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4 Best Ways to Clean Car Carpet

The carpet might not perform huge functions like the engine or car battery, but plays an important role in the vehicle. After all, clean carpets make the feet feel comfortable, while providing a pleasant smell. However, many car owners do not know how to clean car carpet properly to make it look sparkling.

If you fall into this category, you can use this guide to turn your grimy car flooring to a plush paradise. The exciting part is that you can perform this on your own, without spending money for a professional car wash.

How to Clean Car Carpet At Home

Step 1: Prepare the Interior of the Car

Prepare the Interior of the Car

Remove any objects on the carpet of your car. You should also take out loose items around other parts of the vehicle and store them in car organizers. But if you hardly use the objects, store them in your home.

Step 2: Take out the Floor Mats and Clean the Car

Take out the Floor Mats and Clean the Car

Pull out the flooring and take them outside the vehicle. Shake vigorously to remove dust and other debris. Then find a dry spot close to your car and drop the mat.

Do not bother on how to clean car carpet floor mats yet. Instead, return to the vehicle and remove any dirt, litter, or crumbs from tight corners. Such spots include under the seats, pedals, and even crevices around the car. Ensure you don’t skip this step as it will affect the final result.

Step 3: Work on the Carpet

Work on the Carpet

Get the cleaning product and a brush. Since most cleaners have the same effects, feel free to use anyone. If you can’t get any retail cleaning tool, a laundry detergent comes as a suitable alternative. As for the brush, ensure it has soft bristles that will work effectively go deep into the mats.

Apply the cleaner on the carpet and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, use the brush to scrub it while using circular motions gently. If you meet any tough stains or extra dirt, repeat the process until they come off.

Step 4: Take out the Soap and Dry the Car Carpet

Take out the Soap and Dry the Car Carpet

Get a damp cloth and wipe every part of the scrubbed carpets. Try to remove as much suds as possible. However, do not leave the carpet wet as moisture can breed mold.

Next, open all the doors of the vehicle to dry its interior. Do not close them until they inner part dries well because lingering moisture can damage the flooring.

Allow the vehicle to remain in the sun for a couple of hours. Remember to check if the carpets have dried. If not, leave them in the same spot for another extra hour.

How to Remove Stains from Your Carpet

How To Remove Stains From Your Carpet

If you don’t know how to clean car carpet stains, you can start by finding a robust cleaner. But if the flooring still has a weird smell, consider treating it with Borax.

It’s advisable to clean any spills as quickly as possible. You should also wash the flooring regularly. By using these tips (and the following), you can handle dug in stains on your car carpet.

Step 1: Work the Stain with a Vacuum Cleaner

Fix the tiniest carpet attachment to your vacuum cleaner and take out any dirt. If you can’t find one, manage the regular attachments designed for carpets. Next, remove the accessory and suck up any free debris with the hose.

Step 2: Use Cleaning Agent

Choose a sunny day to clean the vehicle as the heat will dry its interior quickly. Then make a washing solution by mixing a cup of white vinegar (in a bucket) with some mild soap. Pour it in about a gallon of water and create mixture.

Dip a brush into the solution and start to scrub. At this stage of how to clean car carpet, use a brush with tough bristles.

Avoid using much soap as it can toughen any embedded dirt. If you meet any stubborn stains, apply the solution until the stain comes off.

Step 3: Dry and Vacuum the Carpet

Get an old towel to dry the freshly scrubbed carpet. If you have any hanging around, an old t-shirt should do. Draw out all the moisture from flooring by patting the rag on it. Depending on the wetness, you might have to use several cloths.

Even if the flooring looks fresh, go over it with a vacuum cleaner. Continue sucking up any moisture left behind. In the end, you have a more attractive carpet for your car.

How to Remove Bad Smells from Your Car Carpet

How To Remove Bad Smells From Your Car Carpet

Step 1: Tackle Odors with Borax

Handle bad smells by covering the car carpet with Borax and allowing it to stand for an hour. Then vacuum the powder from the fabric.

To remove this effectively, use this guide on how to clean car carpet with baking soda and Borax. In a method, mix both products and dust freely on the fabric. You can also use kitty litter for this task.

Step 2: Look for the Source of Funky Smells

An easy way on how to clean car carpet smell is to trace the origin of the odor. If the Borax does not work, check every inch of your vehicle for any smelly items.

If you find any, dispose of the mess and go over the spot with a vacuum cleaner — roundup by using the Borax method (as mentioned above) and air out the vehicle.

Step 3. Take Your Vehicle to the Auto Store

If you can’t find the cause of the offensive smell, take the car to an auto store for inspection. But if you can find your way around an engine, you can pop the hood and continue your search.

Apart from dirt, several factors can make your car smell weird. These include a faulty AC unit, expired oil and overheated engines.

How to Clean a Car Carpet with a Steam Cleaner

If you’re looking for a way on how to clean car carpet with household items, the steam cleaner comes as a better option. You can also use it to remove dirt effectively from the flooring.

Since this appliance uses heated water to clean surfaces, it’s suitable for people who cannot work with chemicals. Besides, it even removes any harmful organisms from the surface of the carpet.

Here are great steps on how to clean car carpet with steam cleaner.

  • Fill up the steam cleaner with water by using the owner’s manual.
  • Attach a towel to the tip of the cleaner
  • Switch on the heat
  • Move the machine from back to front.
  • Continue until the cloth becomes dirty. As soon as the towel becomes soiled, replace it.

How to Prevent Tough Stains on Your Carpet

It’s possible to remove most stains on carpets. However, you can avoid any dirt by taking some preventive measures. For instance, swap your current mats for models with larger surfaces.

You can also use special sprays to protect the car interior from dirt. Finally, dumping trash on the vehicle carpet, rather dump them into containers designed for this purpose.

Wrap Up

Many people do not know how to clean car carpet at home or any place convenient. However, this task requires a few steps and simple tools. You can start by taking out the floor mats and taking out any refuse.

Remember to wash and dry the flooring. In case of how to clean car carpet smell, you can use Borax to remove bad odors.

I hope you find this guide useful. Please feel free to drop your comment below If you have any questions.