Hybrid Car

What is Hybrid-Power? How Hybrid Cars Work?

What is Hybrid Power? Hybrid-powered vehicles are the future of the industry, combining the benefits of an electric vehicle with the convenience of a gasoline-powered model. An electric motor handles normal stop-and-go travel and initial highway acceleration. A gasoline- or diesel-powered internal combustion engine kicks in when the vehicle gets to higher speeds. A sophisticated

Rent A Car

6 Car Rental Tips for Saving Your Money

1. Renters beware the actual cost of renting a car can exceed advertised rates from 50 to 75 percent when you add up all the fees, taxes, and surcharges that rental companies tack on to your bill. The best way to avoid a surprise is to ask lots of questions before you sign. Traditionally, rental

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How to Lease a Car? 16 Things to You Need to Know!

1. Loans versus Leases Loans enable people to buy things. A lease is a rental agreement. Once you make all the payments on an installment loan, you actually own your car; whereas, when all the payments are made on a lease, you own nothing. 2. Who Should Lease? Leasing began as an economical way to

types of cars

9 Types of Cars: What Car Should I Buy?

For classification purposes, automobile manufacturers have historically divided their light vehicle products into two categories, Automobiles and Light Trucks. Sales and marketing analysts use these classifications when discussing auto sales figures, so I’ll use them as well. In the section called Hybrids, I discuss the new categories that cross the car-truck line, as well as

Mercedes will use Renault engines

Mercedes will use Renault engines

Mercedes-Benz will use the new 130 hp 1.6 dCi Renault-Nissan Alliance’s new generation A and B-Class and the Stuttgart manufacturer will offer to exchange the 2.0-liter gasoline engine and the new V6 and V8 range. French’s new turbo diesel engine will be used by Mercedes-Benz to its smaller models, particularly the new A-Class and B-Class,

Bumper Quality

Consumer Bumper Quality Disclosure Bill

The bill requires auto manufacturers to provide bumper quality information to buyers at the point of sale. One of the most frequently replaced and repaired automobile parts is the bumper. Because a bumper is designed to protect other parts of a car (including safety systems such as steering, brakes and lights), it is almost always