Car Shakes When Braking

11 Main Reasons Why Car Shakes When Braking

Driving safety always comes first in a dictionary of all drivers. Do you feel relaxed and trust your driving skills when your car shakes when braking? Of course not! In such a situation, my stomach becomes turning, palms sweating, and I have a feeling of discomfort and insecurity. Sounds familiar? If you want to avoid

how does a car battery work

How Does a Car Battery Work?

The battery is an essential requirement for most electrical and electronic devices to work and the Car system is no exception. Understanding the chemistry of how a car battery works is another different thing altogether. Almost everybody knows something about a car battery like the way it’s removed, charged, or stored. But how many people know how car

How to Disconnect a Car Battery

5 Easy Steps to Disconnect a Car Battery

Have you ever tried to start your car and it won’t start? You should check the battery because it might be dead and needs replacement. However, you should first know how to disconnect a car battery before you can take it out for replacement. Most people who take out their car batteries employ the DYI tactic to

How to Hotwire a Car

How to Hotwire a Car Quickly and Easily!

Hotwiring is the process of bypassing the ignition point to unlock a car and drive it out. It is usually possible with vehicles manufactured up to the mid-90s. Unlike older models, makers of newer models hide away all the wiring units. It is good practice to ensure you follow the manual when tampering with the

how to Test a Car Battery

7 Easy Steps to Test a Car Battery

A car battery performs an essential function as it helps to power up the vehicle. For this reason, it is important you keep it in perfect condition to avoid setbacks. To keep it in good working order at times, most experts recommend that you test the battery as often as needed. Luckily, checking the state

What is Drivetrain

What is Drivetrain? 5 Types You Need to Know

Remember with AWD and 4WD, you need the same cushion of space as you would with two-wheel drive. In fact, because of their weight, heavy sport utility vehicles may take longer to stop on slippery surfaces than a lighter passenger car would at the same speed. Manufacturers don’t offer many manual transmissions anymore, at least

The History of Auto-theft Legislation

Federal Legislation 1919 The Dyer Act, popularly known as the National Motor Vehicle Theft Act, made interstate transportation of stolen vehicles a federal crime. This law imposed harsh sentences — fines and up to 10 years imprisonment — on those who transported stolen vehicles across state lines. Passed in 1919, the Dyer Act was an