Best Truck Tool Box (Reviews of 2019)

Whether you use your truck for work, play or both, a quality tool box in the bed is a must. The right tool box will keep your gear protected from weather and theft, allow easy access to your tools when you need them, and – let’s face it – make your truck look that much cooler.

The thing is, truck tool boxes come in a crazy variety of sizes, materials and models, not to mention prices. With so many options, it is not the easiest vehicle accessory to shop for. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 6 of the very best truck tool boxes on the market in 2019. This is a diverse selection, but they are all top-quality and come from some of the best brands in the business.

In case you need a little help picking out the best tool box for your needs, we have included a friendly buyer’s guide at the bottom of this article, pointing out some of the top features you need to consider before you make your decision.

Want to learn more in detail? Take a look through these 6 reviews.

At a Glance:

  1. Weather Guard 674501 Aluminum All-Purpose Chest: a rugged and reliable weather-proof tool box, mounts in the bed of a truck and has plenty of storage space.
  2. Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag from Vault Cargo: a carrier bag that can be used to store tools, luggage or other cargo. Great for a truck bed or hitch cargo carrier.
  3. Brait 30″ Aluminum Tool Box: a compact and versatile tool box, weather-resistant and secure.
  4. UnderCover SwingCase Truck Storage Box: a unique tool box that fits under a tonneau cover and over the wheel well in a truck bed. Saves space in the bed.
  5. TRINITY TXKPGR-0502 Job Site Box: a large and durable tool box that can be mounted in a truck bed or used for storage on a job site.
  6. STKUSA Stark 36-Inch Flatbox Pickup Tool Box: an underbody tool box that mounts beneath a vehicle, with two locks for extra security.

#1 Weather Guard 674501 Aluminum All-Purpose Chest


Let’s get started with a rugged and super secure tool box from one of the best brands out there. This Weather Guard box is completely sealed and protected against theft – it’s the best way to keep whatever you haul with you totally safe for years of use.

Quick Look

  • Dimensions: 47 x 20.2 x 19.2 inches
  • Secure retracting lock prevents break ins and theft
  • Cover opens to 90 degrees for full access
  • Completely weather sealed
  • Easy, “one-touch” opening latch
  • Extra-strength build
  • Aluminum body – corrosion and scratch resistant
  • Comes in black or silver model


This Weather Guard truck tool box is a great place to start off our list. It is everything you need out of a tool box – secure, durable, and easy to open. The retractable lock is resistant to tampering, making it all but impossible to break into.

Full weather sealing along the lid prevents any dust or moisture from seeping into the box, so you can even store electronics inside safely. It mounts in the bed of your truck, up against the cab, and secures in place with four bolts and self-locking nuts. You will need to drill into the bedliner to mount it. The aluminum body, in silver or black, resists corrosion and will not scratch or dent over time. It also has a classic, rugged look in either color.

One downside to this model is the price. It is a little more expensive than some others on our list, but you should remember that it is durable to last for years, and the safety of your tools is guaranteed. We would definitely recommend this tool box for long-term use – it is perfect for busy workers who need to keep all their gear on them at all times.

#2 Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag from Vault Cargo


This carrier bag looks a little different from the other tool boxes on our list. It is versatile, affordable, and comes with enough space to carry anything you need, beyond just tools. This is a great product for someone looking to add a little more storage space to the family vehicle.

Quick Look

  • Dimensions: 59 x 24 x 24 inches
  • Cargo carrier bag – perfect for use with a hitch cargo carrier
  • Completely waterproof design
  • Can be used in a truck, SUV, cargo carrier, or standard car
  • 15 cubic feet of internal storage space
  • High quality, tear-resistant material
  • Securely attaches to racks or hooks with straps
  • Light enough to pick up and move easily


We have a confession. This carrier bag from Vault Cargo is not exactly a tool box, per se. It is actually designed to protect the cargo in your hitch cargo carrier. So why have we included it on our list of the top truck tool boxes?

Well, this cargo bag is extremely convenient and versatile. It straps securely onto a cargo carrier, roof racks or into the bed of a truck. You can use it to store your tools, luggage, larger gear – whatever you need to carry. The durable exterior is completely waterproof and tear-resistant. Even better, you can unstrap it to carry your tools or gear directly onto your work site.

So, while this is not technically a tool box, it will work great to secure your tools and more. It is also super affordable compared to other, heavier-duty boxes out there. We would recommend this cargo bag to anyone who wants a tool box they can use for more than just tools.

#3 Brait 30″ Aluminum Tool Box


This compact little tool box from Brait is rugged, reliable and secure for your smaller tools and gear. It mounts easily into your truck bed and is built to last for years.

Quick Look

  • Dimensions: 30 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Ideal for a pickup or standard truck
  • Aluminum, corrosion-resistant body
  • Stainless steel T bar lock for extra security
  • Rubber seals along the lid for waterproofing
  • Opens for full access inside
  • Rugged tread plate construction


There is a lot to love about this 30-inch Brait aluminum tool box. While a little smaller than some others on our list, is compatible with nearly any truck, easy to install and tough enough to keep your gear safe wherever you go.

The aluminum box is made from 1.5 mm tread plate, so it is as light as it is secure. Rubber lining around the lid prevents any water or dust from getting into the box when it is closed. The T bar lock is made from stainless steel, resistant to tampering or breaking. A full-length stainless steel hinge allows the lid to open up all the way, giving you complete access to the inside of the box.

This is a smaller model, but that makes it universal – larger tool boxes may not fit into truck beds of certain dimensions. The downside is that you have less space for storing your tools, but if you don’t generally have that much to carry, this could be the perfect tool box for you.

#4 UnderCover SwingCase Truck Storage Box


This swingcase storage box has a unique shape that fits over the wheel well of your truck. It takes up very little space in the truck bed, while still having plenty of internal storage space. This is a great option for someone who needs to keep their truck bed free for other cargo, but still wants the convenience and security of a tool box.

Quick Look

  • Dimensions: 16 x 8.5 x 34 inches
  • Compatible with a tonneau cover
  • Can carry up to 75 pounds
  • Seals on the lid prevent moisture from getting into the box
  • Sits over the wheel well on the driver’s side of the vehicle
  • Easy to install
  • Lockable lid with padlock
  • Saves space in truck bed


This truck tool box fits neatly against the sidewall of a truck bed, over the driver’s side rear wheel. It is perfect for someone with a tonneau cover on their truck – even a hard cover will not be disturbed by the top of the tool box.

Not only does the design of this box save space inside your truck bed, but it makes it easier for you to access your tools. Unlike most tool boxes that mount in the back of a bed, this one is up against the side, and tall enough that you can easily just reach over the side and pull out whatever you need. The box opens by turning the key and pulling a quick-release lever, allowing the lid to swing fully up.

The material of this tool box is not quite as durable as some others, but that is not a problem for a truck with a tonneau cover. Even if you don’t have a cover on your truck bed, the sealed lid will still keep moisture and dust out, and the lock-and-key design protects against theft.

This tool box is sold individually, but you could also by a twin box that mounts over the passenger’s side wheel well, giving you twice the storage space. We recommend this tool box – or both of them – to anyone looking for an organized, compact storage system; especially if you have a truck bed cover.

#5 TRINITY TXKPGR-0502 Job Site Box


This job site box from Trinity is unique in that it can be used to store your tools in your truck bed or on the ground at your job site. It has tons of storage space and can even be lifted by forklift to move in and out of a truck bed. This box would be ideal for a company vehicle.

Quick Look

  • Dimensions: 36 x 16 x 18.5 inches
  • Gas-mounted hinges – easy to open and close the lid
  • Theft-proof padlock locking system
  • Forklift accessible
  • Can be mobile or bolted to a truck bed
  • Made with heavy-duty reinforced steel
  • Corrosion-resistant


This is one of the biggest tool boxes on our list, and also one of the most versatile. It is designed to hold everything you need, either in your vehicle or at the job site, and can be locked to keep all your tools safe.

The box is made out of tough, reinforced steel that will not corrode or dent over time. Despite that, it is actually surprisingly light – just under 70 pounds when empty. Slots along the bottom make it easy to lift and transport by forklift when it is full. This box can be mounted into a truck bed with minimal drilling, if you do not want to use it for job site storage. Because of its size, however, you will not be able to use a tonneau cover once it is mounted.

One downside to this rugged tool box is that it isn’t quite as secure as some others. There is no waterproof seal, and the locking system is just a padlock – the padlock is sold separately. We would not recommend it if you are concerned with protecting your more expensive or sensitive tools in your truck. Otherwise, this is a great product for a professional. Install it on a company vehicle, and keep all your work tools in one place.

#6 STKUSA Stark 36-Inch Underbody Pickup Tool Box


In the last spot on our list is a tool box that mounts underneath your vehicle. It keeps your tools secure and out of sight, and is easily accessed with a drop-down door on the side. This box is compatible with any truck, RV or trailer.

Quick Look

  • Dimensions: 36 x 16 x 18 inches
  • Rigid 5 bar, tread pattern aluminum
  • Mounts below the vehicle – saving space in the bed or trunk
  • Weather-resistant seal along the lid
  • Dual lock system for extra security
  • Drop-down door for full access into the box
  • Keyhole cap keeps moisture from entering through the lock


There are a lot of benefits to choosing an underbody tool box, rather than one that mounts into the bed of your truck. For one, it saves space in the truck bed, and it can also mount on an RV or trailer, providing additional storage space.

It is also a little more secure than a bed-mounted tool box, because it is less likely to attract attention. This Stkusa box actually has an extra security element on top of that, with a dual lock-and-key system that prevents picking or tampering. A protective cap over the locks prevents water from getting in through the keyholes, and waterproof rubber sealing around the lid keeps out all dust and moisture.

There is plenty of storage space inside the tool box for anything you need to carry. We would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to add some discrete, convenient and secure storage space to their vehicle, without taking up any additional space in their bed or trunk.

How to Choose the Best Truck Tool Box:

Best Truck Tool Box buying guide

Before you make a decision on your next truck tool box, there are a few things you should consider. This list reviewed an extremely diverse selection of tool boxes for all kinds of different budgets and applications. Now let’s break down how to pick the right one for your specific needs.

Below are some important features of truck tool boxes that will guide your choice.

Tool Box Dimensions:

To get the most out of your tool box, you have to consider not only the size, but the shape. The dimensions of the box will determine if it is compatible with your vehicle, how easy it is to access and how much space it will take up in your truck bed.

For one thing, if you are looking for a larger tool box, first take into account the dimensions of your truck bed. Some boxes are designed specifically for certain vehicles – you don’t want to order a new tool box only to realize it is an inch or two too long for your truck. You should also consider whether or not you have a tonneau truck bed cover, or are interested in installing one. A tool box that is too tall will prevent you from using a cover.

The shape and size of your tool box will also make it easier or harder to access. A box that is taller than it is wide will be easier to reach into, without having to crawl into the bed of your truck to access it. Thinner, taller boxes will also take up less storage space in the bed itself, allowing you to haul more cargo at one time.

Remember that size isn’t everything when it comes to storage – some boxes may have less internal storage space, but be organized in a way that you can fit more tools conveniently.


How secure you want your tool box to be really depends on what kind of cargo you will be hauling.

Obviously, all tool boxes should provide a certain amount of protection against weather damage and theft. But some will be much more secure than others – tough rubber seals around the lid can prevent any moisture from getting in, and more complex locking mechanisms will prevent picking or break-ins.

If you carry more expensive, electronic or mechanical tools regularly, the additional security will be worth it. For the most security, we recommend an underbody tool box, as it will call less attention to itself. We also recommend something with a more complicated locking system than just a padlock.

If you are not carrying anything delicate, though, any of the boxes we reviewed on our list will be more than secure enough. As long as your tools are covered and dry, they are better off than they would be in a bare truck bed.


One of the biggest downsides of a high-quality toolbox is that once it is mounted in your truck bed, it generally stays in your truck bed.

A few of the options reviewed on our list were designed for multiple uses. It can be handy to have a box that you can use in your truck bed and then remove to store tools at home or on a job site, but there is also some risk to that – lower security, for one thing, and the possibility of the box sliding around in your truck if it is not bolted down.

If you want something that you can use in and out of your vehicle, we recommend a tougher box or carrying bag that can strap into your truck bed.

Aluminum vs. Steel

As a final note, you should also consider the material your tool box is made out of. While both aluminum and steel are dense, durable metals, there are pros and cons to both.

An aluminum tool box will, generally, be lighter and easier to move around and install when you first get it. Aluminum is also naturally corrosion-resistant and less likely to succumb to scratches, nicks and dents over time. Not to mention, it looks a little sleeker than steel, and will look brand new for longer.

Steel tool boxes, on the other hand, will usually be a bit heavier, and more reliable for long-term use. They can also be corrosion-resistant with the right coating, but you are more likely to see dents in the metal after a lot of heavy use.

Both materials will keep your tools perfectly secure and protected from the elements. It really comes down to a matter of preference.

Final Thoughts:


A truck tool box can be used for more than just tools. It is a great way to keep anything safe while you are transporting it, and to save some space in your truck bed or the trunk of your car. It can also just help you to get more organized – get all those plyers and jumper cables that have been rattling around in your truck bed and put them somewhere they will be safe and easy to find.

Whatever your preference in size and material, the right tool box for you is going to make life a whole lot easier.

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