How Much To Get a Paint Job From Maaco?

If you want to give your car a new look, then changing its paint job should be on the cards. Fortunately, Maaco is one name that comes to mind when it comes to giving your car a new look.

The quality of their service is top-notch, and it’s impossible not to get a few admirers after a paint job at Maaco. Despite its popularity, it’s still important to know; how much does Maaco Charge to paint a car as well as how long it takes to get the job done.

How much Does Maaco Charge to Paint a Car

The cost of getting a new paint job is likely higher if you consider assembling and disassemble. However, if you just need them to perform dent repair, then the price is more affordable. The price of getting a paint job done at Maaco hinges on a variety of factors.

Naturally, the price increases as the size of the car. Most times, getting a paint job at Maaco is quite expensive than getting dent repair, but the quality of finish leaves you speechless. What Maaco promises is to give you exceptional service hard to find anywhere else at a premium price.

When you go to Maaco, you have to be conversant about the amount charged. But even without knowing, their workers are ready to explain things to you. Normally, getting a simple car spray at this location costs $300 – $900. However, you will still get a nice output with just $300 at Maaco. While this amount might be huge for some, the rate is actually one of the cheapest you can ever get.

Some paint jobs can go as high as $1500, and you should already know that such premium services will produce better results. So it’s essential to have an idea of how much they charge beforehand. Sometimes, the price might go up if additional bodywork is offered.

Watch this video to have an idea of what to expect from Maaco Paint jobs.

What Services Does Maaco Paint Jobs Offer

Maaco is a nationwide chain store just like Walmart that offers exceptional painting service. When looking for a place to paint your car, Maaco is one name that comes to mind, but they also offer additional automobile services.

Maaco offers their services at a fair price and doesn’t charge a hefty amount to remove old paints for new ones. If you haven’t used Maaco before now, you’re bound to get critical of how much they charge.

However, Maaco’s service is tailored around every individual need. In the sense that; the shop offers low-cost services to those on a budget except that the quality of finish isn’t comparable. Secondly, the result will align with what you pay, which means you won’t get a long-lasting effect as anticipated.

Benefits of Using Maaco

Benefits Of Using Maaco

The company provides fully-fledged paintwork, which includes full-body, touch-ups as well as dent repair. When it comes to cost, they’re quite affordable. Some of their services still go for as low as $99, but this goes even lower if you use a coupon. Also, you will find a lot of benefits to using this chain store since they’re spread all over the Country.

What’s even better is the option they give to their customers to be part of their franchise. Hence, it’s always important to read reviews rather than stumping the club and wishing to hit the goldmine at once.

Other Things That Increases Cost

Hopefully, you’re no longer in limbo on how much does Maaco charge to paint a car, but there are additional expenses that might increase their rate. Sometimes, the types of insurance coverage might increase or reduced their cost. Typically, if you have a reasonable amount of insurance, the painting work will be done at an affordable price.

Although additional prepping work might incur extra charges, for example, if sanding and buffing are carried out along with the other prepping job, your bill might run to almost $1,500 in some location.

Color Matching

Color Matching

Usually, if you’re painting only a small portion of your car, you can’t match it with the rest of the body. Maaco painting jobs makes it increasingly easy to match paints on all parts of the body. So if you accidentally dent your car, it’s better to use the painting service of your car dealership as sourcing for external help will incur an extra cost.

So, no matter the fee Maaco charges, they excel in the field of specialty painting. They will be the best choice if you want to transform your vehicle color to something on their Catalog. Maaco’s specialty painting unit offers you many types of custom paints to choose from, and this includes non-regular shades.

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Things to Know before Showing up At Maaco Paint Job

Before you drive all out to Maaco to repaint your vehicle, there are things you should be aware of. Unless you have a lot of cash, you should know that paint jobs don’t come cheap no matter the quality of paint used. Maaco’s lowest rate goes for $300, and this excludes prep work that would allow the paint to stay long.

Secondly, a paint job can leave you without your car for a week. Fortunately, Maaco will always get all their paint jobs done in nothing less than 3 days. For complete painting work, the engine, seat, dash, and console will have to put on a new coat. This is why Maaco charges you higher for new color than a simple repaint.

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Now that you’re aware of how much Maaco charges to paint a car, we recommend you weigh your options before showing up. Even though $300 seems more of a bargain, it will not get you a premium painting service.

If you’ve had a painting job at Maaco, on a scale of 10, how would you rate their service? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment session below.