9 Tips for Drying a Car with cordless Leaf Blower

Generally, a cordless leaf blower is mended for clearing fallen leaves from the yard. The rate at which leaves dry up and drop depends mainly with the season. As a result cordless leaf blower become more useful in a dry season as compared to cold seasons.

As a result, your blower can be hung up in the garage waiting for a specific season. This may lead to mechanical problems due to over storage. However, the tool can be of more use in certain tasks. This may include clearing snow from the car and drying it.

Due to this multitasking innovation, the use of a cordless leaf blower in drying your car has the following pros and cons.

Advantages of Using a Cordless Leaf Blower

leaf blower to dry car

1. Fast

Drying your car with a cordless leaf blower is much faster as compared chamois or a towel. By use a powerful cordless leaf blower, you will be able to accomplish your job within minutes.

2. No Contact

Drying a car with a towel or chamois is a must to be in contact with it, which is the main problem encountered. No matter how you’re clean your drying cloth is or how careful you will be during the drying process, you will automatically come across risks of grit findings and paint scratching. Even if it doesn’t appear at an earlier stage, this practice may form swirls in your car paint.

An option of leaving your vehicle in open ground to dry it won’t help in any way. As a result, the cordless leaf blower is a perfect deal for this.

3. Reaches inaccessible spots

Drying with a piece of cloths limits you from reaching some parts of the car – for instance, underneath door handles. You may think that you have dried up, but in real sense, the water creates smears on the newly-cleaned vehicle.

disadvantages of Using a Cordless Leaf Blower

using leaf blower to dry car

1. Can blow debris out

The major task of using cordless blower is blowing away leaves in your yard. It isn’t mending for drying your prestigious car. Due to their powerful nature of blowing debris, it creates a lot of dust around which may eventually stick on your vehicle making it dirtier.

2. Have large nozzles that are uncontrollable

This nature of the cordless leaf blower makes it unideal for adjustments. For instance, regulating the amount of air coming out of the nozzles and also adjusting the airflow to a specific spot during the cleaning process.

3. Noisy

They very noisy devices to operate. As a result, causes sound pollution as compared to manual use of drying cloth.

4. You may find yourself scratching your car

The cordless leaf blower nozzles aren’t car-friendly. If by mistake they come in contact with your car under pressure, it may cause scratches on your vehicle.

Top tips to follow to achieve the best results when you are using a cordless leaf blower in drying your car.

car air dryer

1. Choosing one with high CFM ratings and MPH

Power is needed for the blower to work perfectly. As a result, you should use a blower with a wind speed of at least 200mph or over with high rating CFM. Limiting this, you will not be satisfied with your job.

2. Time-saving thorough rinsing and drying.

This majorly applies in case your car has been covered with a lot of dust and mud. First, you will be required to remove the dust/mud by rinsing with the help of a hosepipe before using a cordless leaf blower in drying it. It will assist in removing the mud and dust without application of soapy water with the sponge.

3. Ensuring air filters are clear

To prevent debris from being directed on to your car during the cleaning process, we should ensure that the air filter is kept clean.

4. Apply a lot of care in using the cord.

Be careful with the code to avoid it from dragging over car’s paintwork hence scratching your car.

5. Wear Ear protection

 Wear Ear protection

Due to its noisy nature, take precautions of wearing ear protection in order to avoid eardrum damages.

6. Never disturb neighbors.

Avoid irritating your neighbors with the noisy blower, which means that you should create a place safer not to release much noise to the surrounding.

7. Pay attention to areas that can hold water

This is the biggest advantages of using blower over the cloth piece. It blows away water from hidden areas, for instance under door handles. Hence, show a lot of attention to this area in order to avoid streaks and smear.

8. Avoid using on a dry ground

Avoid using on a dry ground

Cordless leaf blower stirs up dirt and dust which is on the ground. Placing your car on this dry ground will render you a zero work done. It will eventually blow the dust, which in turn cover your wet car. For super results, ensure that the ground is well wet. Make sure you avoid pointing your blower on to the ground in order to avoid carrying mud on to the car.

9. Avoid wasting time chasing every drop

Everything is not 100 percent perfect in doing a specific task. There is a time some drop remains will be seen on some parts of the vehicle. In steady of chasing the drops, just use a clean, dry towel to wipe them away hence saving time in doing some activities.


In conclusion, your leaf blower can do good work when it comes to drying your car in less time and cost. Other than just cleaning your car, it can be tasked to cleaning PWCs ATVs, motorcycles and so on. All these things have pockets, or tiny crevices that hold water hence cleaning with a piece of mosaic or towel will limit you from accessing these parts. It is recommended to purchase blower, which specifically restricted to car cleaning in order to avoid dirtying the surface of your car by leaf remains from your previous task of yard cleaning.

To get a clear cut on how to carry out your car drying activities by use of cordless leaf blower, I advise you to follow the links below kindly.