adjustable cradle to hold your bikes and includes a hook and loop straps to keep them fixed firmly in place.

With a maximum weight capacity of 150lbs, it is strong enough to carry most types of bicycle, and it also boasts a tilt function to give you access to the back of your car, even when it is fully loaded, as well as being able to fold down when no bikes are loaded on it.

Another positive is the powder-coated finish that protects the rack against rust and corrosion, ensuring it will stand up to a bit of exposure to the elements.

Perhaps the biggest downside with this rack is that it is not compatible with ladies’ bikes that have slanted bars – if you want to carry a bike like this, you will need to find some kind of adapter.

Also, since this is among the cheapest options available, we are slightly concerned over how it would stand up to extended journeys when loaded with four bikes.

Having said that, if you don’t want to spend more than the absolute minimum, these are the kind of trade-offs you are probably willing to accept – so if you are looking for the most affordable option, this rack could still be a good pick.

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5. Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider 4-Bike Hitch Rack

bike rack 4 bikes
  • 4 BIKE RACK - Heavy-duty platform-style hitch rack holds up to 4 bikes, 50 lbs...
  • NO WOBBLE - Features patented "No Wobble-No Tools" hitch tightening system
  • SAFE & SECURE - Includes keyed alike locking hitch pin with 8' security cable to...

For those who appreciate higher-quality products and who also prefer a platform-style hitch rack, this model could be worth considering. It is a heavy-duty bike rack that is designed to last, and it will keep your bikes safely and securely fixed to the back of your car.

Featuring Hollywood Racks’ patented “No Wobble-No Tools” hitch tightening system, it offers extra peace of mind that your family’s bicycles will stay in place. You can also be sure that the rack won’t damage your car by moving about while you’re on the road.

The maximum carrying capacity is 50lbs per bike – so with four bikes, it can carry a total of up to 200lbs. It is designed to fit any regular 2” receivers and is easy to fit, and when you’re not using it to carry bikes, you can just fold it down, so you don’t need to remove the whole thing.

It also has adjustable wheel holders that can accommodate different sizes of tires – up to a maximum of 3”.

One very minor gripe is that, due to the layout of the rack, it can take a little practice to fit all four bikes on – although this is something you quickly get used to after a few tries.

In sum, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a rack that you can rely on to keep your bikes safely attached to the back of your car – and if you don’t mind paying a little extra for quality. If that sounds like the kind of thing you’re looking for, this could be a solid pick.

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6. BV 4-Bike Hitch Rack for Car Truck SUV

hitch bike rack reviews
  • Tilt back design - the tilt backward design enables users to open the rear gates...
  • Fold up design - user can fold up the rack when not in use. Smart idea to save...
  • Safety reflector - this rack includes a rear safety reflector to enhance the...

This is a four-bike hitch-mount rack that’s designed for use with cars, trucks or SUVs, making it a highly versatile option. It offers a tilt feature to give you access to your trunk without the need to remove everything, and it also folds away when not carrying any bikes.

One of the big selling points with this rack is the three-point connection system. It has two regular tray-style arms that hold the bike in place like most other racks – but then it also has a third vertical arm on top that ensures the bikes are held securely in place and won’t move.

Another positive is the anti-wobble system that ensures the whole thing stays in place with minimal movement as you drive. The fact that it holds your bikes in place so securely is one of the things we like most about this model.

Also, it is very simple to fit to your car, and it’s quick and easy to put bikes on or take them off, making this a very practical rack to own.

Perhaps one of the only minor faults we can find is that the fold up and tilt features use a pin system rather than a quick-release. This means it takes a few extra seconds to use these features, but this should hardly be a dealbreaker.

Overall, this is another rack we like a lot. It is a high-quality option, and although it is a little more expensive than some other racks, we think it is worth the money. A sturdy and reliable rack that could be an excellent pick for someone who wants a bike rack they can trust.

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7. Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Rack

best bike rack for 4 bikes
  • Fits all types of dual-arm bikes on vehicles equipped with either a 1.25 or a 2...
  • 4 bike capacity with sturdy and handy construction. Easy ratchet buckles. TYGER...
  • Convenient vehicle access with tilt down feature and foldable carry arms when...

If you are looking for a bike rack on the more affordable side of things but are willing to pay a bit more to get your hands on something of slightly higher quality, this option from Tyger could be just the thing.

Designed to fit either 1.25” or 2” hitch receivers, it’s suitable for a range of different vehicles. It is very easy to install, and it also boasts a tilt mode that gives you access to your trunk. Furthermore, you can also quickly fold it away when not in use, making it a convenient choice.

This rack is solid and durable, meaning it should last a good amount of time. We also like the lifetime warranty, so you’re covered if anything ever goes wrong.

Another positive for us is that it includes a cable lock and a hitch lock – items that don’t come with some other racks on the market.

However, one minor negative is that, like the BV rack we just looked at above, there is no quick release for the tilt or folding features. However, they are still quick and easy to use, and it takes under a minute to adjust the rack, so this is not a big deal.

To summarize, this is a good solution if you want a rack that will allow you to carry you and your family’s bicycles safely when you hit the road but that won’t cost you a fortune. If you don’t mind paying a little more than the very lowest prices, this could be a great pick.

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8. Thule Apex XT 4-Bike Hitch Rack

4 bike rack hitch
  • Premium hanging hitch bike rack for 4 bikes
  • Superior bike stability and fit with anti-sway cradles
  • Integrated cable lock keeps bike safe and secure (locking knob secures rack to...

When it comes to high-end bike racks, Thule is always one of the first names mentioned, and this is another worthy addition to the company’s range of products. It might cost more than many other racks, but with this model, you instantly know you have a superior product.

This rack is super-easy to fit to your car – requiring no tools – and placing your bikes on the rack or taking them off is also quick and hassle-free thanks to the ratcheting straps. We also like the anti-sway cradles that stop the bikes moving about while you drive.

For us, a big positive is the integrated cable lock that helps keep your bikes secure on the rack, a welcome safety feature.

However, perhaps our favorite thing about this rack is the swing-away access system that allows you to get to the back of your vehicle with ease. Unlike many other models that tilt the rack down, this model swings the bikes off to the side so nothing gets in the way.

One slight flaw is that this rack is less suitable for bikes with angled frames – like women’s bikes etc. – which means you will need to buy an adapter if you want to carry anything like that.

The only other minor drawback is that the included straps can be a little difficult to undo until you get used to them, but this is not a huge issue.

Despite these minor complaints, we find it difficult to find any significant downsides to this rack. If you want a high-quality product and you don’t mind paying extra to get your hands on it, this rack should feature prominently on your list of possibilities.

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9. Yakima Products RidgeBack 4-Bike Hitch Rack

4 bike rack for car
  • SMART DESIGN: UpperHand lever tilts the rack down to access the back of your...
  • DURABLE, STABLE, SECURE: Zero-hassle ZipStrips secure the bikes to the rack and...
  • EASY INSTALL: Tool-free SpeedKnob quickly tightens and locks the rack to your...

Another of the top names and a brand against which all other bike rack makers are measured is Yakima. Their products may be more expensive, but you expect to pay more for quality, and with this rack, that’s what you know you are getting.

This hitch rack is designed to fit any 1.25” or 2” receiver and is super easy to fit. Its advanced design means you can have it installed in five minutes or less without the need for any tools thanks to the tool-free speed knob.

We like the removable zip strips that make it easy to attach or remove your bikes, and when they’re in place, you can be sure that this rack will hold them firmly and securely until you need to take them off.

With this rack, you can also tilt the bikes away from your car, giving you easy access to the trunk.

One thing to point out is that the rack itself is on the heavy side. For some, this might be a positive, since the extra weight helps prevent it from moving around. However, some people might find it a little difficult to pick up to install – although most people will be able to manage.

This is another high-quality rack and is ideal for the kind of person who wants something from a trusted brand and who won’t accept second-best. A big thumbs-up from us.

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10. XCAR 4-Bike Hitch Rack

4bike bike rack
  • This bike rack adopts heavy duty steel construction, Carries up to 4 bikes....
  • Adjustable Arms - Folding carry arm design allows the rack’s arms to be folded...
  • Adjustable mounting saddles which spacing accommodates bicycles of a wide range...

Here we have another inexpensive option, this time from XCar. It is suitable for 2” hitch receivers and carries up to four bikes with a combined total weight of 150lbs.

The rack folds away when not in use, and it also tilts down to give you access to the back of your car. Once your bikes are in place, this rack will hold them safely and securely in place, allowing you to drive to your destination with confidence.

We also appreciate the heavy-duty steel construction and rust-free finish that ensures this rack won’t fall victim to corrosion.

One minor complaint we have is that the instructions could have been slightly clearer. Also, it can move around a little as you drive, but at this price point, most people will be able to put up with that.

In short, another functional budget option that does the job it was designed for. Not the highest quality, but good value for the price. If you don’t want to spend more than you need to, this is another rack that could be of interest.

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Buyer’s Guide

If you need a four-bike hitch rack, you’ll probably be wondering about the kind of features you should consider when you choose. Let’s look at some of the most important now.

  • Safety and strength

Without doubt, the most important factor to consider when choosing is safety. If a bike rack fails while you are driving, at best you will lose your bikes in the road – and at worst, you may cause a serious accident.

For this reason, pay close attention to how reliable any bike rack is and make sure you don’t choose one that is likely to break.

  • Security

If you ever need to leave your bikes attached to your rack when your car is unattended, you need a secure bike rack that can’t be removed easily by a would-be thief. This means you should pay attention to the security aspect.

How easy is it to remove the rack from your car when it is locked in place? And how easy is it to remove bikes from the rack? What extra safety features does it include?

  • Easy install

Is the rack easy to install? How long does it take? And do you need any tools to install it?

Also, pay attention to the size of receiver it can fit. Some are compatible with 1.25” and 2” receivers while others only work on 2” receivers.

  • Max weight

The maximum weight limit could be important, especially if you need to carry four adult bikes. If you need to carry one or more smaller children’s bikes, this might be less of an issue.

  • Types of bike

Can the rack carry ladies’ bikes with angled bars or does it require an adapter? Is there a limit to the frame size it can accept? How about the width of the tires? These are all important points to consider.

  • Tilt feature

Many racks allow you to tilt the whole thing to give you access to the trunk of your car without the need to remove all the bikes. If you think this is useful, make sure the rack you choose allows you to do it.

Many options to choose from

As you can see, there are many options to choose from, and at price points to suit just about any budget. If you need a 4-bike hitch rack but are having trouble choosing, any of the options in our review would make a great place to start looking.