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7 Easy Steps to Tint Car Windows

Getting your car window tinted looks like a cool idea. However, only few people know how to tint car windows correctly. Luckily, you can carry out the project in your home.

In this post, you will discover all the steps needed to change the look of your vehicle. You will also learn the various tools required for this task. By using the following tips, you should become a pro at applying tint on the glass.

Tools Needed for Adding Tint to Your Car Windows

Before carryout the step on how to tint your car windows, you should get the following materials. Although you might not use all the items on the list, it’s essential to purchase them for future use.

Homemade Window Tint

As expected, this comes as one of the essential items on this list. If you want to buy this product, check the company’s instructions.

Film Application Solution

Even if it’s possible to purchase a separate container of this liquid, I recommend that you use the one that comes with the window tint since it stands as a perfect fit.

You will also need a razor blade. For this project, you should use these tool to cut out the tint. Remember to get a shape that matches your car window.

Scraper Blade

You can find this item in the window lint package. But if it’s not available, purchase it from a car wash or auto store.

Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth

Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth

This might not be a compulsory DIY window tint kit, but it is best you get it. Before using the tint or window application solution, you will use this item to wipe down the glass.


During the project, it’s not compulsory to use this tool. But if you have one, it can help with rough edges or air bubbles.

Heat Gun

This item helps the window tint to stick on the glass perfectly. But since it’s optional, there’s no need to bother about getting one.

Important Tips for Tinting Car Windows

Do you have any experience with tinting car windows? If not, start with the tiniest flat window. By working on this area, you can become familiar with the process. Also, with this part even if you make mistake you won’t have to worry much.

Furthermore, you will need to choose a place with temperature between 40 – 95°F to learn how to tint windows at home comfortably. You can work in a shaded spot, but ensure that it’s dust-free and has enough light. If dirt gets under the film, it will affect the final appearance of the tint.

Do not rush the project. Instead, apply the window tint with care to avoid potential creases. For a clean job, work with wet fingers.

Seek assistance from friends or family. The reason is that if you have more hands, you can fix the film on the glass quickly.

How to Tint Car Windows

Step 1: Prepare Your Vehicle

Prepare Your Vehicle

As mentioned earlier, dusty surfaces can make any tint job look bad. So before fixing the tint, clean out your car with a vacuum.

You also need to remove any adhesives or stickers on the windows. If you leave them, they can spoil the look of the new window tint.

Step 2: Wipe Down the Windows

Wipe Down the Windows

Avoid harsh cleaners that use ammonia as they can give your window a purple hue. Instead, use a solution made by mixing mild soap to a gallon of warm water.

Pour the soapy solution on the glass and scrape with the blade. But ensure you wind down the window for at least an inch when you want to clean the surface (including the top). Work on both sides of the glass and ensure that it’s free from dirt.

Step 3: Remove the Moisture from the Glass

Remove the Moisture from the Glass

Wipe the glass with the squeegee or lint-free cloth. Although the squeegee removes water from glass surfaces, it might not work great to reach the edges of the window. In this case, you will need to use the rag.

Apart from the glass, try to remove dirt from the space under the window seals. For maximum reach, wrap the cloth around your finger and slide it below the seals.

Step 4: Understand the Window Film

Understand the Window Film

Take out the window film and pull one end to show the sticky side. One of the great procedures on how to tint rear car windows is to ensure the unfixed end faces your body.

Step 5: Cut Out the Film

Cut Out the Film

Before cutting out the film, apply another round of soapy solution on the window. By using this liquid, the film will stick to the glass for a limited period while permitting you to position it.

Spread the film over the glass and ensure it extends at least 2 inches from the window. At this point, the liner should also face your body and do not let it fall off. When you cover a part of the window with the film, spray some of the soapy solutions.

Since this article does not cover how to tint car windows with spray, you will have to whip out a utility knife and cut out the window film. Try to take off one end at a time.

If you cut the extra off an edge, move the window tint towards that space. By doing this, you will have enough film to cover the whole glass. If you reach the upper end of the window, roll down the glass an inch to get a perfect shape.

Step 6. Fix the Film to the Window

Fix the Film to the Window

Pull out the liner from the pieces of window film. To do this, place masking tape on one end of the liner/tint and pull apart.

Afterward, apply the inner part of the car window with the film application solution. Then spray some of the liquid on the sticky edge of the tint. Place the window tint on the inside of the car window and use the scraper blade to fix the film on the glass correctly.

Step 7. Take out the Bubbles and Allow the Film to Cure

Take out the Bubbles and Allow the Film to Cure

Now you have reached the final stages of how to tint car windows. Here, you should take out the squeegee and remove streaks and air bubbles on the film. You can also use a heat gun (lightly) to get the same results.

Park the car in a spot with temperatures between 40 and 98°F. Then allow the film to cure for at least a weak for a proper seal.

Wrap Up

Covering your car windows in tint might look like a hard task. However, this process involves a few easy steps.

First, gather the tools and remove any dirt from the surface. Then wipe down the glass with a soapy solution and dry. Round up by fixing the window tint and parking the spot with a maximum temperature of 98°F. Now there’s no need to type “car window tinting types” into a search engine.

Although this article might not have revealed how to tint car windows without film, I hope you find this article useful.