How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Car? (7 Facts)

Wrapping your car is a smart move for several reasons, including a lower cost compared to painting. You can always remove the wrapping and have the original paint back when needed. Plus, this is an excellent way to protect your car from scratches and to change color and style as you wish. No matter the reason for wrapping, the crucial and the most expected question is how much does it cost to wrap a car.

Several factors dictate the price of this project, including the wrapping size, the size or the car, the type of vinyl you choose, and how complicated the wrapping job is. There is no reason to worry. Keep reading, relax, and go through the price guide I have made for you to help you with decision making.

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Car?

1. The Wrapping Size and Coverage

Although it sounds impossible at first glance, you can actually wrap just one part of your car when needed. For instance, you can cover just the roof or the bonnet to get a fantastic appearance of the entire vehicle. The overall price of the job will vary depending on the surface you want to cover.

  • Some wrapping shops estimate the cost for partial wrapping of sedans and SUVs starting from $300
  • If you need the wrapping coverage of 40%, it will cost you from $600 for sedans to $ 900 for SUVs
  • For covering up to 60% of your car, you need to calculate at least $1600 for a sedan, and at least $1900 for an SUV
  • Accordingly, for 100% sedan coverage, you should pay between $2800 and $3400. The price for covering SUVs is a bit higher, between $3200 and $3800.

As you can see, the size matters in this particular case. Plus, the cost may vary depending on the car shop. However, you can rely on prices given above in average terms, but you need to count on small changes in the price range. There are a few factors, which can affect the cost.

2. The Type of Vinyl

The Type of Vinyl

There are two basic types of vinyl wraps:

  • The calendared vinyl wraps
  • The cast of wraps

The difference can be significant in terms of quality, endurance, and price. If you need wrapping for a shorter period or advertising, then less expensive calendared vinyl wrap is the right choice for you.

It can serve the purpose of three to twelve months. The price is not too high, and you can find the calendared vinyl wraps for the amount of $5 to $8 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2) if you do the work on your own.

On the other hand, the cast vinyl wraps look like real paint and can last for approximately five years. The cost of wrapping your car in this type of vinyl is about $12 to $15 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2).

Since the cost difference between those two models of wrapping varies considerably, you should think twice before the final decision.

3. Vinyl Designs

The vinyl design can vary according to your taste and budget. Since there are several basic types of design, I will give you the price list for typical ones. Keep in mind that these prices are just for purchasing material when you decide to wrap your car on your own.

The carbon fibers are an excellent choice for hoods, and this option costs from $2 to $7 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2).

When you decide to pick out the more elegant vinyl matt, which doesn’t reflect the light, you need to pay $2 to $3.5 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2) for it.

Less expensive, but not lower quality, is a vinyl gloss. It costs $1.5 to $3.5 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2). Keep in mind that it reflects sun rays, opposite to matt vinyl.

In the end, the most valuable regarding both quality and money is the chrome wrap. It is highly fashionable and costs up to $8 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2).

4. The Wrapping Job

The Wrapping Job

As always, the most challenging part is to put a real price on someone’s work. As you can guess, it is not the same if you apply vinyl on the flat surface like the roof, or when you want to cover the surface with many curves and cut-outs, such as a door.

A particular wrapping problem is a part around the ear-view mirrors, so the price of this job is always significantly higher. That is why every wrap workshop has the price list of its own, including full and partial wrapping.

To keep it simple, the average price for partial wrapping starts at $300 and goes up to $3000. I will depend on the complexity of the job done and the material used. Several wrap shop sites calculate the price for the job you need depending on your preferences and the car type.

Additional Costs

It is always annoying when you go shopping or do some repairs and discover that your money disappears somehow due to the extra cost. Not to be in a position to count the last cent from your pockets, you should pay attention to the following additional charges.

5. Check the car before wrapping

Check the car before wrapping

Just before you start, you need to know that your car has to be in perfect condition for wrapping. That means you need to check for rusty parts, scratches, or cracks.

Otherwise, you can expect to throw your money away since the wrapping will tear where the cracks are.

6. The difference in models and geometry

You need to know that not all car models will have the same wrapping price. It will depend on the shape of the surface area you want to wrap and the size of the car.

Therefore, the price can be higher if there are more angles, lines, and unevenness. Prepare yourself on the possibility that more sophisticated and complex car designs need extra work that equals extra money.

7. Customized wrapping

If you desire to use unique material, logos, or specific graphic design that differs from the standard, it will affect your budget more.


To sum up, the complexity of the job done and the materials used are equivalent to the wrapping cost. The choice is yours. How much does it cost to wrap a car will depend on your budget and needs. Pick out your style and type accordingly, and enjoy the ride.