13 Best Racing Seats for Comfortable Driving 2019

A good racing seat can offer you increased safety and support on the track, can provide extra comfort on the road or can simply make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with a classy sports look. To help you choose, here are our top picks for the 13 best racing seats for comfortable driving.

1. Sparco R100 Black Seat

This seat is a recent version of Sparco’s steel-model racing seats and features a tubular steel frame for extra strength and security. It is low-bolstering, giving it a wide application range – the redesigned bolsters offer even greater support than previous models.

It can be bottom mounted, making it compatible with the widest possible range of car models and makes, and it can easily be reclined, offering an extra level of comfort.

Another feature of this seat is the new padding configuration, offering comfort and enhanced security. A further security feature is that it is compatible with a three- or four-point harness, making it suitable for any kind of driving including regular road driving or racing.

This is a high-quality, great value racing seat that will add safety, comfort, performance, and style to any car. The weight of the seat is 37.2lbs.

2. Sparco Fighter Black Seat

This is another model from Sparco, this time featuring a fiberglass shell and a fixed back, designed to give you extreme support whether driving on the road or on the track. It is bottom-mounted and designed to be as easy to install as possible.

It features a high-tension spring-and-wire system that secures the cover to the shell. This makes it easy to remove, clean and maintain to keep it looking as new as the day you first install it.

The seat is supplied with perforated abrasion inserts designed to reduce wear and tear. A set of Sparco dual-density lumbar supports are also included, allowing you to mold the seat to your body shape, providing enhanced comfort and security.

This seat is not FIA-approved for competition but is still an ideal option for use on your local racetrack. The seat weighs 26.4lbs and is 20” wide.

3. Sparco 008231NR Universal Sprint 2014 Seat

One more seat by Sparco, this time an FIA-homologated fixed-back racing seat. This seat can be either bottom- or side-mounted, allowing for better positioning of the shell. It features a sturdy tubular steel frame and is made of self-extinguishing fabric.

This racing seat gives you a good balance of light weight, good comfort and excellent support. When installed, it gives you a good seating position – a very important consideration since once it’s in, you can’t adjust it.

This new style of seat includes visible quilting, making it look like a higher-quality seat than your average racing seat. This is a great entry-level racing seat that will hold you firmly and securely in place while driving on the road or on the track.

It compares favorably with other seats that cost a lot more. It weighs 24.8lbs and has dimensions of 11.6” x 11.6” x 31.3”.

4. MOMO 1076BLK Racing Seat

Italian company Momo is better known for producing high-quality, reliable light alloy road wheels, but with this racing seat, they have taken their experience and manufacturing values and produced a product that is well able to compete with similar seats on the market.

Momo’s hallmarks are quality, superior craftsmanship, safety and performance, and all of these are on display in this seat. This model is stable, comfortable and reliable – making it an excellent option, whether you need it for regular street driving or for use in racing on the track.

The seat weighs 25lbs, has dimensions of 38” x 24” x 24” and is priced very competitively.

If you are looking for a seat that combines comfort and security with a stylish look, this seat could well be worthy of your attention.

5. JEGS 70200 Pro High Back Race Seat

This black polythene race seat is the ideal option for someone who wants to customize their vehicle without spending a whole lot of cash. It is an inexpensive, lightweight racing seat with a very simple design but that can add a touch of class to your car.

The seat sits in the car with the back at a 17° angle that can’t be adjusted once it is installed – installation itself is simple, although the seat itself is all that is included; any brackets or other fittings required will need to be purchased separately.

This is a versatile seat that could be installed in a car or used in other situations (it would work equally well as a gaming chair for the home for example). Bear in mind that this is a budget option; if you need a high-quality racing seat for use on the track, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

The seat has dimensions of 32.25” x 21” x 20” and weighs only 13lbs.

6. NRG FRP-310 Pair of Fiber Glass Bucket Style Racing Seat w/Adjustable Mounting Bracket (Black)

These seats come as a pair, allowing you to have matching seats on the driver’s side and the passenger side for a great look.

The seats feature deep hip bolsters, ensuring you will be held firmly in place during acceleration or in the bends for increased comfort, safety and control.

They are constructed with a strong, durable frame and are covered with injection-modeled foam and woven upholstery for extra comfort and style. They are also designed to offer extra support for the shoulders and lower back, meaning you will stay comfortable even on longer trips or races.

The seats feature built-in seat harness holes and are suitable for four-, five- or six-point harnesses for perfect safety whether on the track or on the road. These seats are designed to be compatible with just about any kind of vehicle.

7. Full Reclinable Black Cloth Carbon Look PVC Leather Type-R Racing Seat+Adjustable Slider (Right)

This is essentially the same seat as the pair of seats reviewed above – except this one is sold as a single unit rather than as a pair.

This seat is designed for high performance on the racing track, and the deep thigh bolsters do an excellent job of holding you firmly in place, giving you greater control over your vehicle even when taking the bends at high speed.

This seat is easy to install and is supplied with universal sliders. It is a good weight, feels solid and sturdy and is compatible with four- or five-point harnesses.

8. RCI 8000S Poly Baja Hghbck Seat Blk

This is another basic, inexpensive seat similar to the JEGS model above but with a slightly higher price tag. It is made of lightweight double-wall polyester and is supplied with fixed mounts.

As with the JEGS seat, this would make a suitable racing seat for installing in your car and would work fine for regular driving or on the track – but it would also work as a comfortable gaming seat to install in your home. It might also be a good option for karting.

It has dimensions of 23” x 20” x 33” and only weighs a little over 10lbs; when installed, the seat back sits at 18°. It is easy to install and can accommodate a five-point harness to keep you safely strapped in place.

Overall, a good choice for someone who wants a good-looking but inexpensive racing seat in their car, whether for use on the street or on the racetrack.

9. DNA RS-T1-PVC-BK-L Type-1 Black PVC Leather with Red Stitch Racing Seat

This type-R racing-style seat by DNA Racing is designed for high performance, safety and comfort. Since racing or regular driving for long periods can be a strain on the back and shoulders, this ergonomically and orthopedically correct seat is designed to minimize stress.

It is made of tough faux leather that is designed to last, features deep thigh bolsters to keep you fixed firmly in place and is designed specially to give extra support to your shoulders and lower back.

This seat retails for a very reasonable price, making it a good option for anyone looking for a seat for use on the track or simply for giving their car a more appealing and stylish look.

10. Spec-D Tuning RS-C400SURS-2 Seat (Black Rvc with Blue Suede Racing – Pair)

This pair of suede and PVC leather racing seats will give your vehicle a striking look and will give you extra comfort and support when taking to the track.

The seats can be reclined for extra comfort and adaptability and are suitable for use with a four-point harness for safety when racing.

The combined weight of these seats is 77.5lbs, and each one measures 20.75” x 21” x 34”. Bear in mind that these seats are sold for track use only and are not considered suitable for regular road use.

11. NETAMI NT-5101 Racing Seat with Carbon Fiber Texture Red/Black

If you want a seat that will get you noticed and that will also perform well on the road or on the track, this could be the option you are looking for.

This seat consists of a double steel frame along with high-density injection-molded foam and soft vinyl with carbon fiber texture.

It features shoulder and lumbar support to help with the exertions of the racetrack. Other features include a back pocket for storage and a quick release tilt for ease of adjustment.

The seat measures 33.9” x 22.8” x 13.9” and weighs 37lbs. It is supplied with a universal slider for fitting.

12. Universal Full-Reclinable Blue Faux Leather Sport Racing Seats With Black Trim Set of 2

This pair of matching racing seats is another set that will set your car apart with a professional-looking racing style. These seats are available in either red or blue durable faux leather, and both options will have people taking notice of your vehicle.

They are not only built to look good, however, and are designed as high-performance racing-style seats. Features include extra support for shoulders and the lower back, deep thigh bolsters to keep driver and passenger firmly in place and a strong and sturdy steel frame for extra safety.

They are easy to install and are suitable for four-, five- or six-point seat harnesses. They are supplied with universal sliders to fit them into your vehicle, but the brackets will need to be bought separately.

13. Pair of Full Reclinable T100 Type-R (Gray & Black) Racing Seat+Adjustable Sliders

This classy and stylish pair of matching racing seat will give your car the look you desire as well as an extra level of performance on the road or on the racetrack.

They are high-performance racing seats that are fully-reclinable and feature deep thigh bolsters to keep you firmly and securely in place. This will help you maintain control of the vehicle, even when attacking the corners.

The seats are constructed with a strong and durable frame designed to keep you safe and also feature injection-molded foam for added comfort.

These seats will hold you securely in place with a minimum of stress on your back and shoulders whether you are racing or simply driving long distances on the road. Buying them in a pair will also ensure extra comfort and safety for your passenger, even when driving aggressively.

These seats are designed for four-, five- or six-point seat harnesses and are easy to install with the universal slider they are supplied with. Brackets need to be purchased separately.

These seats are a good option for someone who is looking for racing seats that will perform well on the track but that also adaptable and adjustable for regular road driving.


Plenty of choices whether just for the look or for high-performance racing seats

There are plenty of high-quality racing seats available to suit all budgets and requirements. Whether your priority is finding a seat that simply makes your car stand out from the crowd or whether you need something functional for the race track, you are sure to be able to find the perfect seat for you.