How Much Does a Smart Car Weigh?(Exactly Answer)

If you compare a smart car to other vehicles, you will notice its small size. Due to its little structure, this has made many begin to ponder on how much does a smart car weigh.

Since 1998, these vehicles have featured in various auto showrooms. Popularly known as Smart Fowto, these cars serve as part of the Daimler-Benz brand.

Despite their fragile look, smart cars have rugged features — for instance; it’s could withstand crashes at 70mph. Thanks to the Tridion Safety Shell, the interior and the exterior will remain intact, especially after an accident.

Apart from its durability, it moves smoothly over asphalt. By looking at the movement of the vehicle, anyone would consider it as the lightest car in the market. If you want to know how how much does a smart car weigh, you can use our guide below.

What Does A Smart Car Weigh?

According to experts, these vehicles have curb weights of between 2,050 – 2,094 pounds. But how much does a smart car weigh in kilograms? Well, if you convert these values, the car will weigh 930 – 950 kilograms. With that said, this has answered the question of how much a smart car weigh in pounds and kilogram.

However, car companies produce vehicles that meet specified weight limits. Moreover, I would like to add that when it comes to weight, the two uses two values – the gross weight and the curb weight.

What Determine the Weight of a Smart Car?

What Determine the Weight of a Smart Car

Curb Weight of the Smart Car

Curb Weight means the weight of a smart car that includes the accessories and most of the fuel. Also known as kerb weight, you can also describe it as the combined weight of the vehicle and everything in it. However, it does not consist of people or the load in the car.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of the Smart Car

When you calculate the overall weight of the vehicle with the mass of its cargo, occupants, components, and kerb weight of the car, you will have the gross weight as the final answer.

You can’t guess the job of a vehicle by having the curb or gross weight at the back of your head. Besides, it’s almost impossible to use these values to determine the amount of luggage you can toss in the vehicle.

Apart from the weights mentioned above, a vehicle has the gross vehicle weight rating, maximum loaded trailer weight, axle weight, gross combined weight, and axle weight rating. However, many vehicle owners do not bother about knowing these details

But I recommend that you have a decent knowledge of these values as they can help you know more about your preferred vehicle. By having this information at your fingertips, you can the best way to use your car.

The Payload of the Smart Car

You can define the payload as the total weight of the occupants and cargo on a particular vehicle, as well as any towed items. Some experts also describe it as the number of items transported by the vehicle.

Calculating the payload capacity of your vehicle does not involve much work. However, it would help if you used the gross vehicle weight rating and kerb weight for the math.

To find the payload capacity of your car, subtract the curb weight from the gross vehicle rating of the same vehicle.

For instance, if the car has a curb weight of 1, 363kg while sporting a GVWR of 1,700, calculate the payload capacity by deducting the curb weight from the GVWR.

In this case, you will remove 1,300kg from 1,700kg, which gives 400kg. So this vehicle has a payload capacity of 400kg.

Why You Should Know the Weight of Your Smart Car?

If you have concerns about the safety of a vehicle, consider the weight of the smart car, especially before buying it. If you exceed the smart car weight limit, it could result in many potential problems.

Placing excess load on your vehicle has negative impacts on its components. For instance, the extra weight might result in an unresponsive steering wheel, thus making it extremely difficult to control the vehicle.

Also, you might end up with faulty breaks or a slow-moving vehicle. Not only that, your tires could produce excess heat or explode during a drive.

Apart from the above-listed scenarios, the vehicle might lead to a car crash. The reason is that the less efficient components make it difficult for the driver to control the car on the road.

To avoid having to deal with such issues, do not exceed the weight limit offered by the company that produced your vehicle.

How Can I Know the Weight of A Smart Car?

Since anyone can get how much does a smart car weigh from the Internet, finding the correct weight of the car comes as an easy task. You can even log on to car websites that offer detailed specs of any vehicle. If you prefer alternative methods, you can use any of the following ideas.

1. Contact the manufacturer of the Smart Car

Contact the manufacturer of the Smart Car

Trying to find the weight of the smart car for sale? Ring up the number of the company’s customer service and provide the rep with the information of that particular vehicle. Within seconds, you should have an answer.

2. Check the Door of Your Vehicle

Most vehicles have labels that offer details about their weights. You can find these tags on the door located at the driver’s side. Remember to look out for a sticker placed on the rocker panel or sill.

3. Read the Manual Provided with Your Vehicle

Usually, carmakers place any details about their vehicles on manuals. You can find the weight of the car by checking this piece of literature.

4. Use a Vehicle scale

Still can’t find what your smart cat weighs? Drive the vehicle on a dedicated scale and check the weight.


With this post, you can get the answer to how much does a smart car weighs. However, it would be best if you had some tips at the back of your mind.

First, you should know that other factors also determine the weight of the car. These include the number of passengers, load, or quantity of items it carries.