Car Battery Prices: How Much Does a Car Battery Cost?

If you use a vehicle for a long time, you will have to change the battery at some point. Most batteries usually last for at least two years. However, the battery lifespan span depends on the weather, battery model, or car itself.

When your current battery in your car becomes weak, it’s time to get a new unit. Now the question comes- how much does a car battery cost? Luckily, you can get batteries that fit your budget. Now let’s learn more about the cost of car batteries.

What’s the Average Price of a Battery?

However, regular models go for at least $50, while top-end batteries might reach $200. Still curious about the average car battery price? Well, it falls between $75 to $120.

However, various criteria can determine a new car battery cost. These include the battery model, your area, or the vehicle on which you intend to use the batteryEven if you can find numerous types of cells at stores, many people use lead-acid batteries that cost at least $60.

If you own a luxury vehicle that has premium features, it probably runs on an absorbent glass mat battery (AGM). To purchase these batteries, you might have to spend about $200.

The cells that power expensive vehicles might cost more and provide a large amount of energy. As for motorbikes and affordable cars, their batteries cost even less.

Some cells do not have hefty price tags because of the vehicles they power. Instead, their extended warranties or special features (some work in better under specific environments) determine their high costs.

What are the Factors that Determine the Price of Car Batteries?

new battery cost depends on several reasons. However, the life cycle of the cell comes as one of the factors of its price. For instance, batteries with lifespans of up to 6 years cost more than models that offer four years of life.

Apart from lifespans, the price of a battery can depend on its size or unique features. Let’s say you plan to get a massive battery. You should know that this would cost more than a light one. However, if you want a lead-acid battery, you would spend less than with a lithium-ion variant.

Common Car Battery Models and their Prices

1. Lead/Acid Batteries

LeadAcid Batteries

This comes as one of the most common variants in the market due to its impressive performance.

When it comes to how much does a car battery cost for lead models, you should aim between $70 -130. Since they come as affordable options, many vehicles run on such batteries.

 2. Calcium-Calcium Batteries

Calcium Batteries

These variants do not use the same technology as lead-acid batteries. Instead, they provide energy to vehicles through calcium plates. But, they need higher voltages to recharge.

Since they last longer and offer premium features, they cost as much as $250. When restoring these products to their full capacity, you will have to use a unique model.

3. Lithium-Ion Batteries

 Lithium-Ion Batteries

Popularly recognized as Lithium-Ion batteries, these products have rugged features and provides power for long periods. Unlike most of the other types, these cells do not power conventional vehicles. Instead, they are used in electric cars or hybrids.

With that said, this electric car battery cost falls into the $1000 range. Although they have short lifecycles, they weigh less and offer more energy than other batteries.

Cost of Older vs Newer Battery

If you drive an older vehicle, you would love its battery for many reasons. First, it cost less than $100 to get a new one. Also, it does not use much current and the car places less load on the cell.

For new cars, expect to pay a maximum of $350 for a new battery. Surprisingly, these expensive models do not have high-end features. Instead, they meet conditions demanded by modern driving.

But depending on the type of vehicle you use, it’s possible to get cells that cost more or less than the models featured on this post.

Prices of Batteries for Different Cars

Prices Of Batteries For Different Cars

Most auto stores stock batteries for various vehicles. But how much does a car battery cost at Walmart will depend on the model you’re looking for. As expected, these products do not share the same rates. Here are the prices of batteries for different cars.

Small Sized/Older Vehicles 

These cells prices for car that fall into this category is at least $80, but interstate car battery cost might differ.  If you want a model that promises durability and an extended warranty, you might be spending up to $200. If you wish for a variant with the most extended warranties, go with the common brands.

Luxury Cars/New Vehicles 

Since luxury cars or new vehicles feature various electronics, they boast of a complex energy monitoring system and use premium batteries that cost a minimum of $150.

As expected, these batteries can support the functions offered by such vehicles. Also, the products last longer and can withstand changes in temperature.

If you own a luxury set of wheels, do not swap your original battery for cheap imitations, as they can cause several problems. To avoid such, ensure you have enough cash to get a premium replacement, particularly before dumping the existing one.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Car Battery?

If you plan to replace your battery, you will need to spare extra cash for installing it. To save money, purchase cells from sellers that promise free installations. Besides, if you know your way around an engine, you could handle the project by yourself.

But if you can’t get both options, you will need the services of a professional. Depending on the area of the vehicle and its electrical features, you might have to spend $50 – $100 for this service.

Wrap Up

Before you ponder on how much does a car battery cost, you should know that the price depends on numerous factors. This includes the size, lifespan, and features of the vehicle.

Older and Lithium-ion batteries cost a maximum of $100, while cells that power luxury cars reach $200. For electric vehicles, the owners will have to spend thousands of dollars on batteries.

When replacing the battery on a luxury car, avoid cheap replacements. If you don’t have enough cash at hand, postpone the proposed swap.