How to Detail a Car

10 Easy Steps to Detail a Car

To detail a car, you need to exceed the usual washing. It entails going into the dark areas of the vehicle that contributes to its shininess. .  Car cleaning deals with the exterior surfaces and vacuuming of the inner surfaces, but detailing picks the car in parts for a thorough clean up. Getting it done

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Car

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Car? (7 Facts)

Wrapping your car is a smart move for several reasons, including a lower cost compared to painting. You can always remove the wrapping and have the original paint back when needed. Plus, this is an excellent way to protect your car from scratches and to change color and style as you wish. No matter the

how much does it cost to paint a car

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car? (Tips to Save Money)

You want to drive around in a new-look car but don’t want to get a new ride? You could clean up your vehicle and give it a fresh look without spending much. A lovely painting will give your car a look it has at that dealer shop and reminds you of the times when you

how long does a car battery last

How Long Do Car Batteries Last? (5 Tips to Last Longer)

A car battery comes as one of the most important thing in a vehicle. This automobile cell starts the engine and powers some parts of the vehicle system. However, many drivers do not know how long car batteries last. So how long do car batteries last? Well, these items (original or new) have varying lifetimes.

car painting

10 Easy Steps to Paint a Car

The mere thought of repainting an old car can be overwhelming, if not scary. You may be among the many who think that only professional car painters can do the job. With the right guide, anyone can handle those blemishes and rust on the body of a car. If you are concerned about how much to

How Much Does a Car Weigh

How Much Does a Car Weigh?

Have you ever thought to yourself, how much does my car weigh, in case it breaks down and you need to tow? It might just be a flash of thought across your mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important question. Although it’s not a popular topic, we should at least know the average weight of

dry car with leaf blower

9 Tips for Drying a Car with cordless Leaf Blower

Generally, a cordless leaf blower is mended for clearing fallen leaves from the yard. The rate at which leaves dry up and drop depends mainly with the season. As a result cordless leaf blower become more useful in a dry season as compared to cold seasons. As a result, your blower can be hung up

How many car speakers

How Many Speakers Do You Need for Your Car?

A good sound in the car is one of the most important criteria for many drivers. It is boring to drive a car without music, and high-performance audio technologies bring real pleasure not only to music lovers but also to all the drivers. How many speakers are in my car? The question often arises about

Measure Car Speaker

6 Easy Steps to Measure Car Speaker Size

If you’re getting a new stereo for your car, you would want to replace the speakers as well. Or you may just want to replace an old car speaker with a new one. Maybe it’s too old, or it just isn’t of the quality you want? Whatever the reason for wanting to find a replacement,

How to Wash a Car

How to Wash a Car? 13 Easy Steps for Detailing Your Vehicle

For many people, their vehicle is their pride and joy, and keeping it in perfect condition is a labor of love. However, washing your car is about much more than just splashing some soapy water over it, and if you don’t do it right, you won’t achieve the result you want – so here’s how