5 Easy Steps to Jack A Car

There are various things we can do on our car while it’s up on a jack. Like changing brake pads and replacing a flat tire, you even jack up a car to change the oil. Surely, there is an easy way to comfortably work under the car except you get it up with a jack.

Car Jack is naturally simple to operate with a straight forward guideline. But you must ensure strict adherence since your head is going to be under the car.

Knowing how to jack up a car will go a long way in helping you avert some pending gruesome emergencies. It’s effortless, but you need the basics, which is what this guide entails. Here is a great insight into how to jack a car

Required Equipment

The required equipment will make the carjacking process a smooth ride if you could get them. They include

  • Convenience gloves
  • Stands for the jack
  • Jack device
  • An improvised jack stand, woodblocks
  • Wireless LED lamps for the lighting
  • Chocks or anything that can serve in its place
  • Manual guide

Step By Step Guide on How To Jack Up A Car

Step 1: Get a Safe Spot to Pop the Brakes

Get a Safe Spot to Pop the Brakes

Look for a safe place away from the road and a little bit far from the jam. Take the nearest exit you can if you were on a highway, to someplace quiet and level surface place. If there are no exits, look for a parking lot with the ground hard enough to assist the jack device.

In case the emergency halts you on the main road, you don’t have a choice but to do it on the road. So you might want to get a safe spot to pop the brakes since you cannot go a long way with a deflated wheel or wheels. You’ll end up creating more harm for your automobile, which I know you won’t like.

So if you get the hardpan, where you’re sure the jack will be balanced and not plunge into the ground, begin the process.

Step 2: Ensure your Car is Secure

Ensure your Car is Secure

Before you begin to jack your car up, you should ensure to secure it from incoming vehicles. This measure is to prevent it from rolling over while being jacked if brakes do not engage appropriately, or you couldn’t wedge your car well. Hence, ensure all these things are in place before jacking.

When you switch off your ignition, ensure your gear stick is in neutral if you’re driving a manual transmission vehicle. if it’s an automatic car, you should place in the parking spot, and then engage the hand brakes. Afterward, look for something to wedge the car from rolling backward like a big stone on the side facing the one you’re jacking.

Step 3: Find the Jacking Locations and the Jack Device

Find the Jacking Locations and the Jack Device

Some cars have the jack device at the back boots beneath the mat covering or at the rear bumper in an SUV. When you find it, you should try to spot the jacking junctures where you’ll fix the jack device on the body of the vehicle. These are mostly iron flips that are strong enough to carry the weight of the car.

It’s always four jacking points in a standard car. You can find it beneath the doors and somewhere around the front tire. You can confirm the spots from your user’s manual.

Step 4: Place the Jack in Position

Place the Jack in Position

Majority of the jacks we have always had an extension that fits into the jacking point of the vehicle, although your car may have a different setup. If you can’t find it, you can always look it up in the user’s manual to elaborate on how your car jack should work.

It explains the jacking points, the type of Jack that is suitable for your car, and the best way to jack up your car

Step 5: Jack the Car Up

Jack the Car Up

When you have slotted the extension into the jacking point hole, turn the lever in a clockwise manner. Continue until you have jacked the four wheels up

Ensure that jack is on a stable surface to avoid wobbling and making your car to slant to aside. Also, make sure to set the jack in a straight position and on a jack stand to prevent it from slipping off.

It would be best if you took extreme caution when you want to jack up a car to change oil underneath. This is to prevent the car dropping on your face, which could be quite dangerous and deadly.

I will recommend that you always make use of a stronger jack that has a more flexible handle for pumping. If you could get one of those used in the repair shops, that will be great.

When you have finished working under the car, you should gradually lower the vehicle. You do this by turning the handle in an anti-clockwise manner until the four wheels are on the ground correctly.

Detach the jack device and place it back in its spot. Afterward, take out the wedges before you drive.

We often forget to remove the wedges we attached to the tires for stability. It makes you think that your car is still on brakes when you try to move because it holds the wheels down in position. It’s no brake issue, check the wedges.

Precautions When Using a Jack

  • Always ensure to use the jack recommended in your user manual for your car. The carmaker that suggested it knows it matches the specifics of your vehicle, so don’t use any other.
  • Don’t be overly reliant on any of the jack devices you’re using irrespective of the type of jack. Even the approved jack can slip if it’s not well placed or used on a soft surface. Make sure the car hangs well on the jack before working beneath.
  • Regularly take these precautions when using a jack on your car
  • Ensure you park the car on a hard surface and place wedges on the other tires.
  • Place the gear stick in the ‘park’ spot if it’s an automatic transmission car or in gear if it’s manual. Also, ensure that you engage all necessary brakes in the car.
  • Do not go beneath the car for work if you have placed the manufacturer’s jack for spare tires.
  • Find the jack in the boot beneath the floor mat in the spare tire compartment. You can also find it in the back bump of SUVs or at the back of the front seat in a pickup van.

Final Word

You may have to jack up your car one day no matter who you are. You might be in a fix where help will be far away, and the only thing that could come to your rescue is our guide on how to jack a car

The vital thing you should know is where to jack your car, the best surface, and the jacking points. These safety precautions might help too:

  • Make sure you are using the tight jacking tools
  • Make sure your vehicle is parked correctly to avoid rolling
  • Ensure you place blocks on the wheels before jacking

That’s it, guys! You’re now an expert in car jack-ups. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section.