7 Ways to Get Rid of a Car

7 Ways to Get Rid of a Car

Not many people know how to get rid of a car they own. You can’t criticize them for their lack of knowledge on this subject. We own cars because we like what they offer – independence, convenience, pleasure trips and long drives. Not because we want to discard them one day.

Yet that is precisely what you may have to do for a myriad of reasons. Your old car might turn into a piece of junk and won’t drive anymore. A shiny new vehicle may attract your attention, but you can’t make space for it unless you dispose of its predecessor that is already in your garage.  

How to get rid of a car?

Following are the ways you can discard your car:

Cars that are in good condition

Here’s how you can get rid of a drivable car:

1. Sell it to a dealership

Sell it to a dealership

Here is one of the fastest ways to get rid of a car. You can drive it to your local dealership, have their mechanics assess the condition of your vehicle, and come up with an estimate they think is a fair price for it. Their offer may not be as high as you expect but you can always negotiate for more.

Those of you who find this option attractive – and have a vehicle that is in a condition in which you can sell it – might want to go to a dealer that sells the same model. Consult multiple dealers to receive different quotes before selling your vehicle to the highest bidder.

2. Trade it in

Trade it in

What is it that you intend to do with the money you’re going to receive for your vehicle? Do you have plans of spending it somewhere else? Or do you intend to add it to the money you already have and purchase a new or second-hand car? In which case you’d be better off trading in your used car.

Three factors will determine the trade-in value of your car. They include the condition of your used vehicle, the intensity of repairs it will require and whether the dealer already has cars similar to yours in their dealership. Consult multiple dealers before trading-in your vehicle.

3. Sell it to an online platform

Sell it to an online platform

Vroom and Carvana are two of multiple online platforms that purchase 2nd hand vehicles. They require you to enter your car’s make, model, and year on their platform, ask questions about its trims and mileage and send an expert for physical inspection.

These platforms will then give you what they think is a fair price for your vehicle. Those of you who are happy with the offered price can then chose to be paid on the spot. Others who think the offer doesn’t meet their expectations always have the option to take their vehicle to another platform.

4. Donate it

Donate it

You can always donate your car to a non-profit organization regardless of whether it’s in an excellent or imperfect condition. Many of them accept car donations as they can then sell the car on their own to finance the important work they’re doing for the community.

Donating your car won’t only help those in need. It will also allow you to save money because the IRS rules allow you to claim tax credits on donations. The tax deduction you’ll get will be equal to the price your car goes for at an auction. Though you may want to ask a tax professional for specifics.

Cars that are in worse condition

Here’s how you can get rid of a car that won’t drive around anymore:

5. Recycle it

Is your old vehicle a clunker? One way you can get rid of it is to take it to a scrapyard. It will sit there for years and years waiting for the forces of nature to degrade its components. Or you can go an environmentally-friendly way and recycle it. Here’s why we prefer the second option.

Recycling of useless vehicles doesn’t only benefits the environment. It is also beneficial for the financial health of their owners. That’s because there are programs out there, like Green Vehicle Disposal, that won’t only recycle your car for you but will also pay you for the same. Isn’t that great!

6. Contact a Junk Removal Service

Contact a Junk Removal Service

Don’t care much about the environment? You can always exercise the option of contacting a nearby junk removal service. Most companies will reimburse you for your used up vehicle. They can afford to pay you because they’d get their cash back by selling the car’s parts and scrap metal.

Some people, in the hope of getting more cash, decide against calling the junk removal service. They think that they’d be able to make more money if they do all the leg-work themselves. But they forget the convenience junk removal services offer by doing all your dirty work for you.

7. Sell its parts

Sell its parts

Car experts tell us that two types of vehicles repay you well when you decide to sell their parts. The first are those that have a strong enthusiast following. The second type of vehicles whose parts sell well are those whose original parts are challenging to find.

Parting out any car isn’t easy, though. It requires you to have the necessary tools as well as knowledge. You must also have space where you could store the parts which you’re going to take apart from the vehicle. That’s why we recommend that only pros go through this route.


Still unsure about how to get rid of a car? If you intend to discard a drivable vehicle, you have four options including selling it to a dealership, trading it in for a new car, selling it to an online platform that purchases vehicles or donating it to a not-for-profit organization.

However, if your car has become a clunker after years of use, you may have no option but to either sell it to a recycling company or contact a junk removal service. Those of you who have technical experience, as well as some free time on their hands, can sell its parts to earn more.

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