How Often Should You Wash Your Car? (5 Questions)

It is essential to wash your car regularly to avoid pollutants like plant fluid and dust sticking to the vehicle. Although carmakers advise that users should ensure to clean the car weekly, this suggestion could be quite expensive and stressful for owners.

Nonetheless, some car washing service presents better discount rates to accommodate the weekly expense. But then they are people who reason that since the car will always go into the dirt, why wash it regularly? This confusion has prompted the question to us and answers of how often should you wash your car? Here’s our take.

How Often Should I Wash My Car?

The reply to the above question depends on several factors. The type of pollutants you expose the car to and the areas in which you drive the vehicle. However, always check these out to know how often you should wash your car:

1. How Do You Drive Your Car Daily?

Driving your car for many hours exposes it to more pollutants and so would require more frequent washing to keep it healthy. If you leave it open to adulterants like fog, dust, and bird dung, it’s best to wash it daily to protect your paint.

2. Where Do You Live?

People who stay in the city do not have the same challenge as those in the countryside. However, contamination still lurks in every corner. Those roads lined with trees on both flanks harbors dry leaves and bird droppings while the building areas give off the dust.

If you stay at the waterside, then the dunes there will ensure that you will have to wash your car now and then.

3. Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage

Where you park your car also helps determine how often you wash the carWhile a parking garage will reduce the level of pollutants you deal with, parking across your lawns endangers the vehicle.

4. Climatic Conditions

Staying in an area with a dense population of industries renders your car to the risk of acid rain, which can damage your paint. However, if you stay in a damp area or slightly temperate region, you may not see the need to wash your car often. Unlike those in the tropical areas which need to clean theirs regularly.

Direct exposure to sunlight is not healthy for the vehicle as they may help sticky contaminants like bird poop to be harder to wash off.

These pollutants remove a little of your coating when washing them off. Also, during the snowy period, most countries use a lot of salt is to clear the roads. Hence you should clean the iron under the car to avoid corrosion.

5. Desired Look of the Car

The way you want your car to appear will heavily influence the frequency at which you will wash them. If you like the glittering dealership-look, then it means more cleaning, while those that are okay with the normal appearance will wash less often.

When you have taken note of all these, then you now know how often you should wash your car. Meanwhile, let’s see why you should wash your car frequently

Why You Should Wash Your Car Weekly

Here are some reasons why you should wash your car frequently

Insect Splashes

These make the vehicle look mucky, but when the sun dries them, it usually removes the paint. It would be best if you wash it out immediately so that it doesn’t stick for a long while endangering the coating. In a season with many insects like the spring, you should wash your car at least one time weekly.

Bird Poop

Bird Poop

In the summer, when a bird poops on your car body, once it dries up, this exposes the car to etch marks and paint damage. When it drops on your windscreen, it blurs your vision when you’re driving.

With that said, this is the main reason why you should wash the car weekly to remove these droppings. The longer they are there, the danger they present.

Plant Fluid

Staying in the woods or having to drive along a tree-flanked road makes your car to be prone to tree fluid droppings. This plant fluid contains resins that are corrosive to your car paint, leaving lasting etch. These marks, if not attended to weekly, will expand when subjected to heat from the sun.

Driving Lengthy Distances

Driving a lengthy distance makes your car susceptible to pollutants like insects, earth, mud, and sand. And if you don’t wash the car weekly, these pollutants can damage your vehicle when allowed to stick for long.


Warmth or heat fastens the process of damage. When you expose the car to too much sunlight, the dirt and dust on it get stuck, damaging the car paint in the long run. Also, surplus heat for the sun can dissolve the waxy layer that protects the paint from pollutants.


When the rain moistens a dusty car, it makes the dust and dirt to stick more to the car. Also, excess moisture can lead to rusting of metal parts if it is left unclean with a short period.

Atmospheric Pollutants

In an industrialized area, the emission of greenhouses gases is high, making the area to experience acid rain. Not only that, but smoke and fog emission also increase the need for you to wash your frequently.

When You Should Wash Your Car Monthly

When all these conditions occur, consider monthly washing measures for your car.

  • When the car has less exposure to plant fluid, insect splatters, and bird poop
  • If you stay in a region with minimal humidity
  • When you park your car in a parking room with medium climatic conditions
  • If you stay near a beach or in the coast region with considerable amounts of salt in the atmosphere, regularly wash to avoid corrosion

How Often You Should Clean the Inside of Your Car

How Often You Should Clean the Inside of Your Car

Your car interior is a delicate part that you should handle with much care. No limit to the number of times you should clean the inside of a car. Once there is dirt around, cleaning it off as soon as possible saves you the stress of intensive cleaning after a long period.

Importance of Knowing How Often You Should Wash Your Car

In our constant hustling and jostling, we fail to remember that our car needs regular washing like our bodies. Always leaving traces of dirt, dust, dung, and sap will not only etch marks on the body but can also damage the coating.

And when mixed with heat exposure, this removes the preservative wax covering. The heat widens the little marks made on the car, endangering the painting and aesthetics of the vehicle.

In areas with high humidity ranges and snowfalls, salt reduces snow heights on the road. That fact alone spells doom for the iron underside of your vehicle. The reason is that when salt mixes with moisture, corrosion of metal element begin to occur rapidly.

Sometimes when we avoid all these, then we have to deal with the bird dropping, which is highly acidic and causes blurred vision. Likewise, insect splatters, when stuck, can damage the coating also. So you now know all these, it’s imperative to wash your car as frequently as necessary to preserve that glow and sparkle you love it for.

Final Word

We take our baths often so that we get rid of grime that always sticks on our skin. The same goes for a car as you should wash your car often to lower the risk of paint and wax damage. How often should you wax a car? Well, if you don’t want do this within every short period, then ensure to wash your car regularly.