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10 Best Magnetic Car Mounts of 2022 – Magnetic Phone Holder Reviews

For folks that use their phones to get directions as they drive, a magnetic car mount is an essential gear. These gadgets are designed to fit all types of cars, are easy to install, and all they need is a magnetic case or magnetic accessory.

There are several styles on the market today, and it can be somewhat challenging choosing the right option. In this post, we have compiled 10 of the best options you can buy right now.

The Best Magnetic Car Mount on the Market of 2022

1. Trianium Magnetic Car Phone Mount

best magnetic phone mount
  • VERSATILE MAGNETIC MOUNT - The Trianium Stick On Magnetic Car Mount's powerful...
  • STRONG MAGNETIC FORCE - Featuring a durable casing that houses four heavy-duty...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - No tools necessary for this installation! Simply peel back the...

Our first pick is one of the bestsellers on the market. This magnetic car mount is an excellent choice for many and might also be right for you. Some of the reasons why this mount is so popular include the fact that it comes with a pair of adhesive metal plates, offers complete rotation, and comes at a low price.

The Trianum car mount is one of the top options you can find right now. It comes in a small, compact size that allows it fit unobtrusively on your dashboard. Due to its design, it is highly compatible with a wide range of cell phones.

Installation is pretty simple and straightforward. To fix it to the car, you just attach the adhesive strip found at the back to the dashboard, and you are good to go. We love this adhesive strip because unlike several other options on the market, it still adheres in hot weather. To serve as a failsafe, the manufacturer has even included another adhesive strip.

As you drive, the design of the mount makes it easy for you to see what is on your phone. Featuring a ball-and-socket to move, you can have excellent viewing angles regardless of how you sit. It is durable and will last for a relatively long period.

The downside of this otherwise perfect car mount is that it ends up far away, especially if your car has a small dashboard.

Other than that, you will be hard-pressed to find a better magnetic car mount to buy.

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2. TORRAS Magnetic Car Mount

magnetic phone mount
  • Extreme Strong Magnetism: This car phone holder can easily support all...
  • Completely Handsfree: for Traffic Regulation, for Safety! With powerful...
  • Reliable Material: This car mount is made of permanent neodymium magnets, solid...

The next option is this excellent magnetic car mount from Torras. We love it for its compact form and low profile. Just as our top choice, it offers complete rotation and is so easy to install.

The design of this car mount is very straightforward and minimalist. As a result, it doesn’t come with confusing clips and parts. If you are looking for a simple, straightforward magnetic car mount, you can’t go wrong with this option.

It comes with a ball and socket swivel that allows you versatility in using the mount. You can easily adjust your phone to enjoy the best viewing angles. As with typical magnetic mounts, it comes with a magnetic surface. To keep it on your dashboard, it features a 3M adhesive strip. Installation is pretty straightforward. To install, remove any impurities on the surface of the dashboard and press it to the spot for about 20 seconds. Allow for 24 hours before attaching your phone. Once this is done, you can begin using the magnetic car mount.

The adhesive is quite durable, and even if something causes it to fall off, you can always make do with the extra adhesive provided in the package. This mount has a pair of adhesive metal plates and strong magnets that will ensure that your phone stays in the mount without falling off.

The downside here is that once installed; you cannot remove it to fix somewhere else.

The Torras magnetic car mount is a top option that you will likely enjoy using.

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3. TechMatte Magnetic Car Mount

best magnetic car mount
  • A universal phone car mount that magnetically secures almost any phone to a...
  • Base bottom easily secures to dash or windshield with suction-cup gel pad;...
  • Powerful magnetic technology bonds phone securely for worry-free dashboard...

The next pick comes with a slight variation. Instead of being installed on your dashboard, this magnetic car is a window mount. However, it is similar to the other options considered in terms of coming at a low price, the ease of installation, and the complete rotation offered.

This mount features suction cups that let you place the mount almost anywhere in the car. Unlike the other options considered, you can actually move this mount from one car to the other. To install it, all that you need is to clean the surface to be used. Once this is free from dirt, you can then snap the suction cups into place and use your phone without any hiccups.

Although it uses suction cup to attach itself to the car, this unit comes with a quartet of strong magnets that can connect to the in-built metal plates via a phone case.

If there is a problem with this magnetic phone mount, it has to be the limited articulation. Once past the 360-degree swivel mount, you won’t find any other articulation points.

Overall, the ease of installation, durability, and the low price makes this option a very attractive option on the market.

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4. WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount

magnetic phone holder
  • EXRA STONG WITH 10 MAGNETS: This Stick On Rectangle Flat universal smartphone...
  • ULTRA SLIM PATENT DESIGN: This is US PATENT extra slim mount which will stick on...
  • POWERFUL WIZGEAR MAGNETIC MOUNT: The reinforced magnetic holder of this mount is...

This next product is highly rated and is one of the most versatile options on the market. It is super strong and durable. It not only holds your phone, but it is capable of holding even other types of digital devices. There are several reasons why we love this device.

First of all, because of its design, it can be used with so many types of devices. It comes with a relatively large surface area that is capable of holding big devices with ease. Thus, you can rest assured that it will hold your smartphone in place. You can even add tablets to the list of devices it can hold.

The magnetic quality of this car mount is truly impressive. It comes with a whopping ten internal magnets! Hence, you will notice a strong, nearly immovable force on your phone. This is great, especially if you are driving over bumpy roads. You can rest assured that your device will not fall.

Installation is easy as well since the mount features an adhesive that can be put wherever you want on the dashboard. This adhesive is durable and will remain for a long time and even in hot weather conditions. The ease of use of this mount is nearly unparalleled since you just need to clean the dashboard and stick it to the surface.

One downside of this unit is that since it is quite bug, you might have a hard time finding a surface big enough to install it on.

Other than that, it is an absolutely terrific choice of magnetic car mount.

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5. Maxboost Car Mount

magnetic car mount
  • MAGNETIC MOUNT - Simple design slips right into the air vent and magnetically...
  • OPTIMAL USAGE - For direct mounting of metal plates to phone, use the included...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The reinforced dual-sized claw allow a perfect fit with almost...

One of the most versatile options that you will find on the market today is the Maxboost car mount. It comes with a lovely design that makes it an excellent fit for your devices and it can be used in a wide variety of car surfaces.

Regardless of the type of phone that you use, you can rest assured that this mount will be excellent. From your smartphones to your tablets, the Maxboost car mount is designed to hold them all. It is a durable and strong mount.

The strength is further aided by the four magnets found in the mount. These magnets create a strong force that can hold your big and relatively heavy devices with ease. If you are going to drive in an area with bumpy roads, then you can bet on this car mount to keep your devices in place.

Installation of this magnetic car mount is super easy. The mount is primarily designed to be placed on the air vents in the car. As a result, it fits almost every car. Additionally, since it is installed on the vents, you get better security that it won’t suddenly fall off. It comes with rubber tips that will not scratch your vents. Easy to use and set up, you can change the position of this mount in a jiffy and always have the right viewing angles on your device’s screen.

One problem we discovered with this unit is that it doesn’t adhere well to phone cases with smooth, slick backs.

With its strong magnetic force, versatility, ease of set up and other excellent qualities, this magnetic car mount comes highly recommended.

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6. Mpow Magnetic Phone Car Mount

best magnetic phone car mount
  • Good stability: Mpow magnetic mount holder is designed with a sturdy rubber...
  • 4 powerful magnets: Mpow car phone mount holder has four powerful magnets,...
  • Cell Phone Protective film: use one of the provided protection film on your...

Mpow is a rather popular brand when it comes to electronic gadgets and car gadgets. The company continues to produce high-quality goods, and this magnetic car mount is not an exception. It has a design that makes it an excellent fit for different cars and devices.

Made with versatility in mind, this car mount comes with the capability to fit in different vehicles and hold several types of phones. Aside from phones, you can even use it to hold small tablets.

The Mpow comes with four magnets enclosed, which means that it is quite powerful. Aside from the four internal magnets, there is also a magnetic plate that you can put on your phone. This plate is what holds the phone or tablet to the car mount.

Just as the model reviewed above, this option comes with a design that requires installation on the air vents of your vehicle. It comes with grips that are made to latch on to thin or thick air vents. As these grips are made of rubber, you will not suffer any scratches on the vents. A very durable option, we believe that you will love the experience of using this car mount.

One issue we discovered with this mount is that if your phone has a thick cover, it cannot create enough magnetic force to hold it to the mount.

If your phone manages to stick to the mount, then you can rest assured that it would remain so for as long as you desire.

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7. SCOSCHE MAGCD2 Magnetic Mount Holder

magnetic cell phone holder
  • PHONE MOUNT FOR VERSATILE USE: Safely and quickly secure a mobile device to any...
  • MAGNETIC MOUNT: This phone mount comes with adjustable slot lock knob and...
  • OPTIMAL VIEWING: With 4-Axis, 360 Degree adjustable head and enhanced soft touch...

Looking for a durable and strong magnetic car holder? Then look no further than the Scosche MAGCD2 mount. It is highly rated and comes with several features that make it better than most of the other models you are liable to find on the market today.

We love the versatility and compatibility of this mount. It can be used with several types of devices without any hassles. We attribute this versatility to the strong magnets that are found in the holder. Additionally, it works so well because of the platform of the mount. This platform is very durable and can help to carry your tablets, phones, GPSs and other devices.

Using a quartet of neodymium magnets, this mount holder exerts a strong magnetic force. Therefore, even heavy devices can be held in place by this mount holder.

Set up is straightforward. All that is required is to connect it to the disc slot of your car. Since this is out of the way, you can use your phone without blocking any essential part or buttons on the dashboard.

A drawback of this mount is that the phone doesn’t remain steady on bumpy roads.

With its impressive magnetic force, ease of set up and versatility with several types of devices, you can rest assured that this magnetic car mount will suit your purposes.

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8. Koomus Pro CD-M Magnetic Car Mount Holder

best magnetic phone holder
  • Innovative and easy installation on any CD slot
  • Cradle-less, hassle free Quick and Easy snap-in one hand mounting system
  • Full 360 degree rotatable, can be mounted with protective case on it

Made for all your Android and Apple devices, this magnetic car mount is one of the best options you can buy. It is simple to set up and start using. All you need is to slide it into a disc slot, and it’s good to go. To hold your device to the holder, you will require to fix the metal plate to the back of the case. Once set up, you get complete rotation which makes it very easy to use while driving.

We love the thought put into this holder. For instance, it is covered in silicone which ensures that the car holder doesn’t disfigure your device. As it comes in a plain design, it fits seamlessly into the aesthetic of your dashboard.

Additionally, it comes with a very strong build and will not fall or even shake when you drive over a bump. Due to this build as well, it can comfortably carry heavy devices.

One problem with this powerful mount is that it is somewhat challenging to remove your device from the mount with one hand. If you do this, you might end up damaging your disc slot.

Overall, though, it delivers excellent performance that we believe you will appreciate.

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9. iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Mount

magnetic phone holders
  • QI CERTIFIED WIRELESS CHARGING: Qi Wireless Fast Charge Enabled Devices will...
  • ALIGNMENT: Product comes with alignment guide that will help customers locate...
  • RARE EARTH MAGNETS: 2 strong rare earth magnets hold smartphones securely in...

Our next pick is one of the more expensive options you can buy. But it justifies this price since it comes with more features than you’d ordinarily find in your regular car mount.

This model combines magnetic mounts and Qi wireless charging, which, admittedly, is a somewhat odd combination. Wireless charging does not go along well with magnets, but somehow this manufacturer has managed to find a balance. It comes with a charging surface that is designed with a magnetic sticker below the charging coils. This way, the magnets do not get in the way of charging.

It is easy to affix to cars that come with regular-shaped air vent blades. Once fixed, you will likely enjoy your experience with the mount. It comes with a ball and socket joint that allows for rotation while keeping your phone firm in the mount.

The drawback of this option is that it might take more than one trying to get the wireless charging working.

Since you might not really care about wireless charging, you might not find the drawback to be much of a problem. With a nice combination of technologies and its reliable performance, this mount is one of the best you can buy right now.

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10. VAVA Magnetic Car Phone Mount Holder

magnetic phone mount for car
  • Fits Thinner and Thicker Blades: Features two slits of different widths to hold...
  • Easy to Rotate and Adjust: Magnetically attached smartphone can be conveniently...
  • 3 Ways to Mount: 3M adhesive metal plate can be attached directly to the back of...

Our last product on this roundup comes with, not just decent performance, but a beautiful design that makes it one of the most attractive options on the market.

It looks great, with a lovely painted design that will make your dashboard look dashing. While it looks like a delicate gadget, it is anything but delicate. It is durable and highly compatible with many devices. You can use it with several phones or tablets as it can accommodate different shapes, weights, and sizes.

With a metal plate that you will fit on your phone’s case, this magnetic mount elevates its holding power. The magnets found in the mount attract this metal plate to ensure that your phone stays right in place.

As with several other options in this roundup, this mount is designed to be placed on the air-con vents of the vehicle. Regardless of the size of the blades, the mount will latch on the vents. Once bought, you can install it in seconds. As your car moves over rough and bumpy roads, you can rest assured that the car mount will keep your phone steady.

The only problem with this car mount is that it tends to come loose if you are removing the phone with one hand.

Overall, this option will serve you well.

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Buying Guide

Since there are so many types of magnetic car mounts on the market, we realize that it can be difficult to select the right product. Aside from giving you 10 of the best options, we have also provided this buying guide to be of assistance. Here we will discuss all you need to know about these gadgets and features to consider before choosing one.

Benefits of Magnetic Car Mounts

Magnetic car mounts are versatile options that come with several useful features and benefits. Some of the advantages of choosing magnetic car mounts include:

  • They come in a small size, which means that they take up little room on your dashboard or your mirrors
  • They are durable and last longer than other types of holders
  • Since the metal plates can be placed in a case, they are easier to hide and definitely have an aesthetic appeal
  • They are cheaper than other types of car mounts.

Features to Consider

There are several features that every buyer must consider before making a purchase. Let’s see some of them.


Arguably the most important thing that you must ensure before making a buying choice is that the magnetic car holder is compatible with your device. Most of the options on the market, and in fact, the ten products that we reviewed above come with the ability to work with most devices. However, it should be noted that the phone case might pose a problem since these are sometimes too thick for the magnet to work through.

Magnet Strength

Since these are magnetic car mounts, it is vital that the magnets are powerful enough to keep your phone or device stable even on bumpy roads.


The ease of installation of the mount is a very important consideration. After all, what is the point of buying a car mount if you cannot install it? Car mounts come with different installation methods, and you can choose the type that is easier for you. For example, some of the mounts come with adhesive strips. These might take up to 24 hours before they can be used. While they will keep the car mount glued to the dashboard, they are nearly impossible to remove without causing damage. On the other hand, there are car mounts that come with clips. This type of attachment results-in car mounts that can be used in different cars, although you might have to lose some stability.


Your mount should be user-friendly. This majorly implies that you should be able to use it without much hassle. For example, you should be able to adjust it with one hand.

It is also great if it comes with a swivel that allows you to move it in whatever direction you desire.

It should also be somewhat easy to remove your phone without causing some form of damage.


We hope that this guide will assist you when choosing a magnetic car mount. From our roundup, the Trianium Magnetic Car Phone Mount is our top pick. It is durable, versatile, easy to install and use, and comes at a great price.