Car Accidents

18 Causes Of Car Accidents (Tips for Prevention)

The dictionary defines accident as “an unexpected and undesirable event, a mishap unforeseen and without apparent cause.” Strictly speaking, most accidents are not accidents at all: they are collisions that could and should have been avoided. So, what causes them, and how can you avoid them? Four factors contribute to the vast majority of collisions.

Traffic Jams

What Cause Traffic Jams? The Physics Behind You Need to Know

I live in Seattle and my two daily commutes last about 45 minutes. (That’s when I’m lucky; sometimes it’s more like two hours each.) This has given me an immense amount of time watching the interesting patterns in the cars. Boredom led me to fantasize about the traffic being like a flowing liquid, with cars

Safe Following Distance

What is a Safe Following Distance? (The 3 Second Rule)

While everyone on the road should (in theory) have a valid driving license, unfortunately, not everybody has the same level of skill behind the wheel. Nobody wants to be involved in a crash, so let’s look at one important aspect of driving – what is a safe following distance? Understanding “stopping distance” First, let’s talk