8 Easy Steps to Junk a Car

Cars, like every other device, have a functional duration and a time that it depreciates to a level when it becomes less useful. At this point, the best thing would be to junk the car in the most suitable way.

Some regions have different policies that affect the junking of vehicles with regards to entitlement. Here is a step by step guide on How to junk a car generally

Steps on How to Junk a Car

Step 1: Get In Touch With the Car Junk Buyers in Your Area

The primary to do when you want to junk a car is to contact the junk car buyers on your locality to know how much they’ll offer. It’s advisable to tell them the car model and the level of spoilage it has. These factors will enable them give a rough estimation of what your car will yield.

It’s best to keep an open mind while going so that the organization involve don’t dash your hopes. Give them as much detail as possible about any damage your vehicle had in the past.

They might solicit for you to tow the car to the yard at your own expense, thereby reducing to your gain. Also, insist on completing the bargain before you sanction the tow so that the buyers won’t exploit you.

Step 2: Ensure the Buyer Is Licensed

Ensure the Buyer Is Licensed

Ensure the buyer is genuine and authorized using his license if he has one. A trip to the respective car junkyards, where you junk a car, is all you need to meet the buyer on duty and ask him.

However, there is a possibility of an online confirmation to avoid the incidence of lawful prosecution and monetary punishments. Though you need the maximum money you can get from your car, try to ensure that your buyer is incensed and has a standard scale.

Since the car scraps sell by their weights, it’s best if you insist on a standard scale so that you will get maximum value for your vehicle. The reason is that, if the weighing tool is faulty, your money is unlikely to be complete.

Step 3: Check the Previous Clients’ Review

This measure applies to the online validation where you source information about the buyer for search engines. One of the first things you should look at is the review of the previous clients. Also, look out for their social media handles and know what people comment about them.

If the previous customers are happy with their services and people say nice things about them online, that’s your buyer. But if the opposite is the case, you should discontinue with such a buyer.

Step 4: Calculate Your Expenses

Getting the buyer that will offer a bigger check is one of the challenges of junking your car. In your calculations, make sure you add the towing expenses of the vehicle if it can’t move on its own. If the opposite is the case, all you need to do is to procure a little fuel for the car. This measure is much cheaper than towing.

Most people employ the city’s agency in charge of moving cars to save some money on towing expenditures. Ensure to do the checks and balances before going for the most lucrative bargain.

Step 5: Arrange the Car for Tow

Once you finish with the selection processes for the buyer, you should make the car ready for the junk sale. This entails taking out all your needed properties that are still inside the vehicle, carefully, not to forget anyone. It might sound like stating an undeniable fact, but most times, people fail to pick valuables from junk cars.

Take your time to ransack the vehicle and take out those items that made the car yours. Also, you may loosen any fitting that is still functional and of high market value. The car might no longer be roadworthy, but some components might again fetch you extra cash.

However, you should also know that if any part is missing, the junk buyer may offer less money than the former bargain. The choice is yours to find out which is a more lucrative way of selling the vehicle. It’s either you will sell the car by its parts and then the empty frame or selling the whole vehicle as scrap.

Step 6: Gather Your Car Documents

Gather Your Car Documents

Selling a car to junk buyers does not require much paperwork most times, but you risk collecting smaller pay. For a higher fee, you can change the title to the buyer’s name to make the whole process legitimate. What you need to junk a car is to head to a nearby DMV with the prerequisites, and then request for it.

The Department may instruct you to turn in your plate numbers and insurance papers to enable them to change the title. This may put some bills into your pocket if you have completed the premium payment insuring the car. Or instead, collect money from you if there is a debt on it.

Step 7: Complete the Transaction

At this point, if you’re satisfied with the bargain you have with the junk buyer, you should move to the next step. Also, ensure you have pieced the documents together and arranged them for the movement of the car. It is now time for sale.

You can go ahead and complete the transaction by taking the car to the junkyard. When it gets to the location, it will undergo an assessment by the buyer to ascertain the price it’s going to go for.

Try to alert them of any attached parts that could go for a higher monetary value than the rest of the scraps. You may have left them on purpose or because of a lack of chance to remove it. After the final evaluation, the buyer pays in cash or by check to end the transaction.

Step 8: Make Sure Everything Checks Out

After the transaction, ensure that check out everything before moving on to something else. You should look up on things like the name on the title to be sure it has been changed or canceled. This approach is to avert dangers that accompany mistaken identities such as theft involvement or wreck incidences.

Contact the DMV in your region to confirm if they have modified or altered the name entirely. If they have completed this process and you cashed your check, then you have successfully junked your car.

Final Word

Knowing what you need to junk a car can come in handy when your vehicle becomes too scrappy that it can’t move again. Junking a car is a sure way of getting funds on an automobile that has depreciated beyond face value.

The steps above, if taken carefully, will ensure that you can junk your car with or without a title. However, ensure that after the transaction, you transfer or cancel the title entirely for safety reasons.