10 Best Car Tweeters – For Ultimate in Crisp Sound 2019

If you are looking to upgrade your car sound system and you are a fan of clear, precise and accurate sound reproduction that really allows you to appreciate the subtleties of the music, you need a top set of tweeters. For the ultimate in crisp, snappy highs, here are our top picks for best car tweeter.

The Best Car Tweeter of 2019

1. CT Sounds Meso Car Tweeters

If you are looking for a reasonably priced pair of tweeters to help give your car sound system a boost, these might be well worth checking out.

They are priced at the upper end of the affordable price range, and they benefit from extremely high-quality build. They feature a 25mm silk cone and a voice coil that is suspended in fluid in conjunction with an n38h neodymium motor.

The housing is made of sturdy aluminum, protecting them from any accidents – and also giving them a sleek and stylish modern look.

In terms of sound quality, they perform as you would hope too. They are capable of providing all the accurate crisp and piercing highs you need to complement the lower frequencies produced by the other components of your system. Frequency response is 1.5kHz-21kHz.

A great option if you are looking for entry-level tweeters that can give you a high-level of sound and that also represent great value for money.

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2. Rockford Fosgate R1T-S Tweeter Kit (Our Top Recommended)

Rockford Fosgate is an all-American company that has been making great car audio equipment for over 30 years, and these tweeters are a continuation of that long and proud tradition.

They are entry-level speakers, perhaps a good option for someone upgrading their sound system for the first time or for someone who wants better sound in their car but doesn’t need anything too extreme.

However, being a Rockford Fosgate product, they also give you great levels of performance for the money you pay, and you can expect a significant upgrade on the sound quality of the system that came pre-installed in your car.

They feature a ½” mylar balanced dome and have multiple mounting configurations: flush, surface and angle. They are capable of producing a peak of up to 80 watts of power – or 40 watts RMS – and feature an enhanced frequency response of 2.5kHz-22kHz.

As for the quality of the sound, they produce the high frequencies accurately and clearly, just the way it needs to be to enhance your listening experience.

If you are looking for an inexpensive set of tweeters that will really make a difference to the sound system in your car, these Rockford Fosgate speakers should definitely be on your radar.

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3. Kicker 43CST204 Car Tweeters

This is a great pair of tweeters, this time from another respected brand, Kicker. Again, these are entry-level tweeters that won’t cost you a fortune, but they are still able to do a very good job of producing those high frequencies crisply and clearly.

They have a ¾” titanium cone and can be mounted in one of three configurations, flush, surface or angled, and they come supplied with all the hardware necessary for mounting.

They incorporate an external high pass crossover of 6dB per octave at 500Hz. They have an RMS power rating of 2-50 watts – and a peak rating of 100 watts. Frequency response is 500-21,000Hz.

Kicker is an aptly-named company since their products tend to kick out a lot of high-quality sound, and these tweeters are no different.

Like the Rockford Fosgate tweeters above, these would be an ideal option for someone who wants a big upgrade in sound quality without spending big bucks. If you want to upgrade your sound system without stepping into the top-end bracket, these could be worth a look.

We like these tweeters and we like this brand – another high-recommended product.

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4. JBL GTO19T Component Tweeter

JBL is a company that’s known for making some relatively inexpensive audio equipment that tends to punch above its weight in terms of power and sound quality relative to what you pay. That’s certainly the case with these tweeters, which live up to the company’s reputation.

They are a pair of soft dome tweeters featuring oversized voice coils allowing for greater heat dissipation. This, in turn, allows the speakers to handle higher levels of power and produce those smoother, fatigue-free high frequencies that the discerning listener demands.

They also feature strong carbon composite non-metal baskets that are able to maintain their precision and integrity, even when pushed to the limit. These low-impudence 3-ohm speakers are specifically designed to perform well, even with the undersized wires that are now prevalent in cars.

One useful feature is the fact that you can change the angle of installation. Sometimes, when installing speakers, the position is less than perfect, which results in the sound being aimed too low. By angling the speakers up, you can effectively raise the soundstage to where you want it.

Overall, another top product from JBL. If you want some powerful tweeters that will give you a high level of clarity and precision in the higher frequencies, these should be high on your list of possibilities.

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5. Polk Audio DB1001 Composite Dome Tweeters

If you are looking for a pair of high-quality, tough and resistant tweeters for your car these could be a top pick. In fact, they are marine certified and rugged enough to install even in a boat – so if you put these in your car, you know they will be able to stand up to some pretty rough treatment.

They’re not all about toughness, though. They are rated at 180 watts and are quite capable of putting out a very respectable amount of power.

They feature a 1” liquid-cooled silk-polymer composite cone and a neo-dynamic magnet. They also offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to mounting them, meaning you can angle them to achieve the perfect soundstage in your car.

When it comes to the quality of sound, they perform well too, giving you exceptionally clear and detailed highs to really allow you to appreciate the music the way it was supposed to be heard.

These tweeters offer a great combination of performance, durability and a stylish look – all at a highly affordable price. This would be another highly recommended option for someone who doesn’t want to settle for stock speakers but doesn’t need anything prohibitively expensive.

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6. BOSS Audio TW12 Car Tweeters

If you are looking to upgrade your in-car sound system for the lowest price but at the same time, you are unwilling to settle for inferior quality of sound, one of the best options for an inexpensive pair of tweeters could be these speakers from Boss.

They are about as cheap a pair of tweeters as you will find, but they still give the power and sound quality of some speakers from other brands that sell for several times the price.

These 4-ohm tweeters offer a peak power of 200 watts, highly impressive in a pair of speakers in this price bracket. They also have a frequency response of 5-20kHz and a sensitivity of 94dB.

If you are thinking about upgrading your car’s sound system but are put off by the prices of some of the more expensive equipment, these tweeters from Boss should reassure you that it’s possible to improve your audio equipment without burning a hole in your pocket.

Boss is a brand that is sometimes maligned by snobbier audiophiles – but for those looking for great value for money, Boss is a smart pick.

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7. Pioneer TS-B350PRO Car Tweeter

Pioneer is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the world of car audio systems, and the company produces a whole range of high-quality but generally very reasonably-priced equipment. All of this makes the brand a favorite with car sound system aficionados.

These tweeters feature an in-line crossover filter and an aggressive magnet structure, offering high-quality and extremely accurate sound reproduction.

With a pair of these speakers, you can look forward to cranking up the volume and still enjoying very precise and clear high frequencies.

They are easy to install – they feature a surface-mountable design – and as with almost all products from the Pioneer range, they look pretty cool too. There’s just something about Pioneer that screams high-quality and class.

If you are looking for a stylish set of tweeters that will provide a superior level of sound quality and that represent fantastic value for money, you could do worse than giving these Pioneer speakers a look. Another recommended product.

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8. Pioneer pro Series TS-B400PRO Tweeter

This tweeter, also from Pioneer, is another high-quality product from this acclaimed brand, but this one is a step up in quality – as well as price – compared to the model above.

This tweeter is capable of putting out up to 500 watts of peak power and has been constructed with a high level of build quality.

It features a titanium diaphragm and an aluminum die-cast chassis. It is designed for high sensitivity and high-power handling, allowing it to provide exceptional clarity and accuracy of sound, even at very high volumes.

Bear in mind that these tweeters are sold individually, so you’ll need to buy two if you want a pair.

These are the right speakers for someone who wants a very high-quality and very loud tweeter that will deliver music at ear-splitting volumes without losing any of the sound quality. A great product from Pioneer.

9. DS18 PRO-TW120B Tweeter

If you are a fan of high-fidelity sound and care about having precise and accurate speakers in your car that will allow you to listen to music the way the artists intended, you could do worse then check out these tweeters from DS18.

They are 1” 4-ohm speakers with a maximum power output of 300 watts – or 200 watts RMS – and frequency response of 2kHz-20kHz for awesome clarity and crispness, even when you turn your music right up.

These speakers represent great value for the quality of sound they give you. They are simple to install and built to last. If you choose a pair of these for your car, you can look forward to great-sounding music for a long time to come.

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10. Infinity REF-275tx Car Tweeters

When it comes to high reliability for low prices with no compromise on quality, Infinity is a brand that is right up there. If you want to buy audio equipment and be sure that you are investing in great gear, with Infinity, you can’t really go far wrong.

These speakers are ¾” tweeters with 3-ohm impedance that can provide up to a maximum of 135 watts of power or 45 watts RMS. They are super-easy to install and look great once they’re in.

One of the highlights with these speakers is the sound quality they give you. You will be able to enjoy sharp, smooth and accurate sound in very fine detail with little or no noticeable fatigue. If you are installing these as an upgrade on your factory speakers, the difference will be huge.

Overall, these are a pair of great speakers that are extremely inexpensive considering the quality.

They are an ideal option for anyone looking to upgrade their sound system for the first time – they will be a perfect introduction to how much difference a decent set of tweeters can make.

Similarly, they would also be a good pick for anybody who has tried tweeters from another brand before but is looking for something different this time round. Well worth checking out.

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Amazing highs to complement the rest of your setup

For anybody looking to overhaul their car sound system, it is important not to forget the tweeters. These are the key to delivering those clean high frequencies that really let the music shine through. If you want to enjoy all the subtleties the artist wanted you to hear, any from this list will do the job.

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