How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car? (Tips to Save Money)

You want to drive around in a new-look car but don’t want to get a new ride? You could clean up your vehicle and give it a fresh look without spending much. A lovely painting will give your car a look it has at that dealer shop and reminds you of the times when you first bought it.

When it comes to retouching the vehicle, you might worry about how much does it cost to paint a car. Most people think that a paint job will have a hole in their pockets, but that’s not entirely true.

You could bring your car back to state-of-the-art status with a little token. However, this depends on the painting job you want to do on the vehicle.

To make things easier, let’s give you an insight on how much does it cost to paint a car base on different categories.

What Is The Average Cost To Paint A Car?

When considering the average cost to paint a car, you should also know the three stages of a car painting job. These stages are the low, medium, and high effects of the paint. They determine the durability and cost. From a standard point of view, the low level of the car paint effect should cost about $500.

This covers just a layer of artificial enamel applied to the car. For a higher level of painting, some little repairs are included in the job. Scraps of rust are removed, traces of unwanted break-offs, and fixing of damages. In all, a medium paint job for your car should cost you within the range of $1000 to $3500

The most expensive painting level is the high-end stage of car paint. This level of painting entails using very exotic paint coats and applying multiple layers of this paint on the car.

Also, in this stage, you should try to repair the dents and rusts. With $5000, you’ll get a decent high-end painting job, but really how much does it cost to paint a car yourself? Let’s see the breakdown.

Cost of Painting the Car Yourself

You might as well consider a DIY painting job if the cost is on the expensive side. All you need is to dedicate a little bit of your time and getting the necessary equipment. You also need a bit of expertise to carry out a beautiful painting job yourself, that’s if you don’t have enough funds to get a professional.

There is a couple of equipment needed for a DIY paint job. These include materials like the spraying canister, a container of paint, sandpaper, and a covering for the windows and color. With these tools, the cost to paint a car reduces very well. With the cost of labor and refills factored in, a hundred dollars ($100) should comfortably cover the DYI paint job.

The major aim of the paint job is to give your car the best look. That means you have to use the best available paint in the market. Ensure it’s of good quality and a nice synthetic make and don’t just go for it because it has a low cost.

Also, get foam paint brushes, spirit cleaners, tapes, and trays for painting.

Now you’re all set for a DIY. The next problem is the place where you will do the painting. It’s advisable to do the job in a properly aerated enclosure with a clean and level platform.

Home stores reserve little spaces for this kind of task. So you could contact any of them to make use of their enclosed area with good air circulation.

Low-Level Painting

Low-Level Painting

Even though you do not have enough cash, you can still get a decent paint job for your car. With as low as $400 – $800, you’re sure to give your vehicle that fresh look, although with a little inspection. It would be best if you were around the painter to alert him when you see what you don’t like.

If not inspected, painters sometimes skip some places in the body of the car, like the entrance areas and trunk sides. Also, some might not use a quality artificial coat for the job making your car a bigger mess than it was. Stick around to ensure they do an excellent job for you.

Whole Auto-Body Painting Job

For an entire car body painting job, you need about three to five coats of quality paint to ensure you preserve the background hue. It’s at this stage that the glitter and smoothness are given to your car. This whole-body painting could knock off $1000-$2999 from your pockets, to get the quality needed.

Various factors contribute to the price variation of the whole body paint job. They include having to cover a hidden area in the engine parts, the state of the car, and the type of car in question. Then ensure if you can afford it, to get a quality, renowned car paint.

The repairs of dents and taking out of rust particles are also factors that affect the cost of this painting.

High-End Painting

High-End Painting

This is a car painting of the highest quality. It is the crème of painting and makes use of the best qualities of renowned paints. With a price of around $5000 – $20000, you can get your car to that state of the art level you’ve always desired.

There is always a difference between a DIY and the touch of a pro. The experts will put in extra effort when applying the layers of paint to apply in the car. Six to eight layers of it should have covered the sandpaper scrapings, and then around 20-24 coatings to cover dents.

The timing is also crucial in a paint job. For instance, the highest level of a painting job, at least a month, is required. Ensure that you insist on best practice while the painters are working to avoid lamenting on avoidable mistakes.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Painting a Car

1. Guarantee

One of the means of staying on the safe side is to ensure that your store dealer gives a level of assurance. The guarantee should at least ensure the durability of your paint for up to five years for a custom paint job.

The guarantee depends on the price or level of the painting job, while the custom painting will last for a long time. The cheap ones spoil in a short time.

2. Checking the Alternatives

Before you consider the available alternatives you have, check out the worth of your car. A valuable car deserves a quality painting job that matches its worth. You want your car to maintain its glittering look for a long time, avoid cheaper paint jobs because they won’t last long.

To avoid cases of penny wise and pound foolish, try to invest in high range painting jobs that are durable.

3. Quality of the Paint

Quality of the Paint

This is an essential factor to consider as low-cost paints wear out in a short period. But the advantages of high-cost quality paints outweigh the expensive inconveniences. With these quality paints, you are assured of a durable paint job, longevity, and long-lasting glittering.

4. Getting Ready For a Paint Work

One stand out characteristic of an expert in auto painting is a good getting-ready job. This preparation work entails that the painter peels of the bloated parts in the car, and this requires a lot of time and work input. Also, it also involves covering parts of the cars that don’t need the paint like the windows and windshield.

Final Word

When planning to give your ride a fresh look, you need to consider how much does it cost to paint a car a new color. The quality of the painting should also match the worth of your vehicle. We believe the above mentioned painting job have given you an insight into the basics of the cost to paint a car.

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