How Many Speakers Do You Need for Your Car?

A good sound in the car is one of the most important criteria for many drivers. It is boring to drive a car without music, and high-performance audio technologies bring real pleasure not only to music lovers but also to all the drivers. How many speakers are in my car?

The question often arises about the number of speakers in the car to achieve the desired sound quality. It’s not just about the power, shape, and size, but also the manufacturer used in the production of technologies and other factors.

Modern dynamics allow the use of smaller elements of the play, but to get the perfect setting and the sound filled the cabin of the car. Finding an answer to the question “how many speakers are in my car?” is incredibly difficult. It depends on the car itself, the preferences of the owner and the type of music that will be played in the car.

Select the appropriate speakers based on different criteria

The first rule of quality sound is the number of speakers in the car. But it does not mean that you should put three dozen sound sources in the car – everything should be in moderation. It is important to observe the presence of different frequencies. For example, you can use one or two subwoofers, two speakers treble and mid-range seven or nine elements playback.

The number of sound sources in the car should not exceed reasonable limits. For example, sound system 11.2 (eleven regular speakers and two subwoofers) is considered to be the most functional for conventional cars. Quite often, one subwoofer is enough, and that high power is not a necessity. The criteria for buying speakers in the car:

  1. the lack of an incomprehensible jumble of frequencies, a large number of high-frequency devices;
  2. the correctness of the set – it is better to buy a ready-made audio system than to create it by yourself;
  3. the presence of either of two powerful speakers with the bass or subwoofer;
  4. the ability to connect the entire system to a small car amplifier;
  5. reasonable consumption of electricity, not to put the battery in with the single track;
  6. a built-in fuse in each source of sound or correct connection.

So, now we have answered the question “how many speakers are in my car?”. Pay special attention to the type of connection. Every speaker or the entire audio system should be connected via fuses. It will help to avoid overloads.

It is better to use complete audio systems with a fuse in every source of the sound. This purchase will allow connecting new sources of sound and obtaining high-quality sound. Ready-made systems can be changed within a few minutes.

The peculiarities of installing the speakers in the car

No matter what high-end speakers you choose, consider the features of the installation. Otherwise, even the most efficient equipment will not last long in your car, and also will not allow getting pleasure from quality sound reproduction.

The instructions often specify only safety considerations. Of course, they are important, they need reading and following, but such recommendations will not allow getting the desired results. You can follow the general principles for selecting elements of a sound the following place of installation:

  1. two or three speakers can be installed on the front panel, drawing them on the windshield;
  2. one dynamic must be put in cards in the front doors, they are often installed at the bottom, but it is better to use the district handles opening;
  3. small speakers work great at the top of the card in the rear doors or at the top of the side pillars separating the doors;
  4. two dynamics should be installed on rear curtain sync – they also need to draw in the glass and not directly into the cabin;
  5. a subwoofer most often should put in the trunk, because there is no space for it in the cabin;
  6. you can put another four speakers under each seat, drawing the sound in the bottom.

The additions to the sound system in your car

If you decided to install eleven speakers and two subwoofers, don’t forget about buying high-quality radio and the great car amplifier. The technique of sound reproduction should correspond to the selected source of the sound.

How many speakers are in my car? – Let’s summarize

Nowadays, the use of simple audio systems consisting of two or four speakers is in the past. Car manufacturers offer standard sets of musical equipment with nine or more sound sources. So, buying additional equipment, spend enough money on a number of quality speakers.

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