How Much Does It Cost To Tow a Car

How Much Does It Cost To Tow a Car? (7 Facts)

Every year, many cars are towed from one place to another for various reasons. Almost all vehicles have been towed in their short lifespan. And the tow charge for each vehicle may be expensive if you don’t have it covered one way or another by your insurance. You could wish to set up a contingency

Remove Tree Sap From Car

3 Ways to Remove Tree Sap From Car

Have you ever notice the dangling tree branch looming menacingly over your neatly parked car? You return, lo, and behold your car gets splashed with tree sap. How to remove the sap without damaging the paint can become a headache, especially if it has dried. Ordinarily, sap from trees would not damage your car paint and can get

how to to Remove Deep Scratch from Car

10 Tips to Remove Deep Scratch from Car

Imagine you get home from work, park your car in the garage, then you notice a deep car scratch down to the metal of your vehicle. No, it is not a dream, day ruined. You are upset because you know without having to do any calculations that it will be difficult to cover up such

Tune a Car

7 Easy Steps to Tune a Car

There is no doubt that tuning a car enhances its appearance, operation, and potential extensively. With that in mind, you’ll undoubtedly seek to know how to tune a car for performance? Since there are not many professionals in the area, I’ll advise that you get the car tuning for beginners’ manual for guidance. But if don’t have one

How Often Should You Wax Your Car

How Often Should You Wax Your Car? (It Depends…)

As anyone who owns a car will know, looking after it properly is essential if you want to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible – and this includes washing it, cleaning it and ensuring it is properly maintained. One aspect of taking care of a car that is sometimes overlooked is

How to Remove Rust from Your Car

How to Remove Rust from Your Car? (Complete Guide)

Body rust will impair the look, quality, and value of your vehicle. If you wonder how to remove rust from your car, I will give you a few ideas on what to do before beginning with the procedure. At first, you should identify the type of rust appearing on the car body. Then, try to

how to Change a Car Battery

10 Easy Steps to Change a Car Battery

No matter how much care you give to your car battery, it can’t last forever. Hence, pay attention to the operation of your vehicle to know when to replace your car battery.  If you detect a fault in your headlights, or your automobile cannot switch to the ignition without a jump-start, it’s time to change it. Changing your

How to Clean Car Battery Terminals

8 Easy Steps to Clean Car Battery Terminals

After using a car battery for many years, it tends to become dirty or show signs of rust or wear. As expected, these issues can result in spills and reduce the lifespan of the unit. But if you keep the contacts clean, the battery will last longer. Thus, you won’t have to bother about getting

how to Touch Up Car Paint

8 Easy Steps to Touch Up Car Paint

It is almost inevitable to avoid the blotches and dents in a car. Sometimes, you don’t even know where the object comes from to bruise your car covering. Also, unfavorable climatic circumstances may cause some dents on the body of the car. When this happens, you need to quickly touch up the car paint so that it

how to Clean Car Windows

4 Best Ways to Clean Car Windows

The crucial question after thoroughly washing your vehicle is how to clean car windows. It’s up to you to find the best way to do that job. Clean windows enhance visibility and give your car the final shine and classy look. However, many drivers have a problem with ugly streaks remaining on the glass in