3 Easy Ways to Track a Car

3 Easy Ways to Track a Car

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, one car is stolen in the US every 6.5 minutes. The country records almost 220 motor vehicle theft cases per 100,000 population. That’s despite the fact that the … Read more

6 Easy Steps to Drift a Car (Manual & Automatic)

6 Easy Steps to Drift a Car (Manual & Automatic)

Most motorists don’t know how to drift a car. You can’t blame them. Drifting requires the driver to deliberately over-steer and lose their tires’ traction while tactfully keeping their vehicle under control. That’s a feat … Read more

5 Easy Steps to Drive a Manual Car

Drive a Manual Car

According to the statistics online, recently manufactured cars do not come with the automatic gear mechanism. While it’s right, that this new gear car reduces the stress of always moving the clutch, you may one … Read more

9 Tips to Live in Your Car

how to Live in Your Car

Some people opt to live in their car as a lifestyle choice for the freedom of the open road while others are forced to do so through necessity. However, whatever the reason you need to … Read more

4 Easy Steps to Park a Car

how to Park a Car

Parking a car can be an uphill task, especially for beginners. It could be that the parking spaces are not large or the lot has less space. There are three different types of parking spaces … Read more