19 Best Racing Suits (Updated 2019)

Motorsport is an exciting hobby that is guaranteed to give you the adrenaline rush you seek, yet it is not without inherent dangers. Wearing a proper racing suit can help keep you safe if the worst happens – and for the rest of the time, it will also ensure you look the part on the track.

1. RaceQuip 110005 110 Series Large Black SFI 3.2A/1 Single Layer One-Piece Driving Suit

This is a one-piece racing suit at the lower end of the price range. It is made of Pyrovatex FRC material and offers good protection against heat and flame at the same time as being tough, durable and comfortable. It is made with reinforced heavy-duty seams to make sure it lasts longer.

The front zipper is high-quality and is installed with a double overlap for security and ease of use. The back panel is pleated for extra mobility. This suit exceeds SF1 3.2A/1 standards and has a TPP rating of 11. It is available in several different colors allowing you to look good too.

2. RaceQuip 111006 111 Series X-Large Black SFI 3.2A/1 Single Layer Driving Jacket

This is the same as the RaceQuip suit reviewed above but this is the jacket only without the pants. The jacket is made from single-layer Pyrovatex, a material that helps wick away moisture from the skin and that also offers softness and breathability – it is a gentle, non-irritating material.

The jacket features the same strong brass zipper and is treated at a molecular level to make sure it retains its flame-retardant properties long after the recommended lifespan of the jacket. It exceeds SF1 32A/1 requirements and has a TPP rating of 11.

3. RaceQuip 110007 110 Series XX-Large Black SFI 3.2A/1 Single Layer One-Piece Driving Suit

This is the same suit as the 110005 110 series reviewed above but in an XXL size. It has all the same qualities as the suit or the jacket from RaceQuip reviewed above but is suitable for larger individuals. At this price point, it is a well-built suit that should last for at least several years.

As with the other models in the same range, it exceeds SF1 32A/1 requirements and has achieved a TPP rating of 11. The Pyrovatex material is flame retardant, helps wicks away moisture, is designed for softness and breathability and won’t irritate your skin.

4. RaceQuip 120025 120 Series Large Blue SFI 3.2A/1 Multi-Layer One-Piece Driving Suit

This is another suit from RaceQuip but this time from the higher end of their range of racing suits. Unlike the single-layer suits reviewed above, this suit consists of multiple layers.

The outer layer is Pyrovatex FRC with a Nomex middle layer and another Pyrovatex layer inside. This combination gives an excellent level of protection against heat and flames, especially at this kind of price point.

This suit has SF1 3.2A/5 certification and has a TPP rating of 25. It is available in black, blue or red.

5. PROFOX-1502 Black Large-Tall Auto Racing Fire Resistant SFI 3.2A/15 Nomex Drag Racing Suit Jacket (only)

This is a high-end fire-resistant multi-layered Nomex drag racing jacket. It is built to be light, soft and comfortable while at the same time providing a high level of protection. It is built of 100% soft-knit multi-layered Nomex with box quilt stitching.

It features 360° shoulder gussets for air flow and flexibility and also includes Velcro Nomex wrist cuffs, a Velcro neck and Nomex-lined brass YKK zippers. This is an ideal racing suit jacket for the serious drag racer. It is SFI 3.2A/15-certified. This is the jacket only – see below for the pants.

6. PROFOX-1503 Black 3XL Auto Racing Fire Resistant SFI 3.2A/15 Nomex Drag Racing Suit Pants (only)

These are the matching pants that go with the PROFOX drag racing jacket reviewed above. They are made of the same multi-layered Nomex material with box quilt stitching as the jacket and are designed for the same combination of comfort and protection.

The extra features in the pants include an expandable rear waistband, concealed front pockets and a wide heavy-duty Velcro belt. They also include a boot-cut leg with Nomex hidden inside. This is a high-quality pair of pants, and when combined with the matching jacket form a top racing suit.

7. 2pc Motorcycle Riding Racing Track Suit all Leather w/ Padding Drag Suit New Red

This suit from Perrini is designed specifically for motorcycle racing. It is made of 1.4-1.5mm drum-dyed top grain cowhide leather, making it resistant to abrasion, and it features pre-curved sleeves to ensure you sit in the correct position. The main seams are all double-stitched for extra strength.

An important feature is that it includes a circumferential zipper, meaning the pants can be removed from the jacket. This makes this suit legal for track racing. It also has perforated leather on the sleeves, sides and behind the knees for ventilation. A top pick if you race on two wheels.

8. Perrini 2pc Motorcycle Racing Riding Leather Track Suit w/Armor New Blue/White/Black

This motorcycle racing suit from Perrini is similar to the one reviewed just above, but this is an upgrade version. It features the same 1.4-1.5mm drum-dyed top grain cowhide leather, along with the circumferential zipper that makes it legal for track racing.

It also features a removable dual-density spine protector and non-removable hip pads. It has leather stretch panels in the lower back and above the knee and a mesh lining with a hook and loop system for attaching knee pads. This is a suit fit for a serious motorcycle racer.

9. Simpson L202471 Legend II Suit, Black, X-Large

This is a simple, no-frills all-in-one racing suit from Simpson that checks all the boxes. It is well fitted to most average body shapes, has strong stitching and is made of high-quality material. That said, those a little larger around the waist might find it a bit tight.

The suit is a full-body design in black with white trim. It features a Velcro belt, a zipper down the front, a Velcro neck fastening and white epaulettes. The overall look is of a classic-style racing suit. This is a good choice for keen car enthusiasts who enjoy racing at the local track on weekends.

10. Simpson Racing 0402312 Gabardine Black Large Nomex 2-Layer Driving Jacket

This is stylish jacket from Simpson with SFI 3.2A/5 certification. Although from the same manufacturer, this jacket is a significant upgrade over the Simpson racing suit reviewed above. It features dual-layer Nomex construction that feels lighter than many other similar products.

In particular, racers will find this jacket convenient and comfortable wear and a pleasure to race in. The sleeves are perhaps a little tight-fitting for some people’s preferences, but overall this is a high-quality jacket ideal for anyone who is serious about cars and racing.

11. Simpson Racing 0402313 Gabardine Black Large Nomex 2-Layer Driving Pants

These are the pants that go with the Simpson jacket reviewed just above. They have the same dual-layer Nomex fabric with a similar lightness as the jacket. You can feel that this is a superior product when compared to other cheaper racing pants.

Like the jacket, the pants are SFI 3.2A/5 certified, guaranteeing their suitability for use on the track. The jacket and the pants paired together make for a professional-looking and reliable racing suit for anyone who is passionate about speed.

12. G-Force 4525LRGBK GF 525 Black Large Multi-Layer Racing Suit

This all-in-one driving suit is designed for high-level performance as well as making sure you look like you belong on the race track. The suit is multi-layered and constructed of Pyrovatex fabric for comfort and safety. The suit is SFI 3.2A/5 certified and has a TPP rating of 21.

It includes a Lok-Tru belt, eliminating the need for an elastic waistband, enhancing the fitted look of the suit and, along with the crisp epaulettes, ensures you look like a pro. The material also offers a good degree of wicking capability to keep you dry. This suit is available in blue, black or red.

13. Racerdirect.net SFI 3.2A/1 Fire Suit Racing Jacket & Pants Single Layer Size Adult 3X

This suit from Racerdirect.com is made in the USA and has SFI 3.2A/1 certification. It is a classy black color with black cuffs and incorporates sewn Nomex zippers. It is made of fire-retardant material and features a pleated flexible back for comfort, dexterity and arm movement.

The pants have a flexible elastic waist, allowing you easily to find a comfortable sitting position in the car. The waistband also has a Velcro strip to fasten it up and keep it tidy after it is zipped up. This lightweight all-in-one is an ideal option for racers looking for a relatively inexpensive suit.

14. K1 Race Gear Speed 1 CIK/FIA Level 2 Approved Kart Racing Suit (Red/White/Black, X-Large)

This racing suit is designed especially for karting and has received CIK/FIA Level 2 certification. It is made from abrasion-resistant double-layered Cordura fabric that is built to stand up to a decent level of wear and tear. This is a suit that should give you many years of service.

It includes well-placed vents for maximum breathability as well as stretch panels on the crotch, side and lower back. I also has elastic underarms for maximum flexibility and 360° movement. It is available in two color schemes, red, white and black or blue, white and black.

15. K1 Race Gear CIK/FIA Level 2 Approved Kart Racing Suit (Red, Large/X-Large)

This is another CIK/FIA Level 2-approved suit designed for karting and is similar in most respects to the suit reviewed above. It shares many of the features that make the previous suit a good option, including stretch panels and the elastic underarms for full mobility and flexibility.

It is also made from the same abrasion-resistant double-layered Cordura fabric and should last for a long time. In our opinion, this suit has the advantage over the previous version in that it has a much more stylish look, ensuring you will be noticed at the karting track. A good option for karting fans.

16. K1 Race Gear 10003010 Black XXXXXXX-Small Level 1 Karting Suit

This CIK/FIA Level 1-certified karting suit from K1 is made from the same double-layered abrasion-resistant Cordura fabric as the previous two K1 karting suits and also features a cotton inside lining. It also incorporates a similar elastic underarm for complete 360° movement and flexibility.

This suit features epaulettes and a ribbed collar with concealed pockets, wrist cuffs and NASCAR-style boot cuffs, all giving it a particularly stylish, professional look. Notably, this suit is certified for national-level CIK and FIA karting competition, making this the ideal option for serious kart racers.

17. Impact Racing 24215413 Racer Suit SFI 3.2A/5 Rated Grey & Black

This 3.2A/5-rated racing suit from Impact Racing retails at a higher price point than many of the other suits in this roundup but is a high-quality item. For those looking to take their racing to the next level and who need a high-performance suit, this is certainly worth your consideration.

18. Black Economy Suit SFI-1, XL

For anybody looking for a budget-friendly racing suit option, this could be an ideal pick. It is a one-piece suit made of fire-resistant cotton with Nomex cuffs and a Nomex zipper liner. It also features an adjustable belt. It is SFI 3.2A/1-certified and is available in red, black or blue.


This is another good budget option for a racing suit, especially if you prefer to buy products that are made in the USA. It features Nomex arm and leg cuffs, a Velcro collar and belt and an expandable waist. It’s sewn with Nomex thread and also has a Nomex zipper. A reliable option at this price point.

Options for all budgets, requirements and types of motorsports

Whether you’re a novice amateur or a semi-pro veteran of the track, you will need the right clothing for your sport. Having a proper racing suit will ensure you stay as safe as possible while you race – while always looking the consummate professional that you are (or perhaps hope to become!).