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10 Best Car Seat Massagers of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

La-Z-boys, recliners, and massage chairs are popular home appliances. The help you relax and enjoy a spa-like experience in the house. Some of us even have soothing seats at work. But we also sent hours a day in the driver’s seat. Especially if we have extended daily commutes.

That’s why for health reasons, many drivers are investing in massage seats for their cars. You don’t have to yank out all your upholstery. Most of these seats come as a cushion or seat sleeve you can slip over existing car chairs. So do you decide on the best car seat massager?

best car seat massager
Snailax Massage Cushion

  • Its ten massage nodes create up-down or circular massage motions.
  • It also has two hip vibrators in the sitting section.
  • The detachable cover can add cushioning when needed.
  • The timer lets you set massage sessions in 5, 10, and 15-minute intervals.


The Best Car Seat Massager on the Market of 2021

1. HealthMate Soft Heated Velour

car seat massager
  • Maximum heating temperature of 114 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • High/low/off temperature control. Fuse: 8A
  • Four clips, two rear elastic straps & 4 cinch straps around bottom prevent the...

Car seat massages don’t need to be very thick. A lot of them are slim cushions that slip on top of your car’s chair. That’s why secure strapping is such a key factor. And HealthMate has this feature down pat. The seat has hooks and elastic straps to hold the massage seat in place.

The seat uses 4 straps to tie it to the bottom of the car chair. Two more straps slip around the chair backrest. A total of four clips cinch the straps together. This keeps the massage chair from shifting as you drive.  The cushion is heated, so it offers thermal massages to soothe sore back muscles. You can set the seat too high, low, or off. At high, the chair can get to 114°F.

You can also attach it to regular seats at home or in the office. It’s made of polyurethane foam and works with a 12V battery. Unplug it when it’s not in use, because it may continue to drain the battery even if it’s turned off. The car seat massager is fitted with an 8A fuse to avoid.

The fuse lowers the chances of short-circuiting. This heated seat is lightweight at 1.5 pounds, keeping it compact and portable. It has a soft velour cover and comes in two colors. When it’s not in use, you can fold the massage cushion flat and tuck it out of sight.

This thermal car seat massager measures 18 inches by 21 inches and is 1.5 inches thick. It doesn’t have specific massage functionality, but the thermal pads are great for easing lower back strain.

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2. Intey Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad

Thermal chairs are mostly for your back, so they rarely reach the headrest. But when you buy a more comprehensive car seat massager like the Intey Shiatsu, you get more surface area for your buck. This model reaches your neck and the back of your head. It has 16 massage modes, so you’ll feel like you have a simulated personal masseuse in the comfort of your car.

To control the massage seat, you have a remote controller with a dozen buttons. These buttons aren’t intuitive, so there’s a bit of a learning curve. But you can combine the buttons knead your neck, heat your back, or massage a specific spot. You can set the massage nodes to move up and down your neck and back. The bottom of the seat has no massage modes for your rump.

However, the sitting portion does have a vibrating pad that can ease your bottom and upper thighs. This is incredibly soothing after a day of sitting on a hard office chair. The seat portion is 17.32 inches by 17.71 inches while the backrest is 31.1 inches high. And to avoid losing your remote, the seat cover has a little pocket where you can store the controller handset.

You may be sitting in this massage chair for extended periods, so it’s covered with a breathable cloth cover that won’t leave your skin clammy. The seat itself isn’t washable, but the cloth cover is. And yes, you can move the massage cushion indoors as needed. The seat can massage up to 95% of your back and neck using up-down and counter-clockwise circular motions.

This massage seat is effective because it covers a large surface area and alternates light and heavy massage strokes. It’s great for your circulation and effectively eases muscle pain.

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3. HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion

massaging car seats
  • Three Massage Styles : Choose from three distinct Massage styles with the Quad...
  • SPECIALIZED ZONE Control: Treat Yourself to a Completely customizable Massage...
  • Soothing Heat: The homedics quad shiatsu pro massage cushion’s heat feature...

When you go to a spa or massage parlor, you can ask for different treatment types. You might want a hot stone massage. Or maybe you’d like something Swedish. Massage chairs aren’t quite as versatile as your human masseuse, but if you buy HoMedics, you’ll at least get three massage options. These are the invigorating massage option, which focuses on vibration.

Option two is the gentle rolling massage, and the third choice is deep-kneading shiatsu, which mimics hand massage movements. You can control your chair using a detailed remote controller. It allows you to pick a particular spot to focus the chair’s attention. You can toggle up or down to isolate your pain spot. Or you can make a more general selection.

This may include your upper back, lower back, or full back. The ‘heat’ button lets you select a desirable temperature for thermal treatments. As for functions, you can set your car seat massager to tap, knead, roll, or spread across the width of your chosen massage area. If you’re unsure of what treatment you’d like, you can use the ‘demo’ button to test them all out.

The seat portion of your massage chair doesn’t have any massage functionality – these are all positioned in the center section of the backrest. You can select the type of massage based on your mood as well. Rolling massages are gentle, percussion massages are staccato taps while kneading massages offer deep tissue stimulation. All three can be accompanied by heat.

HoMedics may not seem as comprehensive as Intey, but its action is more targeted, which is sometimes more effective. The seat plugs into an AC adapter for added convenience.

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4. Sotion Vibrating Massager

car seat massager shiatsu
  • 5 MASSAGE MODES & 3 VIBRATION SPEEDS – This Vibrating Car Seat Massager...
  • WIRED REMOTE & OPTIONAL HEAT FUNCTION – Each vibration position can be...
  • 10 VIBRATING MOTORS FOR PIN POINT RELAXATION – 10 built-in motors target...

The average car seat massager focuses on your back. They give you multiple massage methods, but only for one body part. Sotion spreads the love beyond your lower back. It pays attention to your shoulders, hips, and thighs as well, giving you a fuller rubbing-down than its rivals.

But there’s a catch. While it covers more area, it provides fewer functions. Sotion is a vibrating thermal massage chair. No kneading nodes or rolling balls. It simply warms up and pulsates to soothe sore spots. And when you’re not using it, it neatly folds flat and tucks away.

To make up for its absent rolling balls, Sotion packs comforting features. It has memory foam molds to your body. Plastic hooks and elastic straps stop the cushion from shifting. A car DC adapter connects to your car charger and an AC adapter works for wall plugs. A dust-cover carrier-case protects your wired remote controller so you’ll always know where it is.

To prevent battery drain and potential accidents, the chair switched itself off automatically after 15 minutes of continuous use. This means you can only enjoy those soothing pulses in short bursts. But these vibrating pads are in 10 strategic spots across the chair. These massaging motor pads combine to offer you 3 vibration speeds and 5 modes of massage.

We often think vibrating chairs are basic and have minimal functions. Sotion gives you 5 massage modes at 3 speeds, so that’s a total of 15 options. Add heat and that figure jumps to 30!

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5. Naipo Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

massage car seat cover
  • 【Ultimate Massage Combination】 -- Combined in this multifunctional massager...
  • 【Adjustable Neck Massage】-- 4 neck massage nodes can be adjusted up and down...
  • 【Customizable Back Massage】-- 4 kneading back massage nodes travel up and...

Your neck often feels more strain than other parts of your body, both from sleeping and sitting. So wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and get a neck-rub while you drive? Naipo delivers! Its car seat massager has extruded neck nodes that deliver the perfect neck-rub. The nodes are adjustable for that deep-tissue experience, with each node kneading in the opposite direction.

Apart from easing any soreness in your neck, Naipo can work on your shoulders, back, hips, and thighs. It provides deep kneading, thermal vibrations, and proven shiatsu. These functions can be turned on independently or in tandem. You can shift the width and height and position of your neck and back nodes, guiding them towards your sore spots and pain points.

For your hips, you can choose from three vibration speeds and patterns. And all these features can be implemented with or without heating pads. Whether you’re massaging or vibrating, you can opt for direct contact or padded contact. Meaning you can add the detachable leather cover for extra cushioning or you can seat directly on the car seat massager.  It’s 0.32 inches thick.

This detachable leather is washable and the fabric beneath it is breathable quilting, so your skin stays cool and comfortable at all times. The back massage function has four massage nodes while the neck massager has two nodes on either side of your neck – four in total. The chair has a 30-day return policy and a 2-year warranty. It works both in your car and in your home.

Naipo uses a hand-held remote controller to deliver multiple massage options to your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. You can engage these modes with or without added heat.

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6. Snailax Massage Cushion

car seat back massager
  • SHIATSU BACK MASSAGER :4 deep kneading massage nodes travel up and down relaxing...
  • FLEXIBLE MASSAGE NODES: The massage nodes are adjustable at max. height of 3mm...
  • VIBRATION SEAT MASSAGER: Vibration on seat with adjustable 3 levels intensity,...

Snailax is one of the most versatile massage chairs on the market. You can use it on the sofa at home, in the office at lunchtime, or in your car while you drive. You can use the chair as is or you can add the detachable cover flap. The flap softens your cushioning, which softens the massage. When you want a more intense experience or more direct contact, remove the flap.

This massage chair has ten flexible massage nodes that target different parts of your back in 3mm intervals. You can activate them simultaneously for a full back massage. Or you can select targeted kneading for your upper back or lower back. You can also pick a particularly painful point. Use the arrows to nudge your rolling massage upwards or downwards till you hit the spot.

There are buttons for heat and vibration. You can initiate these individually or combine them with shiatsu kneading. Vibration comes in three speeds while heat can only be turned on or off. The car seat massager has a timer so you can set your massage for 5, 10, or 15 minutes at a time.

The vibration modes target your hips and upper thighs while you’re sitting down. This portion of the car seat massager doesn’t have heating pads. So it can only offer soothing vibrations – no kneading or thermals. If you’re unsure, use the ‘demo’ button to test all the massage functions. The whole seat is made from leather and breathable mesh fabric secured with sturdy straps.

Snailax massages come in 4 modes that cover 3 zones. Your chair can also vibrate and offer thermal muscle relaxation. The detachable control flap can soften or harden massage intensity.

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7. Gideon Shiatsu Massaging Cushion Seat

car massager
  • MASSAGING NODES MOVE UP & DOWN – The Gideon Shiatsu Massaging Cushion features...
  • ADJUSTABLE SPOT FOCUS MASSAGING – The moving shiatsu massage nodes can be set...
  • MIMICS REAL MASSAGE THERAPIST HANDS – Specially designed 3D counter-rotating...

The typical plan for a car seat massager is to spread massage nubs up and down the chair. Gideon takes a slightly different tack. Yes, it has 8 massage nubs, but they’re concentrated at your lower back, which is often your most painful point. From there, the chair sends massage sensations upwards or downwards to reach the rest of your body.

You can pick ‘lower back’ on the remote controller, allowing those 8 nodes to knead your back independently. Or you can choose ‘upper back’ or ‘full-back’ to spread the focus. Kneading action can be done with or without heat. For the lower half of your body, only vibration is available. The two pulsing motors can soothe your hips and thighs at three speeds without heat.

At any time, you can turn off the massage function and use the heating pads on their own to soothe your aches and pains. The arrows control the direction of your shiatsu massage, but it can also control the amount of force. Press harder to increase intensity or tap gently for a softer massage. Kneading balls move in opposing directions to imitate human masseuses.

Gideon gives car massages in four modes. This car seat massager also has a vibrating bottom and optional heat pads. The seat weighs 8 pounds though, so it’s bulky and not too portable.

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8. Splendoress Massager for Back & Neck

car back massager with heat
  • SHIATSU ADJUSTABLE DEEP KNEADING MASSAGER - 4 massage nodes travel up and down...
  • FLEXIBLE MASSAGE NODES- 3 massage zones to choose from: Full back,Upper...
  • SOOTHING HEAT THERAPY and VIBRATION SEAT - The heat option and vibrating chair...

Shiatsu chairs are built to copy manual massages. Each nub and knob should feel like expert fingers and professional hands kneading into your knots and working them loose. So in theory, the more nodes your car seat massager has, the more effective your car massage will be.

Splendoress has 20 nodes, so that’s quite a thorough massage. The nodes work in opposing direction to soother every sore spot and release muscle tension. You can direct massaging action towards your upper back, lower back, or your whole back. This kneading response can be accompanied by heat, or the heating pads can be activated independently of the kneading balls.

Your lower body doesn’t get any kneading action though. Instead, it gets vibrating pulses for your thighs and hips. These vibrations come in three speeds. Splendoress has a timer, so you can set your shiatsu sessions for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. This massager can come gift-packed, and it does make a good present. The pack included a car adapter and an indoor wall adapter.

Splendoress is a power-saving car seat massager. It only uses up 12W, and it has a 3A fuse as a safety precaution. The massage chair has a 1-year money-back warranty.

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9. Relief Expert Vibrating Car Seat

massage car seat
  • Pick Certain Zones for your Sore Parts - The Relief Expert car seat back...
  • 5 Massage Modes and 3 Intensive Settings – The truck seat massager with heat...
  • Easy to Control - There is a wired remote with multiple functions which you only...

Depending on how cheeky you are, your first look at Relief Expert car seats will delight you … or make you blush. Its curvy contours are reminiscent of a certain … silhouette. For some consumers, that’s part of its appeal. But on a more practical note, this massager offers heat treatment and gentle vibrations. Many of the brands we’ve looked at only have heated backs.

Their sitting sections vibrate, but they’re largely no-heat seats. Relief Expert has heating pads throughout the seat, including the bottom bit. But the heating function takes half a minute to kick in so you’ll have to practice patience. You can use the heating pads alone or in combination with vibration. The chair has 10 motors that vibrate in strategic positions.

The massage seat has five massage modes to treat pain in your shoulders, waist, hips, legs, and hips. You can also select three vibrating speeds. To keep your seat in position, it’s laced with plastic grippers and elastic straps. The seat is padded with soft, breathable fabric and reinforced with compressed non-flammable cloth. A band of safety wire protects the heating filaments.

As for the vibrating motors, they’re made of pure copper housed in metal and coated in plastic. Rolling bearings work with the magnetic field to provide those powerfully soothing pulses. This chair relieves pain and sores while boosting your blood flow and lowering stress levels. It has an automatic 15-minute safety shut-off. It’s best for users below 6 foot 4 inches and 230 lbs.

This no-knead massage seat provides relief at expert levels. It has a 30-day money-back promise and a 1-year warranty. The ten vibration motors can work independently for targeted treatment.

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10. Relaxzen Massage Seat Cushion

massage seat for cars
  • Note: This cushion provides vibration massage only, not Shiatsu massage
  • Improved with 50 percent extra seat foam for added cushioning over massage...
  • 10 powerful massage motors pinpoint upper back, mid back, lower back and thighs;...

We’ll close with a jump from the coquettish to the conservative. Relaxzen is a pure-vibration chair with no kneading balls. But it has extra cushioning for added comfort – at least if you order the plush version. This plush padding has 50% more foam than the standard seat.

This seat combines 10 vibrating motors with a lumbar heating pad positioned at your lower back. The seat has a remote controller that lets you manage the temperature, vibrating speed, intensity, position, and mode. An LCD display helps you manipulate these functions even better.

You can select from 8 intensity levels, target the vibrating action in 5 zones, and set up 5 varying massage modes. The wired controller also has a timer so you can easily dictate the duration of your massage sessions. This can be helpful if you’re sneaking in a massage as you nap in your car after lunch. You don’t want to get so relaxed that you sleep through your afternoon shift.

When you’re looking for a bare-bones car seat massager, consider Relaxzen. It uses heat and vibrating motors to soothe your sores and has extra padding for your seating comfort.

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Buying Guide

The best car seat massager is easy to clean and suitable for your car’s décor. You primarily want lumbar support, but you can also buy a model that soothes your shoulders, neck, and maybe even your legs. Let’s look through some key features to consider while shopping.

Massage Features

When it comes to car seats, there are two main types of massage – shiatsu and vibration. Shiatsu chairs have strategically placed nubs and nodes. When these nubs are activated, they press against your body in the same a masseuse’s fingers would. So you get the sensation of human massage experience, even though it’s a toned-down version. This is great for circulation.

You can also use shiatsu car chairs to target specific pain spots on your body. It raises your energy levels. Vibrating chairs are more generic in their response. They can soothe you when you’re stressed out and relax your muscles when they’re sore. Vibrating seats are good for calming you down in traffic, or easing tension after a tough day at work.

Some car seat massagers have heating pads to warm up certain parts of your body. These are good for cold weather, but heat is also a good muscle relaxant, especially for pain in your lower back. Plus, if your seat is warm, you may rely less on your car’s AC, which cuts down costs and increases your mileage. So while thermal massages aren’t a must, they’re certainly a plus.

Seat Mobility

Some massage seats are specifically designed for car use. Meaning they’re molded to fit your car’s shape and size. Other massage chairs are more generic. You can mount them on anything from a stone bench to a spring bed, as long as you have access to electricity. So if you plan to use the same seat at work, at home, and in traffic, you want a lightweight model.

It’s also helpful if the voltage on the seat is flexible. It needs the capacity to be powered by wall adapters, car chargers, vehicle battery packs, and maybe even DC cells. If you’ll be lugging it back and forth, it needs to withstand all that tossing around. You may also have to buy multiple adapters, jacks, and ports for the various locations where you’ll use it. A carry case could help.

Look for materials that can withstand typical spills, whether it’s an overheated pen on your desk, a coffee spill in traffic, weird stains from transporting your kids, or nicotine if you’re a smoker. You don’t want to ferry a passenger have them notice the unidentifiable stains in your otherwise spotless car … and you don’t want automated car washes potentially ruining your electronic seat.

Comfort and Duration

Do you want a quick back rub as you run to the shops? Or are you a trucker that sits four to eight hours at a time? The longer you’ll sit, the more padding your car seat massager needs. If it’s not sufficiently cushioned, it will wear down in weeks. It will also be uncomfortable and may end up leaving you sorer than you started. Similarly, how long do you keep the massager on?

The longer it runs, the more it drains your car battery. That aside, some machines work best in short bursts while others can hum along for hours. Pick a ‘massage motor’ that fits your needs. If you want it on for half an hour during your lunchtime nap, short battery life will do. But if you need consistent vibrations as you deal with stressful customs officers, you need more power.

Both comfort and massage periods bring up safety issues. If you plan to have the chair on for long periods, it could short-circuit. It’s an electrical device after all. Worse, those circuits are surrounded by fabric and leather. So you want non-flammable fabrics just in case of wiring mishaps – especially in an overheated car. You could also check for an auto-off switch.

Rub It In!

Given all this information, we suggest you buy the Snailax Car Seat Massager. Here’s why:

  • Its ten massage nodes create up-down or circular massage motions.
  • It also has two hip vibrators in the sitting section.
  • The detachable cover can add cushioning when needed.
  • The timer lets you set massage sessions in 5, 10, and 15-minute intervals.
  • You can select spot massages or full massages.
  • Each function can be implemented with or without heat.
  • It has a built-in thermostat to prevent overheating.

Is there a car seat massager in your car? Show us a photo in the comments – we’d love to see!