Best 5 Channel Amp – Top Rated Picks of 2019

When you are looking to install an upgraded sound system in your car, if you really want it to bang, you’re going to need to put in an amp. While there different options exist, an amp with five channels gives the most flexibility and versatility – so here are our top picks for the best 5 Channel amp.

The Best 5 Channel Amp of 2019

1. Rockville dB55 Car Amplifier (Our Top Recommended)

If you are in the market for a powerful five-channel amp, this beast from Rockville should definitely be of interest.

It has a peak power rating of 4000 watts – or an RMS rating of 980 watts. That’s plenty of power to run your whole system off and create some serious levels of noise. While it can’t compete with the biggest and loudest out there, it packs a considerable punch for an amp of its class.

This amp is a high-quality unit and incorporates some impressive components. It features a high-speed MOSFET power supply as well as studio-grade bipolar output stage transistors among other highlights. It is a Class A/B + D model and is fully bridgeable.

Other than the power it provides, the other outstanding feature of this amp is its low price. For such a powerful, precise and reliable unit, the price tag is extremely reasonable.

If you are looking to make a serious upgrade to your onboard sound system but don’t want to spend the cash to buy a top end or competition-level amp, this could be just what you need. A recommended option.

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2. Rockville RXH-F5 5 Channel Amplifier

This is another five-channel amp from Rockville, this time slightly less powerful but with many of the top features of its bigger brother.

This model is rated at 3,200 watts peak and 1,600 watts RMS. At 4 ohms, it will give you 4 x 100 watts plus one channel of 700 watts. Alternatively, at 2 ohms, it would give you 4 x 150 watts and one channel of 1,000 watts. For an amp of this category and price, these are very decent numbers.

It includes a high-speed MOSFET power supply and is an A/B + D Class amp. We like the look and sleek design of the amp – it will certainly add style to the interior of your vehicle.

This is an amp from the more affordable end of the range and, as such, can’t compete with the most expensive and powerful amps out there.

However, if you pair it with a decent set of speakers and turn it right up, it will put out high levels of sound – probably too loud for comfortable extended listening for most people.

If you want a five-channel amp to power your whole car sound system but that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, this could be worthy of your consideration.

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3. Pioneer GM-D9605 5 Channel Bridgeable Amp

Pioneer is among the most trusted brands for car audio equipment. When you buy a Pioneer product, you can be pretty sure you are going to be receiving a reliable and quality piece of kit – and this Class D five-channel amp is no exception.

It is rated at 2,000 watts peak power output and works at either 2 or 4 ohms. It is an ideal option for running the whole in-car sound system through and is also fully bridgeable.

One useful feature is the variable low pass filter. This allows you to select the range of frequencies that are sent to the sub, which means you can customize your system for optimum listening.

This unit is also extremely compact, meaning it would be a good option for vehicles where space is at a premium. This Pioneer amp could be worth considering if you have looked at other amps but found them too big to install.

As with all Pioneer products, you can expect high levels of sound quality and precision from this amp. It might be a little more expensive than some of the budget-friendly options, but with this brand, you know you are investing in quality. A highly recommended unit.

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4. Planet Audio AC1800 5 Channel Car Amplifier

Another option if you are on the lookout for a powerful and reliable five-channel amp could be this Class A/B unit from Planet Audio.

It has a peak power rating of 1,800 watts. At 2 ohms, this would give you peak power of 4 x 300 watts with 600 watts through the fifth channel. Alternatively, at 4 ohms, you would be able to achieve 4 x 150 watts peak power and 300 watts through channel number five.

The power supply is MOSFET, and it also includes low- and high-level inputs as well as a variable filter and a variable bass boost. There is a wired remote control for the sub so you will be able to adjust the volume from your seat.

We like this amp. It performs admirably, doesn’t cost excessive amounts of money, looks pretty stylish with blue backlit illumination and is built to last. Even if you really push this amp to the limits, it won’t break down on you. Another good option for powering a whole in-car sound system.

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5. Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5 Channel Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate it one of America’s most well-known brands for in-car sound system equipment. They have been making high-quality products for over two decades, and this unit is another excellent example.

At 2 ohms, it can offer 75 watts of power through four channels with another channel giving 300 watts. At 4 ohms, power is rated at 50 watts through four channels and 200 through the fifth.

While this might not be the same level of output as some other amps, this is still plenty to power your onboard sound system and will provide you with high-quality sound and good levels of volume for regular listening.

It is constructed with a MOSFET power supply and a cast aluminum heatsink. The controls are located on the top for ease of access even when installed in a tight space.

This is a great option for someone looking for a five-channel amp and who likes to buy high-quality items backed up by brand names that represent experience and quality. If this sounds like what you are searching for, this amp could be the ideal choice.

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6. Rockford Fosgate Punch P2K13 5 Channel Amplifier

This five-channel amp, also from Rockford Fosgate, is a high-end, high-performance model with a power rating of 1,000 watts. If you require the best equipment for your in-car sound system installation, this is the type of amp you should be considering.

With an amp of this standard, you can expect extremely high-quality and accurate sound. It includes an auto-on feature that saves you from needing to turn it on manually and also has an onboard Punch equalizer system that allows you to customize the sound. Bass boost is up to 18dB at 45Hz.

This amp is designed specially to power your whole system. With an amp like this, there is no need to add a second amp, even if you need to run all five channels. Furthermore, it is able to do this without causing excessive drain on your vehicle’s electrical systems.

If you are looking to install a top-end sound system in your car, you will need an amp capable of producing the power and the quality necessary. If that’s the kind of setup you have in mind, this could be just the kind of unit you need to run it off.

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7. Skar Audio RP-600.5 5 Channel Car Amplifier

This 700-watt five-channel amp from Skar can be configured to give 4 x 60 watts with a fifth channel giving 200 watts at 4 ohms or 4 x 90 watts and 300 watts through channel five at 2 ohms.

It is a powerful device that also has plenty of onboard features. The four-way protection circuity ensures that the amp is safe from thermal, voltage, speaker or DC issues while the cast aluminum heat sink also helps dissipate heat that might otherwise build up.

Adjustable functions include a low pass filter, a high pass filter and bass boost, all of which allow you to customize the music to the optimum settings for your system as well as your own personal preferences. There is also a wired remote for the sub, allowing easier control of the level of the bass.

This is a highly versatile amp that will allow you to set up your system just the way you want it and power the whole thing effectively. Skar is known for making solid and reliable hardware at a reasonable price point and this is a great example of their work.

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8. Alpine MRV-V500 5 Channel Digital Amplifier

This five-channel amp from Alpine might not be the most powerful on our list but it’s certainly still a high-quality item.

It is capable of giving you 4 x 40 watts plus one channel of 150 watts with clear, clean and precise sound.

This amp is not huge, so it would be a good option for someone who needs a good five-channel amp to power their system but who doesn’t have car large enough to accommodate bulkier equipment.

Five-channel amps can be quite expensive, but this one is in the more affordable range.

If you are looking for an amp that will give you all the flexibility of having five channels at your disposal and don’t want to compromise on sound quality but also don’t have an unlimited budget, this could be a smart choice.

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9. Soundstream PN5.640D 5 Channel digital Car Audio Amplifier

If you are looking for an entry-level amp and you have decided to opt for the flexibility of a five-channel unit, the Soundstream Picasso could be worth checking out.

With this amp, you can either choose a 4-ohm configuration that will give you four channels of 60-watt power plus one channel of 200 watts. If you go for a 2-ohm setup, you will get four channels of 80 watts and one channel of 350 watts.

Another option would be to bridge the channels, which would give you two lots of 160 watts plus one channel of 350 watts at four ohms.

This is an affordable Class D amp with a MOSFET power supply. It is specially designed to fit into even the smallest cars, so if you need an inexpensive and compact five-channel amp to power your system, this could be a good choice.

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10. Kenwood KAC-7005PS 5 Channel Power Amplifier

Best 5 Channel Amp reviews

To finish our roundup, we have a five-channel amp from another giant of the car audio world, Kenwood. This is a brand with a reputation as good as any, and this is a top piece of kit from the company. This unit is a Class A/B + D model that is ideal for any kind of setup.

It can give you up to 1,200 watts of power – if you power your factory sound system through this amp, you will give it a noticeable boost, but if you combine it with some quality speakers and a decent sub, you can really crank up the volume and start rocking.

With a brand like Kenwood, you can be sure you are buying something that will function well and something you can rely on. However, this amp also comes at a very reasonable price and would be ideal for anyone looking at the lower mid-range price bracket.

This would be a great pick for someone who cares about their music, wants to buy equipment backed up by a famous name and who wants a decent level of power – but at the same time who doesn’t need to install top-end gear and who doesn’t want to pay top-end prices.

Amps for all budgets

By installing an amp in your car, you can really take your sound system to another level. Five-channel amps give you plenty of options to set everything up just the way you like it – and if you choose to go down the route of putting in a five-channel amp, there are many great choices for all budgets.

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