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10 Best Underglow Kits of 2021 – Under Car Underglow Lights Reviews

Why do people get road rage while driving but not while walking, bicycling, or biking? The theory is personalization. When you’re in the open air, you don’t ‘own’ the space around you. But a car feels like an extension of yourself. So you feel more violated when someone cuts you off.

This is the same reasoning behind pimping your car. You want it to be fully yours and express your personality, targets, and beliefs. Underglow kits are a big part of this, both practically and aesthetically. So how do you identify the best underglow kit? Let’s do it together.

best underglow kit
OPT7 Car Aura 4pc Auto Underglow LED Lighting Kit
If you’re looking for a car with crowd appeal and soundtrack to match, buy OPT7 Aura. It turns any brand into a party mobile, especially when that bass drops!
under car lights
Underglow Underbody Lighting Kit, Megulla
In humans, silicone adds bulk and bounce. Give your car some extra pep with these silicone LED strips. The silicone keeps moisture away while enhancing illumination in your Megulla.

The Best Underglow Kit on the Market 2021

1. LEDGlow 6-Piece 7-Color Underglow Kit

best underglow kit

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Is it possible to get a neon-LED hybrid? Well, the LEDGlow comes pretty close. Neon underglow kits are identified by their bright colors and glass tubing. LEDGlow uses LED chips but houses them in glass cases. This pack has six pieces in three different sizes – 24 inches, 36 inches, and 44 inches. You can link the pieces together using the 6-foot wire at the ends of every piece.

Another name for underbody underglow is ground effects lighting. And whether you’re using your car stereo to DJ a street party or cruising the nightlife, this underbody kit will make a real statement. It lights the path beneath you in 7 vibrant colors, creating a real block party vibe. You can control it by remote, and it has several lighting patterns, from soothing to exciting.

These aren’t rainbow colors though – they include white and teal. The glass tubes are waterproof, so you can safely splash through mud and puddles. But being glass, they’re susceptible to any rocks or debris that your wheels kick up. Meaning they may not be the smartest choice for your wild campsite revelry, especially for tall underbrush.

LEDGlow is a blend of long-lasting LED chips encased in neon-like glass tubing. The underglow kit has a 1-year warranty and can be preset to thrum to the sound of your stereo. Party time!!

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2. AMBOTHER 4-Piece 7-Color Underglow Kit

underglow lights

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Some people like to go clubbing. Others bring the party to you. Which one would you rather be? With AMBOTHER underbody accent lighting, your car will be truly mobile party machine! Pick a spot, tell your friends to bring drinks and snacks, and let your lit-up car do the rest!

AMBOTHER provides four pieces of underbody lighting strips. You can operate the lights via wireless remote, and you can program them to keep time with the music. This creates the ultimate rave experience, and you can take it anywhere you can drive to! Your lights have a voice-activation function and 8 colors, so you can tell the light what color sequence you want.

This LED strip is flexible, so you can effortlessly curl it around sharp edges and corned. The strips have strong double-sided adhesives for easy installation. Just pick a position and press them into place. But be sure of your location before you attach your light strips. Repositioning too many times will make the strips less sticky. Then they might fall off the car as you drive.

Even with this strong and sticky strips, consider using cable ties to reinforce your strips and press them closer to your chassis. Unlike some devices, AMBOTHER’s remote controller comes with batteries. But these batteries have a protective barrier seal, so before you smash it in frustration for refusing to work, remove the protective plastic seal and reposition the battery.

When you want a fun DIY project for the weekend, gather a few friends, get some drinks, fast food, and a good playlist, then get under the car and install AMBOTHER.

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3. OPT7 Car Aura 4pc Auto Underglow LED Lighting Kit

under car neon lights

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Have you seen those movies or animated scenes with angels or superheroes? They sometimes have a colored halo around them, like an aura. With the OPT7, you can give your car a special aura too! This 4-piece Aura kit has 48-inch light bars each with 72 LED chips) and 36-inch light bars that have 54 LED chips each. You can mix and match them to get the exact effect you want.

Unlike other LED strips that are mounted on bendy plastic, OPT7 has aluminum backing for added strength. This aluminum strip is waterproof, so even if the weather is cold and damp, your lights are safe. It also means these lights can be used in areas with heavy snow, rain, or water-logged space. On the downside, rigid aluminum can’t curve around corners and bends.

To easily control your underbody underglow kit, the package comes with an RGB remote controller. You can press the buttons in various sequences and combinations, achieving up to 16 different color selections and patterns. And while many ground lighting effects are sound activated, this one has an extra feature – door assist. Open the door and the underglow turns on.

And speaking of sound activation, the Aura’s ‘beat assist’ automatically responds to bass beats and dances along to the music. It’s called SoundSync, and it’s a unique, stylish, and extremely cool way to ‘visualize your beat’. You can link your lights to your car charger for power, or you can use its fuse tap connectors as an energy source. OPT7 offers you a 1-year warranty.

If you’re looking for a car with crowd appeal and soundtrack to match, buy OPT7 Aura. It turns any brand into a party mobile, especially when that bass drops!

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4. Megulla Underbody Waterproof  Underglow Kit

undercarriage lights

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While cars can protect you from the rain, they often face problems from exposure to moisture. If it’s not well painted (or if it has any subtle scratches), water droplets can seep into the cracks, causing rust and pimpling. But the sections you rarely check are the most at risk. For example, your underbody. Even in warm weather, night-time condensation can be a problem.

That’s why Megulla’s underbody underglow kit is designed to rate IP68. It’s fully impervious to dust damage and is almost completely waterproof. This extends the lifespan of your underbody accenting, but it also ensures the lights stay bright throughout their lifetime. They won’t be dimmed by dust interference or refraction, because the silicone coating enhances lighting.

And it’s easy to install as well. Megulla takes the form of malleable four LED strips. They’re cut into 3-foot and 2-foot sections, and an extra-long 10-foot cable connects your lights to their power source. You can control the underglow via an RF remote controller with a 33-foot range. The light strips are attached to the car using a combination of cable ties, screws, and brackets.

You can program your underbody kit into four color patterns and four levels of brightness, and the underglow offers 16 distinct hues. You can set your colors to fade, transition smoothly, strobe, or flash. And you can sync these effects to your car stereo or smartphone speakers for extra entertainment. And it has a lifespan of around 3 years (30,000 hours).

In humans, silicone adds bulk and bounce. Give your car some extra pep with these silicone LED strips. The silicone keeps moisture away while enhancing illumination in your Megulla.

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5. SUNPIE Underglow Kit with Phone App

under lighting for cars

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Okay, so the Megulla we just looked at can sync itself to your smartphone … but does it have an app? SUNPIE does. You can use it to flash your underglow lights, match them to music, or brighten their illumination. You can also dim the lights at lookout point, or during that romantic moonlit meal. It can affect privacy though because the app needs your location to function.

This LED strip comprises two pieces – a 48-inch and a 36-inch. The LED chips are implanted on aluminum frames, and they have a resistance rating of IP67. If you’d like to link your SUNPIE to additional light strips, you can use the four included extension wires. The packaging also includes 3 fuses and 4 metal brackets. You need zip ties to complete your LED installation.

When you’re low on mobile data bundles or your smartphone battery is low, you can still operate your lights using the Bluetooth remote controller. These light strips emit 16 colors, and each color is the result of a three-micro-LED fusion. This triple attack keeps your colors vibrant.

To ease installation, SUNPIE uses snap-on connectors and 6.5-foot extension wires. The power cable is extra-long too – a good 13 feet. The warranty only covers one year though. The aluminum backing makes SUNPIE heavier than typical underbody lights – it slightly surpasses the 4-pound weigh-in. Don’t forget to buy batteries for your control box – they’re not included!

With 252 LED chips, each built off 3-micro LEDs (two 331s and a 151), the color perfection on this LED underglow kit is unmatched. And with all that wiring, it’s versatile to install.

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6. Xprite Rock 8-Piece Underglow Kit

lights that go under your car

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So far, we’ve been praising the versatility of extra-long light strips. But there’s another way to creatively light your underbody. Instead of lengthy bits that curl around extended sections of your car, you can use a series of short, strategically placed lights. Xprite sells subtle three-chip pieces that are only 0.25 inches thick. You can easily conceal them for a more dramatic effect.

Because the individual pieces are hard to spot, your underglow seems to ‘come out of nowhere’, heightening the magic if your ground lighting effect. There are only 8 pods in every pack, all rated IP67. You don’t have to worry about alignment though. The pods are arranged in two ‘strings’ held together by 21 feet of cabling and leaving two feet of wire between pods.

Each string contains 4 pods. Once you pick a position, the rest is easy, thanks to the double-sided tape on the back of each lighting pod. The shipping box has screws as well, so you can reinforce the adhesive strip. The package has a toggle switch too, for easier light management. Individual LEDs have 0.5W each, meaning it’s 1.5W per pod and 6W per string.

If linear lights aren’t your thing, consider Xprite lighting pods. You only have 8 to work with though, so draw a diagram or your intended positioning before you strip off the tape.

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7. XKGlow 8-Piece 2nd Generation Underglow Kit

XKGlow 8-Piece 2nd Generation Underglow Kit

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We’re still working with 8-piece lighting, but instead of pods, we now have 8 lighting tubes, each measuring 24 inches. These lights are great if you have a cheeky streak and an interest in the extra-terrestrial. If you’re familiar with the genre, one thing that comes to mind when you see these lights – flying saucer! XGlow describes itself as ‘UFO-style lighting in 3 million colors’.

That sounds like a lot until you try out the 120 lighting patterns. They’re pre-programmed, so you can just pick a setting. Match them to your music so they glow to the beat, then drive through a dark, quiet alley if you really want to mess with space-heads. Keep your doors locked though – you don’t want to be mistaken for an alien and mobbed by antsy preppers.

Your lighting tubes are made of poly, not glass, so they have a little bed to them. And because each tube is 2 feet long, you can arrange them to fit around a curve if needed. Their slim tubes, waterproof and weatherproof. They’re designed to outline the entire underbody perimeter of an average car. But you can space them out and leave gaps if you don’t want to use all 8 tubes.

With both adhesive backing and nailed cable clips, installing the XGlow is quick and convenient. You’re unlikely to use all the pre-sets though. You’ll probably stop ‘scrolling’ after the first three!

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8. Justech Underglow 4-Piece 8-Color Underglow Kit

Justech Underglow 4-Piece 8-Color Underglow Kit

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How many colored lights do you need? Three? Eighteen? Eighty? We all want variety, so the more the better, right? Except if you have too many options, you may end up paralyzed by choice. That could be the case with Justech. They have an 8-color kit and a 16-color kit, but you’re unlikely to cycle through all the color modes. Most of us are content using five.

Justech ups the ante, offering four music modes, four pre-sets, and four lighting effects. Your color cycle can jump, fade, or bounce to the beat. The dimensions on these strip lights are odd though, pun intended. Two pieces are 35 inches and two pieces are 47 inches. (The usual strip light dimensions are 36″ and 48″.) The strips have 1.5-meter interconnecting cables.

There are also two 0.5m connectors to the control box. However, Justech is targeted at smaller cars. It’s not ideal for trucks, SUVs, or large off-roaders. Justech attaches to your car using self-adhesive tape backed by zip ties. The adhesive is sensitive though. The slightest speck of dirt or dust could affect its stickiness, so wipe down the mounting spot with rubbing alcohol first.

These waterproof LED strips don’t need tools or drills to install. The flexible tubes bend easily, but there are only four pieces in the pack, so you don’t get full coverage in larger cars.

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9. Oracle ColorShift Rock Lighting 4-Piece Underglow Kit

Oracle ColorShift Rock Lighting 4-Piece Underglow Kit

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When you’re buying underbody underglow kits, it doesn’t matter what they look like. It’s more important to focus on what they do. You’ll be more influenced by queries like how many colors? What effects? How do you mount it?  That said, lights that look unusual are likely to catch your eye. Especially if they’re sitting among an aisle of identical strip lights.

The Oracle has this going for it. It’s made of octagonal pods with three Cree LED chips. The pods measure 6 inches by 6 inches by 8 inches. There are four pods in a pack for a total of 6lbs.  You can control these lights using an app on your smartphone. If you’re less technologically inclined, buy a version that uses a wireless remote controller. This controller will be included in the box.

The 5766-33 model isn’t remote controlled though. It relies on Bluetooth-enabled smartphone controls. The pod housing is made from powder-coated aluminum, the chips emit lights at angles of up to 150°.  For ideal positioning, Oracle offers both straight rackets and curved brackets, all made out of rubber. These rock lights are waterproof, with an IP68 rating.

Oracle lights have a unique silhouette and powerful technology. Their warranty is 2-years and the remote controller is optional, so tick the right boxes when you’re making your order.

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10. LEDMIRCY Rock Lights Underglow Kit

LEDMIRCY Rock Lights Underglow Kit

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Depending on the kind of driver you are, you may be conscious and aware of your shocks. Yet underbody underglow kits face the brunt of your car’s movement. Down there, it’s a dark, dusty world of vehicular vibrations and kicked up debris. LEDMIRCY doesn’t think such practical problems should prevent your car from glamming up. So they’ve designed several solutions.

One, your underglow is mounted on rubber brackets that absorb those rumbles. The rubber mounts also secure your rock lights when they’re installed on a curved surface. Two, every rock light has a built-in resistor to prevent premature burnout. This is crucial because the heat emitted from the lights (plus engine heat and ground heat) can easily fry your underglow.

Three, the casing around the pod is powder-coated aluminum with anti-shock and anti-vibration properties. This LEDMIRCY contains 10 rock light pods. Every pod has 3 LED chips that each emit 3W. The whole system is waterproof and dustproof, with an IP68 rating. The rock lights are secured using rust-proof bolts. The lens are see-through, emitting strong white light.

As rock lights go, LEDMIRCY rules. Its 10 pods provide piercing floodlight beams of up to 150°. It lasts up to 50,000 hours (5 years) and has a 1-year warranty, but it only emits white light.

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Buying Guide

Colored lights are a staple when you’re tricking out your car. Whether you want an ambient tone in your favorite shade or a twitchy rainbow, your options are endless. What other factors should you keep in mind when you’re hunting for the best underglow kit?

Type of Light

Underbody underglow kits can be neon of LED. Neon lights use glass tubes filled with hot, colored gas. They give off bright lights in attention-grabbing hues. But the glass tubes can be damaged by rocks, gravel, and underbrush, so neon isn’t recommended for rough driving. If you mostly commute within city limits, your neon lights should work fine.

On the other hand, LED lights occupy less space. They’re more versatile and flexible, so you can fit them into tighter spaces. They’re not as bright as neon lights, but they can create more dramatic light effects. Strobe, sequential jumping, and fades are just a few examples. That said, neon lights can bop to the beat of your sound system, which LEDs can’t do.

Power Usage

Underglow lights are attached to the chassis of your car. They’re powered by your car battery, so they drain a lot of energy. Neon lights use more power and produce brighter illumination. LEDs are more subtle, and they use 70% less electricity than neon. They’re less bulky than neon lights. Because they’re physically compact, they’re less likely to be damaged by typical car vibrations.

The reason neon lights soak up so much power is their lighting method. Glass tubes are filled with a hot noble gas, depending on the color you want. You could get a clear glass tube, with colored gas. Neon is red, helium is yellow, argon is red or blue, and xenon is blue or green, and krypton is green or yellow. If you prefer, you can color the glass itself to widen your spectrum.

Duration of Use

Noble gases stay functional for a long time. This means your neon light – if it stays intact – can be used for 8 to 10 years. However, it’s a glass tube, so it can be damaged by the tiniest stone bouncing off a tire and crashing into it at standard driving speeds (which can seem immense for a little piece of gravel). LED chips – on the other hand – typically last 5 years (50,000 hours).

The location of use also influences the lifespan of your underbody lights. Submersible LEDs are ideal for wet, marshy areas, even though bright neon is better for visibility during bad weather. Also, neon lights use a single, elongated glass tube, while LEDs use multiple lighting chips. So even if a few ‘bulbs’ burn out, there are still other chips to keep your car’s underbody glowing.

Installation Process

You attach neon tubes by carefully bolting them to the car chassis. You have to find a sheltered position that isn’t too exposed to road debris. Avoid scratching or cracking the glass, and position the tubes for maximum light distribution. On the other hand, LEDs are easy to install.

They often come as flexible strips that can be attached to anything – even your steering wheel. Because these light strips are more ‘bendy’, you can install them yourself and get creative with your positioning. Some LED strips have adhesive on one side for easier mounting.

But make sure it’s vehicle-grade adhesive. Otherwise, it may lose its stickiness thanks to the heat, dust, and residue your car accumulates during daily driving. Luckily, dust won’t dim your LEDs, though they might block the light rays on neon lights, especially if the clog the glass.

Sizing Requirements

You can buy LED lights in strips, so it’s easy to figure out the number of feet, inches, or meters you need. Neon lights are sized by the diameter of the glass as well as the length of your tubing. You might consider the weight of your underbody lights since they could lower your car’s center of gravity. Check that they rise high enough to avoid scraping bumps and road obstructions.

You can also opt for a multi-piece pack that has different tubes or strips in varying sizes. This helps you fit the lights into the right spot or socket without having to cut or adjust them in any way. Before you buy your lights, decide where you’re going to position them. Otherwise, you’re likely to buy the wrong fit, and not every supplier has a functional return policy.

Glowing Goals!

Given all the samples we’ve reviewed and all the features we’ve discussed, we can confidently recommend the OPT7 Aura Underglow Kit. Here’s why:

  • It has over 250 LED chips. That’s far above market specifications.
  • Its rigid aluminum (as opposed to flexible light strips) makes the lights more sturdy.
  • The lights use SoundSync technology to visually match your music beat.
  • The silicone sealant clarifies and amplifies light quality.

Have you lit up the underside of your car? Send us a car selfie in the comments – we’d love to see how hot your wheels are!