10 Best Garage Floor Mats of 2020 – Parking Mats for Cars

It is an unfortunate fact of life that cars sometimes leak oil or gasoline onto the ground, and when this happens, it can be extremely difficult to remove – and if this happens in your garage, it can permanently ruin your floor.

To prevent this kind of accident – and to protect your floor from any other kind of spills, dirt, or debris – here are our top picks for the best garage floor mats that will help keep your garage floor in perfect condition.

The Best Garage Floor Mats on the market of 2020

1. Armor All AAGFMC17 Charcoal Garage Floor Mat

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If you are looking for a simple and affordable solution that will help protect your garage floor as well as preventing outside muck and dirt from migrating into your home, this mat from Armor All could be ideal.

The mat is made of absorbent fabric that helps trap mud and moisture from your vehicle or your shoes. It features a patented Drymate material that retains liquid – while the waterproof backing stops it seeping through and damaging the floor beneath.

Installation could hardly be easier. You simply roll it out in your garage and fix it in place using double-sided tape. It’s easy to cut with scissors, so you can choose the size and shape you need.

Once in place, it’s easy to clean – you simply use a regular vacuum. Alternatively, you could also wash it with soapy water and then use a wet vac to suck it all up for a deeper clean.

The only complaint that some people might have is that when it arrives, it is folded and rolled up in the box, so it might take a while for it to flatten out fully. However, after a while, this problem disappears, so this is hardly a dealbreaker.

All in all, a great way of protecting your garage floor from spills, water, mud, oil and just about anything else. For anyone who needs a simple but effective way of protecting their garage floor, this mat is an option that’s worth checking out.

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2. Delooant Parking Garage Floor Mats Under Cars

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  • Versatile Uses: The Parking Floor Mat can be used on any surface on which a car...
  • Floor Protection: The Parking Floor Mat is made of felt fabric which can absorb...
  • Easy to use: The Parking Floor Mat constructed with a waterproof membrane at...

This parking mat from Delooant is designed to work on any garage floor or similar surface. It is made of felt and absorbs liquids such as water, oil and so on to help protect the surface of your garage. It also does a good job of protecting from mud, dirt and other debris.

We like the way it is so easy to fit. You simply unroll it over the surface you want to protect and that’s it – due to the special backing, you don’t even need to stick it down with tape. This means you can also roll it up and move it if you don’t need it to be there all the time.

The backing is made of a waterproof membrane that prevents any liquid that spills on it from soaking through to your floor. You can also easily clean it by hosing it down or using warm, soapy water.

Another positive is that it’s wear-resistant, meaning under normal use, you probably will only have to replace it every five years or so.

Perhaps one minor negative is that it is a little difficult to sweep debris from it due to the material it is made of. Also, at the beginning, it tends to produce a certain amount of fluff balls – although this shouldn’t last too long.

In short, a versatile, durable protective mat for your garage floor. If you want something that will prevent your garage from being stained by oil spills etc., and you prefer something that is simple to fit as well as easy to remove, this could be just what you’re looking for.

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3. Shield Family Garage Floor Mat

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  • HIGH TECH: The Floor Protector is made with high tech materials including an...
  • NO MORE STAINS: Tired of oil, gasoline, coolant, fluids, dirt, and grime all...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Make sure your floor is already clean, then lay down your floor...

For anyone who needs to protect a smaller area of garage floor, this 5’ x 8’ mat could be a good pick. It features a layer of hi-tech woven microfiber that is attached to an impermeable membrane – this helps catch and absorb liquids while preventing them from seeping through.

To clean, you can then simply apply a light detergent and rinse it off with warm water or a hose. It is resistant to oils, gasoline, coolant, battery acid and just about any other kind of staining liquid that you might encounter in your garage.

To install, you simply unroll it over the area you want to protect – you don’t need to attach it to the ground. It then stays in place until you roll it up again when you want to move it. It can also be easily cut if you need to alter the size or shape.

The size of this mat makes it ideal for use with motorcycles, golf carts or anything similar – although it is also suitable for use with any other type of vehicle as well as other items like garbage cans and much more.

One minor issue is that, since it isn’t fixed to the floor, the edges can ride up slightly. Other than this, some might find the price a little high for a relatively small mat, but it does a great job, so we still feel it represents good value for money.

To summarize, this is a good choice if you need a smaller-sized mat to cover a more limited area and don’t want to spend money on a larger version. A recommended option.

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4. TruContain Garage Floor Mat for Snow Ice Water and Mud

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  • Installs in minutes, No assembly required
  • Attractive gray color
  • Heavier fabric than largest competitor

This is a containment mat that is designed to protect the surface of your garage floor from snow, water, moisture, ice, mud and more. It is an extremely practical solution and takes only a couple of minutes to install.

When you need to place it in your garage, all you do is remove it from the box and lay it down over the area you want to protect. You don’t need to fix it in place with anything since its weight is sufficient to prevent it from moving around.

The mat features slightly raised edges that are designed to keep everything on the mat – so any melting snow won’t run over the sides and onto your garage floor, for example. It also boasts a textured surface that makes it easier to clean.

This is a high-quality product that includes a 1.18” foam layer and heat-welded PVC-infused fabric to make it tough and durable as well as resistant to all kinds of mess.

There are only a couple of minor niggles that we need to point out. First, since it has raised edges to keep liquids on the mat, it doesn’t sit completely flat on the floor like some other thinner types of mat.

Second, it can be a little slippery to walk on when wet – although as long as you take care when stepping on it, this is not a big deal.

Other than these small issues, this is a great option for keeping your garage floor clean and dry, especially if you live somewhere that sees a lot of snow in the winter. If that sounds like the kind of thing you need, this is an option that should be on your radar.

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5. AutoFloorGuard AFG7918 Black AFG MidSize Garage Floor Mat

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  • NEW/UPDATED– Upgraded to optimized fabric, plus Stay-Put Corners and FREE...
  • PROTECT YOUR GARAGE FLOOR– Built-in (enhanced) containment edge keeps all of...

If you liked the sound of the floor protector we just looked at above, this is another alternative that should be of interest. It features a similar design, but this is a company that has been making mats like this for some time now, and this is an improved version of their old product.

For example, the company has worked to reduce the amount of wrinkling you see when you first remove it from the box and lay it out on your garage floor. The raised containment edges have also been improved, enhancing their performance, even in tougher conditions.

Another innovation is the company’s special “stay-put” corners that help keep this mat in place and prevent it from slipping about. As you would expect, it is also easy to clean, reducing the amount of time you will have to spend on maintenance.

However, there are also a couple of minor negatives we feel we should mention. One issue is that there is no drainage system, so once water gets onto the mat, it just sits there since there is nowhere for it to go. This means you need to work out a way of draining it manually.

Also, some people might not like the high lip since it could represent a tripping hazard – although this is an integral feature of the design.

Despite these concerns, this is another solid option for those who need a way of stopping melted snow from spreading over their garage floor, and for that purpose, it does a great job.

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6. IncStores Standard Grade Nitro Garage Roll Out Floor Protecting Parking Mats

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  • Great low cost alternative to our Commercial Grade Nitro Rolls
  • Ships quickly
  • Best value roll out garage floor covering on the market

For an affordable and highly versatile solution for covering your garage floor, this vinyl roll-out flooring from IncStores could be an obvious choice.

The flooring roll is available in four different patterns, depending on your requirements. The classic diamond plate pattern is the classic anti-slip garage floor covering, while the coin pattern also offers enhanced anti-slip properties.

Alternatively, for water drainage, the ribbed version is ideal – and the textured option gives a stylish look while also providing good grip and reliable floor protection. It is also available in several different color options.

Something we particularly like about this product is how versatile it is. It’s so easy to roll out and fit, and you can cut it to any size and shape you need. Once in place, it should provide good protection for your floor for a long time to come. It’s also extremely easy to clean.

One of the only negatives we have is that the material seems to have “waves” in it when first laid. However, these will disappear with time, so it shouldn’t put anyone off buying it.

In sum, a great option if you’re looking for a functional floor covering that’s easy to care for and that can be used for a wide range of purposes. If those sound like the qualities you require, this is an option that could be worth considering.

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7. Drymate OSM2936C Black Spill, Premium Garage Floor Mat

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  • SLIP-RESISTANT WATERPROOF BACKING: Our Drymate slip-resistant backing helps to...
  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE: Our long-lasting material is made out of a polyester fiber...

This small-sized garage mat is ideal for when you need to protect a limited area of your floor from oil spills or similar. It measures 29” x 36”, making it perfect for using when you need to change your car’s engine oil, for example.

The mat features a waterproof backing while the top is made of an absorbent fabric that traps any liquid that drips onto it. It’s also easy to clean, so after you finish working, you can simply hose it down and dry it out ready for the next time you need it.

Something we really like about this mat is that it is made from recycled materials – 80% of the material comes from recycled plastic bottles, meaning this is a good option if you want to do your bit to help save the planet. It is also Phthalate- and BPA-free.

The most obvious problem some people might have with this mat is that it is not large. If you need a small mat to cover a specific area, this could work well, but if you need a mat that will protect a larger surface, there are better options to pick from.

Having said that, this is hardly a fair criticism since this mat does what it was designed for, and for anyone looking for a small and affordable garage mat, this could be a good choice.

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8. ITSOFT Garage Floor Mat Premium Absorbent Oil Pad

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  • Perfect Material: The upper layer is made of nonwoven cloth, which is...
  • Perfect Protection: This mat can absorbs and contains liquids and sucks away...
  • Durability: The mat is made of compact felt structure with excellent anti-tear...

For anyone looking for a mat to protect a small area of their garage floor, this could be another alternative that’s worth a look. It measures 29” x 38” and is designed to protect against all kinds of spills, including oil, gasoline, water and more.

The upper part of the mat is made of non-woven cloth that absorbs liquid and dampness while the bottom layer is made of a waterproof material that stops any liquids from seeping through and staining the floor underneath.

We like the way the bottom is also designed to prevent the mat from slipping about, so it won’t move around easily once in place. It’s easy to clean, too, so if you do spill oil or something similar on it, it’s simple to wash, dry and use again.

Something else we appreciate is the fact that it is also flame-retardant, adding an extra layer of safety to this product.

On the downside, it does feel a little “cheap” – although this is supposed to be a budget option and represents an affordable way to protect your garage floor without spending a fortune.

This means that if you are looking for a small mat that would be ideal for things like placing under a motorbike or using to protect your floor during oil changes, this is an option that should be on your list of possibilities.

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9. KALASONEER Oil Spill Garage Floor Mat

If you like the sound of the product we’ve just looked at but feel you might need something a little larger, this is another option that should of interest. It is a similar type of protective mat that’s ideal for garage use – but it’s available in a range of other size options.

This mat is able to absorb liquids such as oil or gasoline to prevent any stains on your garage floor, and as we mentioned, there are several size options, from 30” x 36” up to 36” x 72”, allowing you to pick the perfect size for your requirements.

It is easy to clean, using regular detergent and only requires rinsing down and drying before you can use it again. It’s another affordable option, too, so you can protect your garage floor without burning a hole in your pocket.

One complaint is that it is very thin and light, so you might find it can blow away if you place it somewhere with strong wind. However, inside your garage, it will do a good job of protecting the surface of the floor.

Overall, this is an inexpensive garage mat that does the job it was designed for. You get what you pay for, and if you want a budget-friendly solution for keeping your garage floor free of stains, this mat could be the right option for you.

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10. Hanjet Garage Mat for Cars

under car mats for garage
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: Just take the Garage Floor Containment Mat out of the box...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: HANJET Garage Floor Mat is made of commercial-grade woven PVC...
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: HANJET Containment Mat is specifically designed for the...

This Hanjet garage floor mat is designed to protect your floor against snow, mud, rain, oil and any other dirt or debris that might find its way into your garage. It is especially suitable for use in areas that see a lot of snow in the winter.

The raised lip around the edge ensures that any melted snow that you bring in on the tires of your vehicle stays on the mat rather than flowing off and spreading around your garage.

Made from a non-toxic material that is resistant and durable, this is also a mat that is likely to serve you for a good number of seasons. It is easy to clean and can be hosed down or swept with a broom – whichever is more convenient for you.

Our main issue is that it does seem to stay wrinkled, even after being spread out and used for a while. However, this also helps reduce slipperiness, so in some ways, this is a good thing.

The only other negative for us is the price since it’s not a cheap option – but if you want a quality product, you have to expect to pay a little more. For this reason, despite the slightly higher price, it still gets a big thumbs-up from us.

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Buyer’s guide

If you’re looking for the best garage floor mats, you’re probably wondering about the kind of factors you should be considering. Let’s think about some of the most important points now.

  • Easy to install

If you want a mat to protect your garage floor, you want it to be easy to install – having to have it installed professionally will be a hassle and will cost you extra money.

Many require no more installation than simply being rolled out while others can be attached with double-sided tape. These are ideal solutions.

Also, think about how easy it is to cut the mat to adapt it to the size and shape of the area where you want to install it.

  • Waterproof and liquid resistant

It is very important to choose a mat that will stop water, oil, gasoline and other liquids from seeping through and staining your floor – this is one of the main functions of the mat.

  • Absorbent material

Some mats are designed not only to prevent liquids from seeping through but also to soak them up. This way, liquids don’t run off the side of the mat and onto the floor next to it.

  • Vinyl mats

Some mats don’t allow liquids to penetrate at all, protecting your floor by keeping spilt liquid on the surface. You then simply need to clean the spill from the surface of the mat.

  • Easy to wash

Mats should be simple to wash so you can easily remove stains and use the mat again. Many can simply be washed with warm water and detergent and then hosed down. This makes it very practical to keep them clean.

  • Tough and resistant

You want a mat that is going to stand up to some wear and tear – otherwise, you will end up having to replace it more often, something that could become expensive.

  • Size

Don’t forget to pay attention to the size of the mat you buy. You might want a larger mat to protect a more extensive area of your garage floor or you might prefer a smaller mat for working in specific areas – for example, when doing oil changes.

The best advice is to measure the area carefully before buying. This way, you will know exactly which size of mat to go for.

Many great options

As you can see, there are many types of garage floor mat in several different sizes and styles and to suit just about any budget. If you need a garage floor mat but are having trouble deciding which one to buy, any of the options in our review would be a great place to start.