How Much Does It Cost To Tow a Car? (7 Facts)

Every year, many cars are towed from one place to another for various reasons. Almost all vehicles have been towed in their short lifespan. And the tow charge for each vehicle may be expensive if you don’t have it covered one way or another by your insurance. You could wish to set up a contingency plan fund for issues like that.

Towing a car is much more than moving an immobile car from one spot to another. There are many inquiries one should make when planning to tow a vehicle, and one of the most important is how much does it cost to tow a car? 

Average Cost to Tow a Car

The average cost for towing a car is dependent on many factors, which include the make and model of the vehicle and where you are. You can expect to part with $109 on the average for a car tow, but when you consider those factors, it could fall or rise to $75/$125.

Considering distance as a factor, below are some prices for towing a car in US.

  • Five miles or less go for $35-$125
  • 40 miles or less for $125-$275
  • 100 miles or less goes for $275-$600

Another factor is what it costs to tow your car indifferent  kind of road, and the category of the terrain. You’d look to pay a higher amount for a rough road or mountain-like roads. Also, when there is a public holiday or outside weekdays, you would expect to pay a more significant sum.

Also, when you want to tow your car from a trench, you are expected to pay higher than the average cost. However, you pay smaller fees for a spoilt vehicle or from an accident.

The Pricing System in a Tow Service

There is a standard fee that every tow firm charge called the hookup fee. This fee could fall within $30-$100. Added to this is the fee charged on a per-mile basis cost at a range of $2.50-$5.

It would do you a lot better if you find yourself a tow service outfit that offers you free tow for the first 5-7 miles. The state law keeps the towing fees within a range, so every tow company charges fall within that range.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Tow

How much it costs to tow a car for 100 miles, as stated earlier, depends on several factors, some of which are major and minor. It’s already certain that a night tow should cost more likewise weekends and holidays because they fall outside workdays or hours. Also, when a car is in a hole, it should cost more as it takes more time.

Furthermore, you can’t expect to pay the same amount of money for towing a car on a flat surface and doing the same on an undulating road. Other factors that affect tow price

1. Car Size

Car Size

You should know that due to weight-related purposes, a bigger car costs more than a smaller car. A typical quad entrance sedan would cost a basic fee for a tow while the bigger SUVs would cost an extra dollar for the size. So while the sedan would cost the standard charge, you are sure to pay up to $35 extra.

2. Distance

The basic charge by these towing outfits is for the company running expenses like gas for the towing truck. This basic charge is the smallest fee that can be collected by a tow company for a distance of about 5-10 miles, which cost $50. This fee, however, depends on the company as every towing firm has a varying charge, so ensure to enquire from them.

3. Towing Cost per Day

This is different from the towing fee. It’s the charge for keeping your car safe in the junkyard or auto repair shop. Sometimes, you are asked to pay a quarter of the entire fee because your vehicle was towed in during work hours. You should probably pay $30-$80 on the daily depending on the state laws.

4. Services Offered

The tow company is not just for carting vehicles from one point to another. There are so many other services they can offer, which contribute to the final to tow price. Towing outfits can help you with so many different services, like helping to jack your car for a wheel replacement.

As well as dragging your car out of a ditch, they can also get you fuel if need be. Let’s see other things a car towing company can offer

  • Moving a spoilt vehicle from one point to another
  • Open a car door that mistakenly got locked
  • Help replace worm out wheels
  • Get you a gas refill
  • Drag your car out of a trench
  • Give you a hand when your battery disappoints

5. Cost of Towing In the Day

Cost of Towing In the Day

Towing your vehicle during work hours can reduce your tow charge significantly as after work hours requires a considerable fee. Every towing company has its various timing as well as work hours, but typically, after work hours should be between the hours of 8 pm/9 pm till 6 am/8 am.

As the after-work hours vary, so does the price vary from one company to another. Some Companies may charge within the range of $5-$150 for an after-work fee.

6. Hourly Rates and Flat Rates

You sure don’t expect the same pricing system to apply to every tow company around since the same person does not own them. Most times, these companies bill you on a flat rate basis to tow your car to an impound lot. The charge may shoot up if they discover that your car broke down in the countryside.

This they will find out when asking you for the necessary information and it will be wise if you also find out some things from them. You can use this opportunity to check their price and compare with other towing service providers.

Usually, towing cars from accident scenes would cost less. But if the accident took place in an area that is far from the city, then you will pay more. Moreover, when you call a tow company to help pull out a car from a deep hole, you already know you’re paying higher. It would be best if you consider these factors before going for a vehicle tow, to be in the know.

7. Roadside Assistance Companies

Roadside Assistance Companies

If you’re a member of any of these companies that provide roadside assistance, like the AAA, which is recognized through the country, you stand a chance paying less or not paying at all. Also, companies like the AARP and the All-State Motor Club can take care of your towing cost for up to a hundred miles if you’re a member.

There are other prestigious roadside assistance companies you could sign up with to enjoy such subsidies as towing costs. Every assistance company has its system and schedule for handling expenditures that come with towing a member’s car. They can offer services like battery jumpstart, punctured wheel fixing, and gas refills.

Signing up with any of these companies or clubs entails that you entitled to a particular amount of money to cover your emergency. It could be an Advantage plan or the Elite plan. The amount fluctuates between the cheap plan of up to $150 benefits and the expensive plan of about $250.

You also pay fees for membership renewal in these clubs for subsidized roadside assistance with flight tickets, hotel reservations, and vehicle rentals.

Why should I Tow My Car?

Once in a while, you discover that your car cannot move except you tow it. It may be as a result of a breakdown or accident, or any other reason that renders that vehicle immobile. Here are other reasons why you should tow a car

  • Terrible car starter
  • A depleted or lifeless battery
  • Damaged Engine

Wrap Up

Car owners expect that one way or the other their car would one day disappoint and, as such, should know how much it costs to tow a carIt might be in the form of breakdown or accident. But whichever one, the vehicle will require a tow from that point to the repair shop or junkyard. That’s why it is good every car owner should know the average cost of towing a car