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10 Best Car Trash Bags of 2021 – Automobile Trash Bag Reviews

We’ve all tossed something out the window as we drove. It’s a casual habit you barely think about, but it’s bad for the environment. That trash could accidentally get eaten by animals and end up choking them. Or it could block drains and waterways, leading to a stinky overflow.

It’s a really simple problem to solve – just buy a trash bag for your car. You can sling it over the back of your seat, or tuck it under the dash. But how do you decide on the best car trash bag? Let’s look at some popular models and helpful purchasing criteria.

The Best Car Trash Bag on the Market of 2021

1. Drive Bin by Drive Auto Products

best car trash can
  • The DRIVE Bin As Seen On TV! You're going to absolutely love this Patent Pending...
  • The idea of having a versatile container to help keep your vehicle clean and...
  • ...BONUS 20-PACK LINERS: Water Proof 2 Gallon Thermal Rubbish Receptacle for...

Your biggest worry when you have smelly trash is that your garbage bag will rip and spray messy rubbish everywhere. This is a genuine concern with car trash bags because nasty car smells are notoriously stubborn. Drive Bin is a patent-pending trash bag from Drive Auto Products. It has solid hand-sewn seams that are less prone to tearing. To keep the bag shut, you have options.

You could use the Velcro straps, the pinning clips, or the clicking clasps. With these three choices, you’ll never have to worry about trash accidents. The bag is lined on the inside to make it leak-proof. But the lining is thermal as well, so you can use your trash bag as a cooler for cold beverages, a picnic six-pack, or even that tub of ice cream you grabbed at the store.

For added convenience and hygiene, Drive Bins have fitted plastic bags with convenient handles. These bin liners clip onto the dedicated side loop that’s customized to keep the bin liner in place. Each bin liner has a 2-gallon capacity and the bag comes with a free pack of 20. These are easy to top up when you run out. The side pouch offers quick storage for your unused bin liners.

The Drive Bin is a multipurpose purchase that heat-proof, leak-proof, and odor-proof. And when it’s not on trash duty, it makes a cozy car organizer that keeps your wheels tidy and clutter-free.

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2. High Road Trash Stash

car trash bag
  • LEAKPROOF CAR GARBAGE BAG - designed in the U.S. after hanging trash bins used...
  • HINGED CLOSURE KEEPS TRASH AND ODOR CONTAINED - spring-frame stays closed when...
  • KEEPS 3 GALLONS OF GARBAGE OFF THE CAR FLOOR - the heavy-duty strap is...

In the late 60s and 70s, the ultimate test of car dexterity was to change the radio station or cassette tape while driving. In the 80s and 90s, CDs were added to the mix. Today, you can use smart speakers, voice commands, and digital assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google, etc.) for hands-free dashboard management. But you may still have to reach for the snacks or trash bag one-handed.

High Road Trash Stash aims to ease this process. This car trash bag has a folding spring frame lid attached to a pull tab. It lets you yank the bag open or shut with just one hand. The top of the bag opens completely to expose a 9-inch by 7-inch entryway. This enlarged entrance lets you stash bigger batches of trash. Which is great, because the bag has a 3-gallon capacity.

The High Road is leak-proof, so it safely holds wet trash even without a bin liner. It has a convenient strap that slips over the headrest. But since it only folds shut (as opposed to zipping up or Velcro-snapping), the hinges don’t completely stop odor from escaping. But since the inside of the back is heat-sealed, you can skip the bin liners and use the trash bag bare.

The outside of the back comes in four print styles including conservative blacks and grays. But if you want a bit more color, you can get the red-tinged Sahara Print or the diamond-patterned Baja Print. These pretty designs let you take the High Road and stash your trash in style.

The Trash Stash trash bag is made of polyester (the 500-denier kind) so it wipes clean and dries quickly. The webbed straps are easy to wipe clean as well, and they’re tough so they rarely tear.

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3. AutoPrime Oversized

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  • ULTRADURABLE and EASY to CLEAN - You can reuse it as many times as you want!...
  • 30% MORE CAPABILITY - Oversized AutoPrime bag designed to collect all-size...
  • VELCRO BOTTOM and ELASTIC TOP - opens easily for emptying the bag. Special...

So far, we’ve looked at hanging trash bags. Now let’s explore one that’s a little more versatile. This AutoPrime duffel-like bag can be strapped to your headrest, stood vertical on the floor, or laid on its side beneath the seat. The circular cinch at the top gives your trash bag its duffel-style.

The bag is elasticated at the top for easy opening and closing. It keeps your trash securely inside the bag, though it won’t seal in the smell. The bottom of the bag is lined with Velcro so you can stand the trash bag without it tipping over. It’s a lightweight bag that only weighs 0.8 ounces when empty. The bag measures 5.4 inches by 1.5 inches and is 9.8 inches deep.

Despite its seemingly small size, this AutoPrime trash bag is 30% larger than competing brands. It’s not liquid-proof though, so you should probably invest in bin liners. The liners will be an awkward fit though, because of the bags elongated design. But you have two weeks to thoroughly test the product – it has a 15-day money-back guarantee. Also, the bag is washable.

When you want a bag you can hang around the headrest, pose beside the stick shift, or tuck behind the passenger seat, get this one by AutoPrime. But buy some bin liners as well.

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4. Clean Ridez Trash Bag

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  • WOODLAND CAMO - Original design, high resolution and super sharp looks great as...
  • EZ FLIP LID makes using the bin a breeze and keeps unsightly trash concealed. EZ...
  • A LITTLE EXTRA AUTO STORAGE - Netted side pouches hold water bottles and front...

When you buy a car trash bag, you’re trying to preserve the environment by not littering. But when you fill it with plastic bin liners, you’re still contributing to landfills. That’s where Clean Ridez resets the clock. Instead of disposable bin liners that have to be replaced every few days, they use a permanent easy-to-clean bin liner that slips inside your car trash bag.

This bin liner is made vinyl. It’s removable, reusable, and washable thanks to its EZClean technology. You can rinse it out or wipe it clean. Because it’s custom-fitted, it matches the exact contours of your trash back, leaving no gaps or loose spaces. And because it’s a waterproof, thermal liner, it prevents trash leaks ad can be used to keep food and beverage cool.

The trash bag is available in desert camo or woodland camo prints. You can strap it around the headrest and fasten it with Velcro to keep it stationary. The bag can hold 2 gallons of trash. Like many camo bags, the Clean Ridez trash bag has netted pouches on the side where you can stash water bottles, cans, and extra baggage – both new and used. The bag also has a zipper pouch.

This ripstop nylon trash bag with its removable vinyl liner is perfect for trash and other items. It’s waterproof and heatproof, so when it’s not full of garbage, it’s a good emergency cooler.

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5. EPauto Waterproof

auto trash bags
  • Keep your vehicle clean, organized, out of trash
  • Built-in LiquiShield waterproof interior
  • Fasteners seal unsightly garbage out of view

The car trash bag from EPAuto barely looks like a trash bag at al. For some drivers, that’s considered a plus. Objectively though, the visual styling of this garbage bag has both upsides and downsides. The main upside is the leak-proof thermal liner that forms the inside of the bag. It ensures your potentially wet trash doesn’t ruin the rest of your car, and it doubles as a cooler.

But on the downside, the EPAuto trash bag doesn’t have a lid. So even if you slip a bin liner inside it, the bag has no mechanism for preventing the escape of nasty smells. The top of the back has a Velcro strip that you can press together to keep the bag shut, but the Velcro won’t keep smells in or water out. It won’t even keep out dust or stop the kids’ toys from falling it.

That said, the trash bag has extra storage pouches on its outer surfaces. These netted pockets are positioned on the front and sides of the bag. The trash bag measures it attaches to the back of your headrest via clipped straps. The inner liner/cooler is made of LiquiShield technology to keep it waterproof. But because the back has no lid, moisture can still slip in through the top.

This extra-large trash bag from Clean Ridez is convenient and stylish. It measures 10 inches by 8.75 inches by 5.75 inches and weighs 8 ounces when empty, but its lacking lid is a problem.

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6. Car Organizer Trash Bag

auto trash bag
  • Get ready for clean, organized and odor less car for happy and fun ride with...
  • QUALITY PRODUCT- Its made up of 600D GENUINE POLYESTER with professional...
  • CAR TRASH BAG - Its waterproof, leak proof, spill proof & odor proof. High...

This boxy trash bag organizer repairs all the flaws in the garbage bags we’ve looked at so far. It has a stylish silhouette with a textures design in dark muted tones. The bag also has extra storage pouches on the front and sides, but they’re solid pockets rather than mesh netting, so they’re more sturdy and less likely to tear. The lid has snap buttons to secures it shut.

The front button fits the cover flap, but there are more snap buttons on the side to secure additional straps. The lid also has a round cap stitched at the top. It’s a confusing detail because it has finger hold that suggests you can twist it open, but it’s permanently sewn in place. Inside the lid, the bag has a waterproof thermal liner so you can turn the trash bag into a cooler.

It can also be used as a portable travel bag or picnic bag. The liner is easily wiped clean, but for added convenience, the bag ships with 30 free bin liners. It folds flat when you’re not using so it doesn’t occupy much space. But it has metal frames on its top and bottom surfaces, so it retains its boxy shape throughout its lifetime. The bag is made of 600D polyester.

This bag has a lid with a button and a Velcro strip to keep it waterproof and odor proof. Its insulated liner is great for keeping your drinks cool, and the bag has a 30-day refund policy.

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7. Zone Tech Portable Trash Bag

automobile trash container
  • LEAK PROOF - The Zone Tech trash can is leak proof. You don't have to worry...
  • PRACTICAL - The Zone Tech trash can is a must have for drivers & travelers...
  • CLEANLINESS - The Zone Tech trash can helps keep your car clean & tidy. The...

You don’t always want the trash bag to hang behind the headrest. Sometimes, especially if you’re driving alone, you want to stand it on the car floor or tuck it by the passenger door. In such scenarios, the Zone Tech portable trash bag can be a real lifesaver. It has a cylindrical silhouette and circular metal wireframes, so it can be positioned vertically on a car or house floor.

But the metal frames make the bag completely collapsible. Meaning it folds flat and can be slipped into the seat flaps behind your passenger seat or the side pockets on your doors. The trash bag is made from 500D polyester, so it’s both leak-proof and waterproof. However, the trash bag has no lid, so things may fall into it against your will. It also has no liner built in.

The bag is on the smaller side, being 7.17 inches deep and 6.14 inches in diameter. It only weighs 1.6 ounces. But it’s not secure against bad smells, and without a lid, it can easily drop your trash.

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8. iPely Back Seat Trash Bag

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  • Made of high quality Oxford material, durable to use.Can be used in car, home,...
  • Adjustable tighten belt, according to demand adjustment for hanging on the...
  • Bottom design makes more convenient to dump trash out.

iPely’s car trash bag looks a lot like AutoPrime’s but there are some minor differences. Like its doppelganger, it has an elastic mouth and a Velcro bottom, meaning you can stand it vertically or slip it around your headrest. But at 7.1 inches by 5.3 inches by 13 inches, it’s a bigger trash bag. It’s also twice as heavy, weighing in at 1.6 ounces while empty.

This fabric bag is washable and leak-proof. The elastic band at the top is used to seal the bag closed, so it has no lid and no scent blockers. This trash bag is made of Oxford material, just like the AutoPrime version. And although it’s a roomy bag that can hold lots of trash, it doesn’t take up much space in the car. Keep in mind the top is an elastic band, not a drawstring.

iPely car trash bags have a simple design and a plain black tone. You can hang them off the seat or Velcro them to your car carpet. The trash bags are leak-proof and washable but have no lid.

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9. Lebogner Leakproof Trash Bag

automotive trash bags
  • A MUST HAVE This CAR TRASH CAN Is Perfect When Driving Long Trips. It Has...
  • 100% FULLY LEAKPROOF Trash Container That Helps Protect Your Car's Upholstery...
  • X-Large Auto Trash Can Measuring 12.5 Height x 10.5” Width x 7” Depth x...

In many ways, Lebogner bags are like a backpack for your car seat. They have a solid boxy shape and secure straps that tie it to the headrest. The bag has a simple lid that shuts using a hook-and-loop mechanism. But this lid only has a front flap to keep it shut, meaning if you overstuff it, trash can still poke out of the sides. This also means the bag isn’t scent-proof without a liner.

The front and back surfaces of this bag are solid, so it can’t be vertically collapsed. But the sides are foldable, so you can still flatten the bag sideways when you want to put it away. It stays boxy though, so you can stand it on a car floor or house floor of you don’t want to hang it by its top straps. The bag also has mesh pockets for additional storage. Wipes and sanitizer fit well here.

The Lebogner car trash bag is on the bigger side. It measures 12.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 7 inches, weighs 1.24 pounds when empty, and can hold 3.65 gallons of trash. The outer portion of the bag is made of tough, sturdy nylon. The bottom of the bag has Velcro strips, so you can fasten the trash bag to your car seat or carpet to stop it wobbling while you drive.

Unlike other box bags, the Lebogner doesn’t have an insulated inner layer. But it’s an extra-large non-collapsible, leak-proof auto trash bag, so it’s still a solid investment.

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10. Case New Lightweight Trash Bag

trash bags for cars
  • This soft auto trash bag is made of eco-friendly neoprene material;waterproof...
  • Dimensions are 12.5 tall X 10 wide inches;closed by velcro;hang over your stick;
  • It acts as trash and garbage keeper ;auto organizer storage bag,easy to use in...

Not everyone wants a trash bag that looks like a trash bag. The more style-conscious among us would rather use an eco-looking handbag to store our car detritus. And this particular Case New bag can accessorize any outfit, with its 10 print options that include cheeky owls, faux knitwear, polka dots, and tweed. One of the print patterns even has colorful Dia de Muertos skull motifs!

Positioning the bag may be a problem though. It’s too flat to stand straight, and its strap won’t fit around a headrest. Instead, it has a narrow loop you can slip around a gear shift or door handle. But despite its seemingly small appearance, the bag measures 12.5 inches by 10 inches, though it’s only half an inch thick. It weighs 2.88 ounces while empty and it’s waterproof.

This bag feels soft to the touch. It’s made of smooth neoprene so it’s an eco-friendly bag. It’s washable, and while it could benefit from a disposable bin liner, its unique shape can make it hard to find a liner that fits snugly. The slim bag has a Velcro cinch to snap it shut, and because it has a flat profile, nothing can slip into it accidentally. But it can’t hold cans or bulky trash.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching receptacle for loose paper and minor junk, this bag works well. But although it’s a big bag, it’s slim fit means it can’t carry bulky bits of garbage.

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Buying Guide

Indoor trash bags need secure lids to keep kids, pets, and pests out. Otherwise, they’ll stink up the house by trash day. But what factors affect your choice of car trash bags?


Auto garbage bags are rarely larger than 4 gallons. But unless you’re a long-haul driver, you’re unlikely to fill it on your way to work. You may prefer a larger one. It’s convenient because you only need to change it once a week – maybe longer. But that depends on the type of trash you generate. Fruits, snacks, and organic garbage will quickly go bad in a hot car.

Especially if your car sits in a sunny parking lot all day. In such cases, a smaller trash bag will stay fresher. You can empty it as soon as you reach the office, or one you get back home. On the other hand, if you’re doing a family road trip, or if you regularly ferry a team of kids (Hi Soccer Mum!), you still need that massive garbage bag. Even if you empty it every day.

Odor Control

In some ways, car trash bags won’t stink as much as household ones. But cars get hot, especially during the workday. So unless you plan to empty the trash every time your car stops, it helps to have some kind of deodorizer. Get a garbage bag with some kind of scent-proof zipper or lid to keep your car from smelling too trashy. You can also use a bin liner to keep the smell in.

But remember, that lid will probably raise the temperature inside your trash bag. Meaning the smell won’t waft throughout the car, but it may concentrate and heighten inside your auto garbage. So be careful when you add a piece of trash to the bag – nasty scents may come zooming out! And when you finally empty the trash. Do it in a well-ventilated area.

Potential Leaks

You can’t always be sure of your car’s trash quota. It might be used tissue for your pollen allergy. Or a burst yogurt pack from your lunch. Or a used diaper from that lady you gave a lift. So your car trash may have some liquid content. To be on the safe side, buy a waterproof trash bag. Check that it’s waterproof – not just leak-proof. Yes, there’s a difference.

Leak-proof bags contain spills and drips by keeping them inside the bag. Waterproof bags prevent external liquids from getting inside your trash and speeding up the decomposition process. This will protect your trash from rain, splash puddles, or windows left accidentally open at the car wash. They also keep your trash in case of condensation in steamy cars or chilly days.

Type of Trash Bag

The name ‘trash bag’ may be misleading. It makes you think of bin liners and plastic bags. In reality, the best car trash bags could be mistaken for rucksacks. Especially if you buy a hanging back. It could be slung over the back of your driver’s seat, or on the passenger side. If your car is a hatchback, you could even suspend the back in the rear of the car so it hangs in the trunk.

These trash bags are often foldable or collapsible, but they’re on the smaller side. Alternatively, you could buy a floor-based bin. It could clip to the car floor or be velcro-ed in place. This stops the back from tipping its load all over the car when you brake suddenly or rush over rumble strips. Floor bags are generally larger, so they hold more trash. But they also take up more space.


Since you can’t be sure how wet or dry your trash will be, you have to consider hygiene. You could opt for disposable trash bags (or at least disposable bun liners). Beyond that, if your bag can be wiped clean or machine-washed, that’s ideal. The more often you clean them, the better. Otherwise, bad smells may pile up even if the bag is empty, and even if you put in a deodorizer.

Fabric bags are good for machine-washing, but they also absorb stains more easily. Those stains can be off-putting even if the bag is clean, so you should probably go for a dark-colored bag. Vinyl or plastic bags clean easily and don’t stain as much, but they absorb smells over time and can get dank in a hot car. Weigh your weather against your typical trash load, then decide.

Bag It!

Now that we’ve looked at some trashy testing factors, we think you should buy the Drive Bin from Drive Auto Products. Here’s why:

  • It has custom-fit disposable bin liners with handles.
  • The bag has a convenient strap that slips around your headrest.
  • The straps are available in multiple colors to suit your style.
  • Its leak-proof internal insulation can double as a cooler.
  • It can hold 2 gallons of trash per bin liner.
  • It has multiple fasteners including Velcro, clips, and hand-sewn seams.

How are you dealing with your car trash at the moment? Show is a picture in the comments!