Best 6.5 Inch Component Speaker (Reviews of 2019)

If you are looking to upgrade the speakers in your car, investing in a component speaker system could be the best solution since this allows you to install woofers and tweeters that have been specifically designed to complement each other. Here are the best 6.5 inch component speakers.

The Best 6.5 Inch Component Speaker of 2019

1. CT Sounds Meso 6.5 Inch Component Speaker Set

This is an affordable 6.5-inch component speaker set that can really give your in-car listening experience a boost.

The pack includes two 6.5-inch woofers, two 25mm silk domed tweeters and two crossovers, along with everything you need to mount them. There are several mounting options for the tweeters to give you optimum sound.

The set has a total power rating of 300 watts peak or 150 watts RMS, enough to give you a respectable level of sound, even if you enjoy turning it up and listening to it loud. The woofers also give a very decent level of bass – some people might not even want to install a separate sub.

There are two main advantages to this set. First, when installed together, the speakers combine to give you very rich and accurate sound reproduction, allowing you to hear all the details in the music, the way it was supposed to be heard.

The second advantage is the price. While it’s not the cheapest component speaker set available, for the quality of this setup, the price tag is extremely reasonable.

Overall, this could be the ideal option for someone looking for a significant upgrade on their factory system and who wants something a bit better than basic entry-level equipment at the lowest possible price.

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2. Infinity PR6500CS 6.5 Inch Component Speaker System

Best 6.5 Inch Component Speaker

This component speaker set is a great option at the entry-level end of the market. The pack includes two woofers and two tweeters, and when combined, they can produce up to 280 watts of power at peak or 70 watts RMS. Frequency response is 53Hz-21kHz.

These speakers working together are capable of producing a very respectable level of sound with good precision. If you are installing these as part of an overhaul of your original factory sound system, you are likely to notice a big improvement in quality of sound.

Of course, this speaker set would sound better when powered by an amp – but even if you choose to run them off your factory head unit, you can still expect a noticeable step up in accuracy and crispness.

This setup would be recommended for anyone who cares about having superior sound quality when listening to music but who doesn’t need a top-end installation.

For true audiophiles who demand aural perfection, this equipment might not cut it – but if you’re happy with something that simply sounds good and offers great value for money, you are recommended to check out this component speaker system.

3. Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6.5 Inch Car Audio Component System (Our Top Recommended)

While this Infinity speaker set might look similar to the Infinity set above, this is a significant upgrade on the entry-level version.

First off, this speaker set is more powerful, offering peak power of 540 watts together (270 watts each) or 180 watts RMS (90 watts RMS each). Frequency response is rated at 45Hz-35kHz and impedance is 2 ohms.

They incorporate Plus One oversized cones that allow them to displace more air, mimicking the sound of speakers with larger dimensions. They also include high-temperature voice coils, resulting in less distortion.

One positive with this speaker set is that they produce very clear and precise sound – even in the lower frequencies, which is unusual in setups that don’t include a dedicated sub. Another highlight is that they are built to last and should provide you with quality sound for a long time.

Overall, these speakers are worth looking at for anyone who wants something a bit above the entry-level price range and who demands great sounding music – but at the same time who doesn’t want to spend the cash on the most expensive options available.

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4. Infinity Reference 6500CX 6.5 Inch car audio component loudspeaker system

Infinity makes a range of component speaker systems, and here’s another decent offering from this respected brand.

These speakers are capable of delivering some fairly impressive volume and have a power rating of 540 watts peak together (270 each) or 180 watts RMS (90 each). Their sensitivity is rated at 93dB.

These speakers provide excellent sound quality for a component set in this price range. While there are plenty of models out there that can beat them, those models also cost a lot more than these.

However, these are more than capable of offering you some crisp, clean highs and some satisfying, detailed lows, even when running off a factory head unit and not an aftermarket amp.

All of the Infinity component speaker setups we’ve included here offer great value for money and punch above their weight in terms of performance and sound quality – and these are no different.

These are a great pick for anyone looking for a mid-range upgrade for their car sound system and who wants something that will give better than average sound quality at the affordable end of the price scale.

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5. JBL GTO609C 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System

6.5 Inch Component Speaker

JBL is a company known for making great audio equipment that invariably offers big power and great bang for your buck – and this excellent component speaker system is no exception.

The components used feature some high-quality construction. The cones are carbon-injected Plus One models, making them larger and allowing them to move more air than comparable speakers. This results in a better, richer quality of sound.

The soft-dome tweeters also incorporate oversized voice coils for more effective heat dissipation. This means they can produce smoother, crisper high frequencies with no hint of fatigue.

The system together has a power rating of 270 watts peak output and they can provide superior sound quality in both the lower and higher frequency ranges.

These are recommended for anyone who values excellent sound quality but who also likes to buy products that represent great value for money. If that sounds like you, you are recommended to check out this JLB setup.

6. JBL GT7-6C 6.5 Inch Component Speaker System

This is another component speaker set from JBL. It is rated at a total of 300 watts of power peak or 100 watts of power RMS, with frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz. The pack includes two woofers, two tweeters and two crossovers.

As with the JBL setup we’ve already looked at, this speaker system is very well constructed. They feature the same polypropylene Plus One cones that allow them to move a greater volume of air to create deeper, crisper sound. They also boast a high-quality foam surround.

As with most JLB products, this speaker set also represents great value for money. While they won’t be able to compete with high-end systems that cost a lot more, it would be hard to find a set of component speakers in the same category that significantly outperforms them.

These speakers would be a great option for someone looking for an inexpensive set of speakers to add a new level of performance to their car sound system.

Installed alone and connected to a factory head unit, they would give you a step up in sound quality, but if you run them through an amp and possibly back them up with a separate sub, you will be looking at a very respectable combined setup.

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7. Kenwood KFC-P710PS 6.5 Inch Component Speakers

Kenwood is a brand that has made a name for making solid, if not spectacular, audio equipment – and with this component speaker set, the company is staying true to form. The pack contains two woofers, two tweeters and two crossovers, as well as mounts for fitting them in your vehicle.

They are rated at 280 watts of peak power and sound really impressive for a speaker set at this price, both in terms of volume and sound quality.

If you run them through your factory head unit, depending on your needs and expectations, you may already find that sufficient. They will give you clear and crisp higher frequencies while also delivering a very respectable amount of bass.

Of course, for higher performance levels, they will do better when powered by an amp and backed up by a dedicated sub – but many people will find that unnecessary.

For this reason, this speaker set could be a wise choice for someone who wants to upgrade their in-car sound system but who doesn’t have the space to fit lots of extra equipment. If that’s the kind of setup you have in mind, these speakers will do the job admirably.

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8. Rockford Fosgate T165-S 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System

best 6.5 Component Speaker

When it comes to high-quality and reliable car audio equipment that is also extremely reasonably priced, there aren’t many companies that rank higher than Rockford Fosgate. If you want to install a system backed up by a trusted and popular brand name, this speaker system could be ideal.

The speakers are rated at 320 watts peak power together – or 160 watts each – and feature high-quality components.

In particular, they incorporate injection-molded carbon fiber-filled polypropylene cones and VAST surround – standing for Vertical Attach Surround Technique – which gives higher levels of efficiency as well as greater maximum output levels.

One particular highlight of this system is the external component crossover, a feature that allows for exceptional clarity and precision of sound – especially for a speaker system of this category and in this price range.

We’re big fans of Rockford Fosgate products, and this speaker system is no different. An excellent combination of quality and affordable price, this is a speaker system that should please anyone who absolutely has to have a great in-car sound system.

9. Alpine SPR-60C 6.5 Inch Car Audio Component System (Pair)

Alpine is a brand that passes a little under the radar for some, but this is a company that regularly makes great products that are always excellent value for money. If you are looking for a speaker set to upgrade your factory system or to replace an old set, these are worth checking out.

These 4-ohm speakers have a relatively high power rating of 350 watts peak or 110 RMS. They also benefit from some quality build features like the hybrid layered-pulp cone among others.

However, it’s all very well talking about specs and hardware, but the main question is, do they sound good? Well, with this setup from Alpine, you can be sure you are investing in a speaker set that will give you a high level of sound quality.

The high frequencies are especially clean and crisp while the lower frequencies are handled well too. This setup performs admirably for a system in this price category.

Of course, for optimum sound quality, you should run these through a proper amp and attach a sub for bass – but even if you don’t plan to do that, you can look forward to a significant step up in sound clarity and precision compared to your average factory installation.

These speakers are another great option for anyone who wants quality and value for money in the same package – whether you run them through the factory head unit or through more advanced equipment.

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10. MB Quart DC1-216 6.5 Inch Car Component Speaker System

If you want to upgrade to a component speaker system but have a very limited budget, this setup could be one of your best options.

For the price tag, they are well built, with stamp-cast, deep-draw steel brackets and 1” aluminum dome tweeters.

Although these speakers won’t win any competitions for high-fidelity sound reproduction or booming levels of volume, for the price they cost, they are an extremely good deal.

They will give you clean and crisp mids and highs while the bass is also highly respectable too.

This system is super-easy to install, and once in, the speakers look great.

If you are looking to upgrade your factory system but don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, these speakers would be a great choice.

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Component speaker systems for superior integrated sound

While some people prefer to construct their own systems by mixing and matching different components, there is a strong argument that speakers that were designed to work together provide higher quality sound overall.

In any case, choosing a component speaker system greatly simplifies the installation process, and the ones that made our list all come highly recommended.

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