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10 Best Car Scratch Removers of 2022 – Auto Scratch Remover Reviews

It is an unfortunate fact of life that however well we try to look after our vehicles, they will eventually pick up scrapes, scratches and other minor blemishes. The problem is, taking a car in to have its paintwork retouched can be extremely expensive.

A much more affordable solution is to try treating less significant damage with special products that can help restore your paint job – and if that sounds like an idea worth trying, here are our top picks for best car scratch remover.

The Best Car Scratch Remover on the Market of 2022

1. PRODUXA Car Scratch Remover

best car scratch remover
  • KEEP YOUR PRECIOUS CAR LOOKING GREAT ON A BUDGET: Save yourself an expensive...
  • ADVANCED FORMULA FOR LONG-LASTING RESULTS: Our auto scratch remover and swirl...

If your vehicle has picked up light scratches, swirls, hard-water spots or any other kind of minor blemish, taking it to a professional isn’t cheap. Instead, you can try using this product to do a similar job for a fraction of the price.

You can use it to cover up the kind of superficial damage that any car picks up through day to day use, and it will also restore the depth and clarity of your car’s paint job, leaving a high-gloss shine.

With this scratch remover, there are no harsh abrasives or solvents that can be detrimental to your car’s paint. It is suitable for use with all kinds of paint, including clear coat finish, and it can also be used to prepare your car for waxing or sealing.

One of the things we like about this product is how versatile it is – and it’s great value, too, since one bottle holds enough scratch remover for up to five mid-sized cars.

There aren’t any real negatives with this product. The only issue will be if you have unrealistic expectations – it’s not a magic potion, and it won’t be able to repair deep gashes in your paintwork. However, for minor damage and blemishes, it does an outstanding job.

All in all, a top pick if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that will save you a trip to the workshop to restore your car’s exterior. If that sounds like what you need, this is an option that should be high on your list of possibilities.

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2. Carfidant Scratch Remover for Cars

car scratch remover
  • EASY SCRATCH & SWIRL REPAIR - If your car has light scratches, swirls, or other...
  • ULTIMATE PAINT RESTORER - Not only will this remove swirls and scratches, it...
  • PREMIUM CHEMICALS - We formulate all our products to ensure they are the best!...

This scratch remover from Carfidant is a well-regarded product that you can trust to remove minor scuffs, scratches and other minor damage from your vehicle. The product comes with an application pad, and it can be used either manually or with an orbital.

The product is made in the USA and contains only premium chemicals – it has no unnecessary dyes or scents that add nothing to its performance.

You can use this scratch remover on just about any type of paintwork, including clear coat, single-stage or multi-stage, and it isn’t overly abrasive, meaning it can help restore your paintwork gently without causing further damage.

With this product, we are impressed by the professional-grade results you can obtain. Of course, you have to manage your expectations since it won’t cause deep scratches to vanish as if by magic.

However, light scratches will quickly disappear, and even the more serious ones will seem less prominent.

As long as you understand its limitations, we can find very little else to complain about. Perhaps the included pad could have been a little larger, but this seems hardly worth mentioning.

This is a reliable product that will get the job done and deliver some impressive results. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to remove scratches and restore your vehicle to its former glory, this is a product that should be on your radar.

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3. 3D Speed All In One Polish/Wax

scratch remover
  • All-In-One Product
  • Polish & Sealant
  • Minor Paint Correction

This is another versatile product that is designed to give your paintwork a polish and a wax all in one go while also removing swirl marks, water spots, minor scratches and other blemishes. Furthermore, it is all-natural and contains no harmful chemicals.

One of the best things about this product is that it is so easy to apply and then remove after you finish. You simply put a few small drops onto your pad and apply it with the polisher. You can also apply it manually, although this will take a bit more elbow grease.

Another advantage is that is can be used on a range of surfaces, not just paint, so if you need something you can apply to chrome, metal or plastic, this product will do the job. You can even use it on shower doors, too!

On the downside, since it has such a range of uses, it probably isn’t the best option if you need something specifically for removing more serious scratches from cars. Although it is an effective scratch remover, for more significant damage, better options exist.

However, if you are looking for a good all-purpose product that can help remove scratches as well as restore and protect your paintwork in general, this could be a solid option. It is relatively inexpensive, too, so at this price, you can hardly go wrong.

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4. GLISTON Car Scratch Remover

scratch remover for cars
  • WIDELY USE: GLISTON car scratch remover kit is designed for most types of car...
  • PERFECT TOOL: Professional quality Do-It-Yourself car scratches repairs and no...
  • SECURITY AND EFFECTIVE: All material without chemicals or toxic material. And...

For anyone looking for an affordable kit for removing lighter scratches and other blemishes from their car’s paintwork, this one could be worth a look. Along with the scratch remover itself, it also includes a microfiber cloth and even a pair of rubber gloves.

You can use it for most types of light scratches, swirls, scuffs, water spots, hairline scratches, oxidation marks and so on, and you can easily apply it by hand for impressive results. As well as fixing damaged paintwork, it will also restore the gloss and shine to your car’s exterior.

There are a couple of things we like about this product. The first is the price since it’s a very affordable option, and the second is simply the fact that it is so effective. Although it won’t work miracles, it does a great job of removing the more minor kind of damage cars can pick up.

The main negative for us is the instructions, which have clearly been badly translated from Chinese and are almost impossible to understand. The bottle has “Intelligent Repair Scratches” printed on the front in big letters, and even that doesn’t make sense!

However, since the product is intuitive to use, this is not a huge issue, and in fact, it’s quite amusing to read. Aside from the instructions, this is an effective product that sells at a very reasonable price point, and it gets a big thumbs-up from us.

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5. SHINE ARMOR Revive Car Scratch Remover

car scratch repair
  • OXIDATION, SCRATCH & SWIRL REMOVER – Get rid of damages to your vehicle...
  • DETAIL GRADE COMPOUNDS – Shine Armor brings high-end detail grade products...
  • PREMIUM PAINT RESTORER – Restore the shine & sparkle to your paint while...

The Shine Armor Revive scratch remover is effective for use on all kinds of light damage, including oxidation, scratches, swirls, water spots and more. It is designed to help fix minor damage and restore your car’s shine without damaging the paint itself.

The results it delivers are almost as good as if you take your car to a workshop to have its paint worked on professionally – but at a fraction of the cost.

You shouldn’t expect miracles since it won’t completely remove deep gouges, but even with more serious scratches, using this product can help. You can expect the effects to last around 1-3 months, and it is possible to apply this scratch remover by hand or with a polisher.

One slight negative is that the effectiveness is not quite perfect when used on black cars – although, with most other colors, it does a great job. Also, some people might not like the smell, but that’s just a very small complaint.

In sum, a great product that will save you a fortune compared to the cost of having scratches and blemishes taken care of by a professional. It’s an inexpensive, effective product that does a great job. Another recommended option.

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6. ARISD Car Scratch Remover

auto scratch remover
  • EASILY RESTORE YOUR CAR - Special formulated car scratch remover is designed to...
  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT - The car scratch remover kit is safe to use on all paints...
  • SIMPLE OPERATION - For light scratches, just pour three dime-sized drops of...

If you are on the lookout for a complete scratch-removing kit, this product from Arisd could we worth checking out. As well as the scratch-removing liquid itself, the pack also includes a sponge, a piece of sandpaper for deeper scratches, a microfiber towel and a pair of gloves.

This product is ideal for lighter scratches and even some medium-level scratches – for deeper imperfections, you just need to use the sandpaper first. The liquid is abrasive, speeding up the job of removing scratches, and it’s suitable for use with any color of paint.

One thing we like about this scratch remover is that despite the fact that it is abrasive, it is still gentle on your car’s paintwork. This means you will be able to remove scratches and other minor blemishes without worrying about damaging your paint.

As with many similar products, the only problem here is if you expect too much of it. While it is extremely effective at removing shallow scratches and swirl marks, you shouldn’t expect it to be able to completely restore more significant damage – although it can certainly help.

To summarize, this is another reasonably-priced product that does the job it was designed for quickly and effectively. The pack contains everything you need to remove minor damage from your car’s paintwork and is a great option for restoring your car without costing a fortune.

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7. Fenyx Products Car Scratch Remover

best scratch remover
  • EASILY RESTORE YOUR CAR - Scratch and swirl remover formulated to be your...
  • BE PROUD OF YOUR RIDE - The perfect replacement for your Car scratch repair...
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - You will see amazing results--USA made, formulated, and...

Fenyx Products Car Scratch Remover is made in the USA and bottled in Florida. It is a formula that is designed to remove light to medium scratches and is capable of producing some pretty impressive results.

This scratch remover is very easy to use. You just need to rub a few drops of this product into the damaged area and more minor blemishes will completely disappear. Even if it can’t do the same for deeper scars, it can still do a good job of making them much less visible.

We appreciate the fact that this product is 100% eco-friendly – it doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals that can harm the environment. It’s also compatible with manual application or use with an orbital polisher, giving you an extra level of flexibility.

The product also comes with a sponge for application, which is helpful and convenient.

This is an affordable product that will cost you a fraction of the cost of taking your car to a workshop to have the paint restored. However, as with most similar products, you should still manage your expectations because it can’t perform miracles – although it still works very well.

In short, another effective product that can help remove light scratches, swirls and similar minor damage. If that sounds like what you need to restore your paintwork – and you don’t want to spend a fortune – this is another option that could be worth a look.

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8. MEGUIAR’S G190200 Quik Car Scratch Repair Kit

scratch remover car
  • MINIMAL EFFORT: Erase fine scratches And remove paint blemishes quickly and with...
  • ERASE SCRATCHES And SCUFFS: Use the power of your drill to quickly erase light...
  • DRILL ACTIVATED: With Scratch Eraser Pad And Scratch 2. 0, the drill works, so...

When it comes to scratch removers, Meguiar’s is among the best-known brands, and this scratch eraser kit is a worthy addition to the company’s range of products.

This kit is designed to be used with a drill, saving you the effort of having to rub it in yourself. You attach the foam pad to any regular drill, pour a few drops of the product on the pad and then use your drill to apply it to your car’s paint. You then simply wipe it clean with the towel.

We like the way that everything you need is included in the pack – as well as the scratch remover itself, you get the foam pad and the towel for wiping down after. This makes it an ideal option if you are looking for an all-in-one scratch removing kit.

Perhaps one of the only downsides is the fact that this kit costs a couple of dollars more than some other similar products. However, considering that this is a leading brand – and that it includes a pad and towel as well as the liquid – we think it still represents great value.

This is a high-quality product – and if you use it with a drill as intended, you will be able to remove scratches and imperfections with a minimum of effort.

This makes it an obvious choice for anyone who wants to remove blemishes from their paintwork without having to work up a sweat. If that sound likes you, this is an option that should be of interest.

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9. Randalfy Car Scratch Remover

scratch remover for car
  • SCRATCH & SWIRL REMOVER: Car Scratch Remover can be used for light scratches,...
  • PREMIUM METERIAL: Car Scratch Remover is made of professional grade material,...
  • SAFE FOR ALL VEHICLE PAINT: Car Scratch Remover is a patented product offered to...

This scratch remover is an all-round product that is designed to work on all paint types and that can remove all kinds of light scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other types of minor blemish. It also works to restore your paintwork, returning much of its original shine and gloss.

We like the way that the pack includes everything you need, including a buffer pad, a microfiber towel and a piece of sandpaper. It is fast-acting, too, and to correct most small imperfections, you probably won’t have to rub it in for more than about a minute.

Perhaps the best thing about this product is simply that it can produce very respectable results. Again, this is not a magic potion, but for removing lighter damage, it is highly effective.

Something else we appreciate is that it doesn’t have any added dyes or scents. However, having said that, it does have quite a strong odor, so you should make sure you are in a well-ventilated area when you use it.

Other than this, there’s not much about this product to dislike. It’s inexpensive, effective, quick and easy to use and does the job it was made for well. If you need a reliable all-round scratch remover to help return your paintwork’s luster, this could be an obvious pick.

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10. 3M Car Scratch Repair Kit

car scratch repair kit
  • Restores shine and gloss to lightly scratched and scuffed painted areas of your...
  • Features 3M abrasives and application pads
  • Fast and easy no tools required

This kit includes two separate solutions to apply to light scratches on your car. First, you sand down the damaged area with the included 3000 grit abrasive square before using the foam pad to rub in and remove the rubbing compound and the scratch remover.

Once the whole process is complete, you will find that minor scratches and other blemishes will have completely disappeared – and even more significant areas of damage will be greatly diminished.

For something that does such a good job of removing damage and regular wear and tear, this product sells at an extremely reasonable price point. It is quick and easy to use and may save you a lot of money compared to the cost of taking your car to a body shop.

Furthermore, 3M is a company that has been making trusted products like this for a long time, so you know you are buying something from an established company that is backed by its reputation for quality.

One point to bear in mind is that when doing the sanding phase before applying the product, you should be careful not to overdo it – otherwise, you might end up removing too much of your vehicle’s top layer.

However, other than this, 3M’s scratch removal kit is a solution for minor damage and blemishes that really works. If you are in the market for a product that will help remove the kind of minor scratches that cars inevitably pick up, this one could be worth checking out.

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Buyer’s guide

When choosing the best car scratch remover, there are several factors you need to bear in mind, so now let’s have a look at some of the most important.


The most important thing to look at when choosing a car scratch remover is how effective it is at doing the job since not all have the same capabilities.

Some of the less effective products will not be able to do much, even with superficial damage – whereas some of the best can make light scratches disappear and are even capable of producing impressive results with deeper scrapes.

Depth of scratch

Another point to note is the type of scratch any particular product is made to deal with. Some are only useful with light scratches whereas others will do a better job with medium-level damage.

However, if you have very deep scratches, you should also realize that scratch removers can’t work miracles, and if you want to repair deep gouges in your paintwork, you might have to take your car to a professional.


Scratch removers work by removing a very fine layer from the top of your paintwork, and they come in different grades of abrasiveness.

More abrasive scratch removers are faster and can deal with more extensive and serious damage, but they will also take more of the paint off. This means if you use a more abrasive version, your paint won’t last as long.

For this reason, if you only have light damage to repair, you should choose a less abrasive version since this will be gentler on your car’s paint.

Manual or machine application?

When choosing the right product for your needs, you should also think about the application method you prefer.

Some scratch removers are designed to be used manually, some are designed for use with machine polishers – and some work just as well with either.

Choose the one you prefer – but above all, make sure you don’t choose a product intended for use with a machine if you don’t have one!

Paint type

Some scratch removers are general purpose products while others are specific to paint color or type – so make sure you choose one that is compatible with the car you want to work on.

Kit or solution only?

Some scratch removers are sold alone while many come as part of a kit. Kits often include a pad for application, a piece of sandpaper for working on scratches and a microfiber towel to wipe the car down after.

Some people might prefer to buy a kit if they don’t already have the necessary equipment.

Chemicals, dyes and scents

Although some scratch removers can be rather pungent, it’s best to avoid ones with added dyes or scents. These might make it more pleasant to work with, but they don’t benefit your car’s paint. Instead, just make sure you are in a well-ventilated area when you work.

Similarly, you should choose a product that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. There are now plenty of ecologically-friendly options, so it’s best to choose one that doesn’t harm the environment.

Plenty of options to choose from

As you can see, there are plenty of reliable and effective options to choose from. If your car’s paint needs freshening up but you’re not sure which one to go for, any of the products in our review would be a great place to start your search.