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2 Ways to Remove Window Tint

Window tint gives you privacy day and night, and it helps to reduce the intensity of the sunlight into your room. But if you are using a worn-out tint, you won’t enjoy these benefits.

A scratch tint, an uneven tone of coloration, or even stubborn stains on it makes the window glass looks horrible.

If you notice your tint has any of the above defects, you will need to replace it. Removing an old tint might sound very difficult, but it is an easy process.

Scraping the tint away might get it off, but this consumes time and it is tedious to carry out. Luckily, there are easy ways on how to remove old window tinting. Read on to get these great guides.

Removing window tint with Ammonia or Soapy Water

To use ammonia to remove window tint, follow these steps below.

Step 1: Cover the Door Panel of the Car or Window Frame Of Your House

Ammonium gas is a corrosive chemical. It is therefore advisable you protect the places that you do not want this chemical to touch. If you are removing tint from your car, cover the door panel.

For home windows, cover its frame and the floor around that area with plastic sheets. Avoid using materials that can absorb the chemical.

Step 2: Cover the Window Using Black Garbage Bags

Get a new garbage bag, and use it to cover the window, and trace out its outline. Remove the bag from the window and cut out the traced shape. Ensure that you cut deep enough to get both parts.

Now you have two pieces of the garbage bag, one for inside and the other for outside. If you cannot reach the outside part of your window, just cover the inside. Do this for all the windows whose tint you want to replace.

Step 3: Pour Soapy Water to the Outer Part of the Window

Pour Soapy Water to the Outer Part of the Window

Apply Soapy water on the outer part of the window tint you want to remove. You can skip the step if the outside is inaccessible. After applying the soapy water, place the cut garbage bag on the wet window. The moisture on the window will make it stick.

To make soapy/foamy water, add liquid soap to water and shake until a foamy solution is formed.

Step 4: Apply Ammonia on the Inner Part of the Window

This process is usually done during hot days because heat is a crucial for this process. It is advisable that after the application of ammonia that you expose the window to heat.

Luckily, with an artificial heater, you can carry out this process any time of the year. If not, summertime is optimal.

Apply ammonia on the inner part of the window. Ensure that it reaches every part of the window with tint covering. Then cover the window using the cut garbage bag. The ammonia will help the bag stick, if it does not hold, then tape the bag to the window.

Leave the ammonia on the window for one or two hours. Doing this will allow the heat to penetrate the window. Rays from sunlight can provide heat, but to make this process faster, you can use an artificial heater. The hotness from this device will help the ammonia to break down the adhesive substance of the tint.

Step 5: Pull out The Bags and Remove the Tint

Remove the garbage bags from the window. Using a knife or razor, pull up a corner of the tint until you can get a grip. Pull it out carefully from the window and ensure it doesn’t tear. If it rips, pull up another corner and continue until the tint is out.

To remove window film adhesive remaining on it, you can spray ammonia again or scrape with a razor. When scraping, ensure you are careful so as not to cause damage to the window.

Removing window tint with Steamer

Removing Window Tint With SteamerRemoving Window Tint With SteamerRemoving Window Tint With Steamer

Using steam reduces window tint removal costs. If you decide to use steam for the removal of car window tint, you need to get some items. These items include;

  • Water
  • A dry piece of cloth
  • Steamer
  • Adhesive remover

To remove window tint using steam, you have to follow these steps

Step 1: Slide Down The Window Of Your Car

You need to open your car to access the tint on the inside. Slide down your window until you can comfortably see the edge of the tint.

Step 2: Using Your Steamer, Steam Both Sides Of The Window

The process hinges on the fact that steam is a potent adhesive dissolver. Get a fabric steamer, and then sweep it along the outside window first and the inside window later. Ensure its spread on the window evenly.

Make sure that you hold the steamer at about one to two inches away from the window. It is necessary to maintain this distance for optimal effect. If the range is too far, the adhesive might not dissolve enough for the tint to come off.

After steaming the window, pull up the tint at the top corner using a razor. If you find it difficult to do, then you need to steam again.

Step 3: Pull off Tint

Pull off Tint

Keep your steamer handy so that you can reapply it over stubborn spots. Gently pull off the tint from top to bottom, ensuring that it does not rip.

If the tint tears probably because of a stubborn spot, then steam that spot and pull up with a razor. Repeat this until it comes off.

Step 4: Use Adhesive Remover to Take out Any Residue

If you don’t remove leftover adhesive from your window, the glass will look very rough, thus making future tinting difficult. To remove it, apply remover substance on the parts of the window with adhesive and scrub with a non-scratch pad.

Dry the window using a clean rag to remove any leftover moisture from the steam and adhesive remover.

Step 5: Repeat the Above Processes for All Your Tinted Windows

Repeat this process on all your windows with a tint to ensure you have a neat and tidy finish. Ensure you take your time to do a thorough job and avoid leaving any spot unattended.

Note: Sweep the steam over the tint for a minimum of ten minutes before attempting to pull it off. This approach is to ensure that the adhesive holding it to the window dissolves.

To make the work easier for you, you can trigger the steamer and tie it in place. This reduces the stress on your finger since you won’t need to hold the trigger anymore.

While steaming the inside of the vehicle, you must close the car to reduce heat loss.

Wrap Up

Using steam or ammonia would get tint off your window in less than three hours. How to remove old window tinting from house windows should not give you cause for concern.

The tint removal process isn’t that stressful, and following the above steps would save you time and money. Here is a summary of how to remove the tint easily.

  • Apply ammonia or steam on the tint and allow it to stand for a while. If you are using a steamer, steam for about ten minutes, for ammonia leave to stand for two hours.
  • Pull off the tint gently
  • Remove leftover adhesives
  • Wipe off moisture from the window and dry thoroughly.

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