Best Bluetooth Car Stereo (Reviews of 2019)

Most modern car stereos these days come equipped with Bluetooth capability. If you have an older stereo and are looking for an upgrade, you want to be sure you are getting the best quality for the right price.

With so many diverse stereo systems on the market right now, it can be tough to pick out the perfect one for your vehicle. To help you out, we have put together this list of six of the top Bluetooth car stereos available in 2019. These are all great products, but they come at various prices and with various capabilities.

If you still have questions at the end of these reviews, take a look at our helpful buyer’s guide, to get an idea of some of the important factors you need to look out for while you’re shopping for your new Bluetooth stereo.

At a Glance:

  1. Pioneer FH-S701BS 2-DIN: a simple stereo with Bluetooth compatibility and CD players, ready for Sirius XM with subscription.
  2. Regetek 7″ Double DIN Touchscreen: a touchscreen stereo, can play audio and video. Compatible with most apps and backup camera.
  3. Power Acoustik PTID-8920B: a high-quality stereo and DVD player with a flip-out touchscreen attachment.
  4. Pioneer DEH-X6900BT: a sturdy and reliable Bluetooth stereo with a CD player, clear screen and adjustable brightness.
  5. Pioneer AVH-2300NEX: a high-quality stereo, audio and video system, compatible with driving apps like Android Auto.
  6. Sony MEX-N5200BT CD Receiver: a reliable and clear stereo with enhanced audio and voice control capability.


Again, while these are all some of the top models available this year, they each come with their own advantages and drawbacks. To learn more about how all these stereos function, read on. Remember to take a cruise through the buyer’s guide at the bottom of this page so you are fully informed before you make your purchase.

#1 Pioneer FH-S701BS 2-DIN

We’ll kick off our list of the top Bluetooth car stereos with a simple, straightforward product from Pioneer. This affordable stereo is Android and iPhone compatible and easy to operate; it looks and sounds great in any vehicle.

Quick Look

  • Compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Can transmit Pandora and Spotify
  • Can transmit Sirius XM radio with additional purchase
  • Handheld remote included
  • Easy installation
  • High-quality sound
  • CD receiver


When all you need is a car stereo system – why complicate things? This Pioneer stereo is super affordable, easy to install and easy to use. Its Bluetooth capabilities are compatible with both Android and Apple smart devices, and it can also connect to Sirius satellite radio with the purchase of an additional subscription.

Despite its affordability and simplicity, this stereo produces enhanced, clear audio and it has a sleek interface that will look great in any vehicle. It can be used to play CDs and transmit AM and FM radio as well. The handheld remote means that anyone can operate it – even from the back seat.

One trouble with this stereo system is that it does not always have the clearest connection. Nine times out of ten you will be able to instantly connect your smart device with Bluetooth, but because it is a cheaper model, there is some chance of loosing your connection every now and then. That said, it is still a great, high-quality stereo and will suit any vehicle without any unnecessary complications.

#2 Regetek 7″ Double DIN Touchscreen


Let’s move on to a slightly more high-tech model. This Regetek stereo has a 7 inch touchscreen display and acts much like a smart device mounted in your dashboard. Its ability to play video and movies makes it an asset for long road trips or camping.

Quick Look

  • Audio and video player
  • Android and iPhone compatibility
  • Supports hands-free calling, comes with built-in microphone
  • Built-in USB and aux portals
  • Supports rear-view camera inputs – can connect with a backup camera
  • Comes with handheld remote
  • Can transmit Spotify, Pandora, and AM and FM radio


This car stereo really has all the bells and whistles. You can use the intuitive touchscreen to play music through apps like Pandora and Spotify or to peruse AM and FM radio stations. While you are parked (obviously only while you are parked) you can use the stereo to watch movies – ideal for camping and long trips.

Even though the interface is a little more complex than traditional car stereos, it is as easy to understand and use as a handheld smart device. Buttons along the side of the screen allow you to scan radio stations and change the input. USB and aux portals give you more audio options, and the handheld remote allows you to operate the stereo from anywhere in the vehicle – this is really handy with the video playing feature.

A built-in microphone on the stereo allows you to make hands-free calls easily. To top it all off, this touchscreen stereo, audio and video system is even more affordable than some of the lower-tech models on our list. The one downside is that it is not compatible with all vehicle dashboards. Make sure you have a double DIN dash in your vehicle before you purchase this stereo.

#3 Power Acoustik PTID-8920B


Another touchscreen model, this stereo from Power Acoustik doubles as a DVD player. The flip-out screen makes it unique, and helps to prevent you from getting too distracted while you are driving. It is like an analog and touchscreen stereo interface all in one.

Quick Look

  • Compatible with Android and iPhone
  • DVD and CD player capability
  • Flip-out touchscreen – can be removed and reattached easily
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Can connect with subwoofer amp
  • Compatible with rear-view camera
  • Transmit Spotify, Pandora and other music apps
  • Connects to AM and FM radio


This Power Acoustik stereo is one of the most multi-functional on our list. It comes with an ordinary analog stereo interface, with which you can adjust the volume and change radio stations, or play a CD – and a 7” flip-out touchscreen attachment that can be easily removed to prevent driver distraction.

The touchscreen is easy to use and simple to understand. Use it to watch DVDs while the car is parked, to make hands-free calls, or to visually change songs or radio channels. You can also connect to a wireless backup camera system for safe parking and reversing.

The same model can be purchased without the Bluetooth connection, but we would recommend the Bluetooth model. It is worth the slightly higher price, and allows you to easily play music and to make safe, hands-free calls while you are driving. Overall, this is a perfect stereo system for a busy family.

#4 Pioneer DEH-X6900BT


This next Pioneer product is a slightly simpler, but still very high quality Bluetooth car stereo. Use it to play CDs or stream audio from an Android or iPhone devise. The screen is easy to read and the audio quality is clear and enhanced.

Quick Look

  • Built-in Bluetooth capability – compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Hands-free calling
  • Adjustable brightness – clearly read the screen in any lighting
  • Built-in USB and aux portals
  • CD reciever
  • Quick-charging USB
  • Handheld remote included


Pioneer is one of the top producers of car stereos, and this little model fully lives up to their past standards. It does not come with a touchscreen, but the touchscreen may be more than a lot of people need.

You can connect your smart device through Bluetooth and play audio from apps like Pandora and Spotify or music that is saved on your phone. The digital screen face is clear and easy to read, and the brightness can be adjusted – turn it up while you are driving in bright sunlight so you can read the song you are playing without straining, and turn it down at nighttime to get that annoying glare out of your eyes.

This stereo also doubles as an extra-quick USB charging system. There is an aux portal as well, giving you an additional audio option. And, of course, you can use it to play CDs or to transmit AM and FM radio.

This is one of the most reliable stereos on our list. The Bluetooth connection will always be strong, and the interface will not break down with use. We recommend it for any vehicle owner looking for a simple, high-quality stereo system.

#5 Pioneer AVH-2300NEX


Next up on our list is another Pioneer stereo – this one even more advanced. Compatible with nearly all smart devices and features, this is a luxury car stereo that will make your daily commute that much more enjoyable. It is a more expensive product, but well worth the cost.

Quick Look

  • 7 inch touchscreen display
  • Compatible with Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple Carplay and other apps
  • Play audio and video
  • Can transmit Sirius XM radio
  • Easy to install
  • DVD player
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Hands-free calling, messaging and streaming
  • High resolution screen


We had to include this final Pioneer product on our list because of its huge list of special features and compatibility. It can connect to almost any car-compatible smartphone app, making driving, streaming, navigating and calling a breeze.

The 7 inch touchscreen display is high resolution and easy to see in any lighting. You can adjust the brightness according to your preferences. You can use it to watch DVDs or play CDs, to transmit ordinary FM and AM radio or Sirius satellite radio, as long as you have a subscription.

Compatibility with Android Auto and other apps helps you to keep your hands entirely free whenever you are driving. We will go into more detail about these kinds of apps later on, in the buyer’s guide, but they essentially connect all the features of your phone to your stereo, so you can make calls, send texts or play music all without taking your eyes off the road.

Again, this is one of the pricier options on our list. But if you are looking for an all-in-one luxury upgrade to your car, it is a great choice. We would especially recommend this stereo for an individual or family who takes a lot of long road trips or camping trips.

#6 Sony MEX-N5200BT CD Receiver


Last up on our list is another back-to-basics, simple and sturdy analog stereo with Bluetooth capability. As a Sony product, you know this stereo will be reliable through years of use. It produces super clear audio and is incredibly easy to install and use.

Quick Look

  • Dual Bluetooth compatibility – connect two devices at once
  • Can be voice-controlled with certain compatible apps like Siri eyes-free
  • High audio output – superior sound quality
  • USB and aux portals built in
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Illuminator colors can change to match your vehicle
  • Sleek, flashy design
  • Simple, clear buttons and understandable interface


While it is last on our list, it is certainly not last in our hearts. This little Sony stereo is built to last and comes with plenty of special features to make your drive more enjoyable. You can connect two devices at once for better Bluetooth streaming, and control it with voice commands when it is connected to certain compatible apps.

The design of this stereo makes it one of our favorites for any vehicle. The illuminating lights that light the screen can be adjusted so that the color matches the interior of your car – or any other color you would like. The screen is large enough to read and clear, and the brightness can be adjusted to be readable in any lighting.

Sony is a top-quality electronic brands for all household and automotive products. This stereo is a little pricier than other analog models, but it will last a long time – even through the life of your vehicle. You can use it to transmit ordinary radio, play a CD or stream music apps through Bluetooth. We would recommend this stereo for an individual or family looking for high quality and reliability from their music player.

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Car Stereo:

Bluetooth Car Stereo buying guide

We have shown you six of our favorite car stereos currently available for purchase, and walked you through everything we love about them. Now, let’s talk about making the right choice for your vehicle. Obviously, no two stereos are exactly the same. Here are a few of the most important things you will want to consider before you decide on the best Bluetooth stereo for you.


Let’s start with the most important: you have to make sure the stereo you are buying will be compatible with your car.

Car stereos are not one-size-fits-all. They come in double DIN or single DIN, which basically means they are designed to fit either a wider or narrower slot in your dash. You should be able to see in your user’s manual whether your vehicle has a single or double DIN slot, but you can also measure it to know for sure.

If the space in your dashboard where a radio is meant to be installed measures approximately 7 by 4 inches, then you have a double DIN. If it is smaller than that, it will be single DIN. It is simple to find out, but make sure you check before you purchase your radio.

Input Options:

All of the stereos we reviewed on our list come with Bluetooth compatibility, but many of them have additional audio or video input options that others do not. Here are a few input boxes you will want to check before you make your purchase, to make the most out of your new stereo.

CD Receiver: It may seem a little out-of-date, but it is still nice to have a CD receiver in your car stereo. You never know when you will come across a situation where you don’t have radio access or a functioning smart device to stream music. A CD receiver is a reliable backup – don’t lose your mind on a silent drive when all other technology fails. Besides, we all still have some sentimental CDs lying around that we might like to play from time to time.

USB Portal: Some stereos allow you to stream music by connecting your phone or device through a USB chord. This is a handy option, especially if the device you want to play music with is not Bluetooth compatible. On top of that, a USB portal can charge your device on the road – helpful if you do not have a portable or cigarette lighter charger on hand.

Aux portal: Last but not least, you will want to be able to connect a device through an aux cord to your radio. Again, if Bluetooth connection fails, or if you want to play music from a device that is not Bluetooth compatible, you don’t want to be stranded. An aux portal is a simple, necessary addition.

With those three basic input options, alongside Bluetooth compatibility, you should have everything you need for a more enjoyable drive. Additional options like DVD receivers or Sirius radio are added bonuses that you will find on a lot of other models – just make sure the model you choose has these necessities, too.

Compatible Car Apps:

In one of the reviews above, we mentioned compatible apps like Android Auto and Apple Carplay that allow you to connect your phone or device to your car stereo for completely hands-free driving. Some modern stereos will work with these apps; if you choose a stereo that does, we highly recommend making full use of it.

Just download the app (Android Auto if you use an Android, and Apple Carplay if you use an iPhone) and follow the instructions to connect your phone to the vehicle. In most cases, depending on the details of your app, the functions of your phone will then be shut off or inaccessible, and you will only be able to view them through your stereo screen. That means you can make calls, send texts, change songs or check the weather all without picking up your phone.

Using one of these apps is a great option for your safety. In many states, like California, using your phone while driving can result in high fines. A compatible car app will ensure that you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road through your whole drive.

If you choose a stereo that is not compatible with these apps, don’t fret – you can usually connect to hands-free calling and messaging with just a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth alone is enough to help you drive safely.

Sound Quality:

The most important thing a stereo does, no matter how it receives it, is play music. Make sure that the stereo you buy has the best sound quality for your money. All of the stereos reviewed on our list have enhanced audio, but some, of course, will sound even clearer than others.

To check, take a look at the RMS power of your stereo before you make your purchase. This is the rating of the maximum volume of the stereo, and generally translates to the quality of the audio as well. The higher the RMS is, the better your sound quality will be.

Additionally, keep an eye out for a built-in preamp, which will let you connect your stereo to a subwoofer or more advanced audio system in your car. If you have a preamp, connecting an amplifier or subwoofer will be easy, and it will allow you to get the most our of your music while you are driving.

Final Thoughts:

Bluetooth compatibility is an absolute must these days. Most of us store our music on our phones; Bluetooth allows you to stream it through your car’s stereo and listen to whatever you like while you are on the road. It can also let you make hands-free calls, send texts, or even connect your radio to more advanced apps that will make your drive safer and more fun.

Whether you choose a touchscreen stereo with a lot of features, or a more traditional model that simply plays loud and clear music, Bluetooth compatibility in your car stereo will totally revolutionize your drive.

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