Best Competition Subwoofer – The Top 10 Subs for Monstrous Bass

There are regular sound system upgrades and there are competition-level upgrades. If you want your car to be able to produce the most extreme levels of noise – beyond what you would sanely want to listen to for extended periods – you need the best competition subwoofer.

The Best Competition Subwoofer of 2019

1. Massive Audio Hippo84 Competition Subwoofer

When moving up into the world of competition-level sound systems, you need your equipment to include certain extra features that normal everyday gear just doesn’t have. With the intense level of vibration subs have to withstand, they need to be far more solid than regular speakers.

The “Hippo” sub from Massive Audio includes plenty of features to make sure it – or the sound – doesn’t fall apart when you crank it up.

It includes a heavy-duty textured diamond-polished cast-aluminum basket and a double-structured high-energy strontium magnet structure. It also has a Kevlar fiber reinforced non-pressed paper cone with an industrial machine-stitched edge.

It includes a black anodized one-piece pole plate for added motor force, a heavy-duty direct input wire connection to the voice coil and a reinforced fiberglass woven dust cap. This is some serious construction that is designed to hold everything firmly in place.

It goes without saying that this speaker can generate huge levels of powerful bass, but its extremely high level of build quality ensures that it doesn’t rattle or come loose, even when being pushed to its limit.

If you are looking for a speaker that can produce some fearsome levels of noise but that also doesn’t cost vast sums of money, this could be the competition-level sub you are looking for.

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2. Massive Audio SUMMOXL104 Competition Subwoofer

If even the Hippo model above can’t deliver enough bass for your liking, you might prefer to think about installing one of these Summo subs, also from Massive Audio. It is very similar to the model above in terms of build quality and appearance – it’s just bigger…and a lot more powerful.

This is a 10” dual 4-ohm sub with 2” voice coil that is designed to give you up to a bone-shaking peak power of 3,000 watts – or 1,500 watts RMS. That is a huge amount of bass that is going to make your mirrors vibrate and your windows rattle.

With this much power, everything needs to be exceptionally well-constructed – and it is. It features the same cast-aluminum basket, over-sized mirror-image dual poly/Nomex spiders, fiberglass woven dust cap etc. as the Hippo as well as red-stitched cone edge for extra strength.

In short, this sub is incredibly well built and puts out a huge amount of power, providing you with bass that you will feel all the way through your body. Yet despite all this power and quality, this speaker retails at a very reasonable price for what it is.

If you are looking for a competition-level sub that produces immense levels of bass while still not breaking the bank, you would be well advised to check out the Summo.

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3. Massive Audio TOROX104 10 Inch Car Audio Competition Subwoofer

This is another option from Massive Audio – and it sits right between the two we’ve already mentioned. If you think 1,000 watts is not enough but 3,000 watts sounds more like overkill, this dual 4-ohm 2,000-watt Torox sub could be the perfect compromise.

It incorporates all of the high-quality build features of the two Massive Audio subs we’ve already looked at and is capable of producing 2,000 watts peak power or 1,000 watts RMS.

It includes a 3” voice coil that is wired directly to a pure 10-gauge copper speaker wire and is capable of delivering an impressive level of growling bass. A recommended choice for someone who wants a competition-level installation without going to absolute extremes.

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4. Skar Audio DDX-10 D2 Car Subwoofer

This 10” dual 2-ohm sub from well-known car audio brand Skar is a versatile piece of equipment. While you could use this in a daily driver build, it can more than hold its own when used in a full competition build.

It includes plenty of superior features for extra power and performance, including a massive double-stack magnet, a high-temperature 2.5” double copper voice coil and a competition-grade paper cone as well as a high roll foam surround. It also incorporates an advanced airflow cooling system.

As anyone who has experience of Skar products will tell you, this is a company that has become synonymous with well-built audio equipment that produces high levels of power and crisp, accurate sound. With this speaker, you will be able to fill your car with deep bass you can feel.

This is an ideal option for anyone who wants extremes of power in their car and for whom regular non-competition equipment doesn’t cut it. This would also be suitable for full competition use.

For the power and the quality, this is not an expensive sub – it’s great for those on a limited budget who don’t want to compromise on sound levels.

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5. Skar Audio EVL-10 D4 Car Subwoofer

If you like the sound of the 1,500-watt Skar sub above but you still want more power and stronger, deeper bass that will make your eyeballs vibrate, this might be a better option.

It is essentially a very similar unit but with some slight differences – and 500 watts more power. It is also a 10” model, but this time a 4-ohm version that is capable of delivering up to 2,000 watts of peak power or 1,000 watts RMS.

It has a 3” high-temperature voice coil, a competition-grade paper cone and a high roll foam surround. It also incorporates Skar’s premium suspension featuring the company’s EVL series signature red two-layer spider.

In short, this is a high-quality and extremely high-power sub that will appeal to anyone who needs far more than just regular levels of bass. If you want to fill your car with low-frequency sound that will shake your body and turn heads as you drive by, this could be the sub you need.

As with the Skar sub above, it also retails at a reasonable price point considering the quality and the power this sub represents, making it excellent value for money – even if it does cost a little more than non-competition-level subs.

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6. Orion HCCA102 Competition Subwoofer

When you start looking at the higher end of car audio equipment, you need to expect a certain step up in price – but with that step up in price comes a step up in quality as well as a serious step up in power. If that’s what you’re looking for, this monster sub from Orion might well be of interest.

This 10” sub is rated as delivering up to a huge 3,000 watts peak or 1,500 watts RMS. To enable it to produce these levels of sound, it requires some high-end construction – and it has it.

It includes a polypropylene cone woofer, a rubber tri-radius symmetrical surround and dual flat conex spiders with loop-stitched tinsel leads. It also incorporates an enhanced voice coil cooling system to make sure it doesn’t overheat.

If you’re looking at subs with this kind of power, your biggest question is going to be about the power and sound levels. Well, as you would expect from such a beast, it will give you the kind of scary amount of bass you are hoping for.

If you are looking for a sub that can produce the most extreme levels of bass and don’t mind paying a little extra to get your hands on it, this competition-grade unit from Orion might be just the thing.

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7. American Bass Competition Woofer

In terms of raw power, this is a step down from some of the subs reviewed above, but it is still a unit of real quality that is extremely well-built and is still worthy of the competition-level tag.

It is rated at 400 watts RMS – or 800 watts peak. It features a carbon Kevlar woven basket, a non-pressed paper cone, a high-density foam surround to minimize vibration and a cast-aluminum basket for extra strength.

Although less powerful than some of the other available options, at only 8”, this is a smaller sub that would be a suitable option to install in a vehicle where space is at a premium.

Those of us who drive smaller cars don’t always have the space to put in a huge beast of a sub, and choosing something smaller like this could be a solution.

This is a sub that would appeal to someone who wants competition-level equipment and competition-level bass to match but who doesn’t have the space for a 10” or 12” model. It is high quality, produces plenty of rumbling deep bass and retails at a very affordable price for what it is.

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8. Power Acoustik MOFO Competition Subwoofer

This 12” 2-ohm sub is another monster that can kick out a serious amount of deep, angry bass. It is rated at 2,700 watts peak power or 1,350-watt RMS.

Its construction includes 12” competition-grade woofer with an advanced patent-pending 4-spline heat sink to protect it from overheating. It also includes a UV-coated foam surround.

The levels of sound it can produce as part of a competition-level set up is almost frightening – this kind of bass will shake your whole car. If you are looking for some serious power, this is another great option.

Overall, a hugely powerful sub with a reasonable price tag and, with the blue finish, one that looks great too. Another recommended unit if you’re looking for a big upgrade to your sound system.

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9. DB DRIVE WDX8 Competition Subwoofer

This 8” competition-grade sub with dual 4-ohm coils from DB Drive is a powerful little unit in a compact package. It can give you 1,200 watts of power and is ideal if you don’t have the space for anything bigger.

It features low carbon steel and bottom plates, a 1.5” high roll foam surround, a high excursion spider design and is optimized for maximum sound pressure level for competition.

As we mentioned, this sub is a compact unit so would be ideal for someone looking to install competition-grade equipment in a vehicle with only a limited amount of space. This sub kicks out a lot of noise for its size and is also not expensive for what it is. A recommended smaller option.

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10. Pro Audio SVC Car Sub Car Subwoofer

At 15”, this 4-ohm sub from Lanzar is a true monster. It can deliver up to 2,000 watts of power peak or 1,000 RMS and features superior build quality.

It boasts a high-density barium ferrite magnet, a durable butyl rubber surround and a non-pressed paper cone.

This professional-grade top-end sub produces awesome deep, crisp and accurate bass at skull-numbing levels, allowing you to really showcase your car’s sound system.

At this huge size, this is perhaps not the right option if space in your vehicle is limited, but if you can fit it in, this is a top sub. Another good thing about it is the price tag – for this level of power and accuracy, it is hard to find many other comparable subs for the same price.

Overall, if you are looking for something big, beefy and really able to kick, this could be an inspired choice. It will certainly give you the levels of sound you are looking for.

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Extreme equipment for extreme sound levels

If your aural needs go beyond just listening to music with the volume cranked up a bit and you’re looking for bass that will shake your bones and vibrate your eyeballs, you need to look at a competition-level installation. If this is what you need, any of these monster subs will hit the spot.

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