7 Types of Tires: Which is Right for You?

Have you ever wondered if you have the right tires on your car? I have. I often have a hard time choosing tires, because in most cases, I want the big ones, even though they cost more, but they just look so cool.

This is however wrong. You must buy the right tires for the right vehicle, and anyone out there wondering how to choose a tire type, I’ve got you covered. This review shall cover this topic and in the end, you shall be more informed.

What type of tire should I buy?

Good question. Most websites shall give you a good list of the different tires and their sizes, but in most cases, you shall need to have a deeper understanding of what it all means.

Tires are usually designed for the seasons, high performance, etc. I will explain what it all means below;

The All-Season tires

These are tires designed to function exactly as they have been named. For all seasons. They are engineered to be smooth, fuel-efficient, a quiet ride. Now, unfortunately, since they are designed for all seasons, they tend to falter when it comes to extreme weather.

You should only buy such tires if you live in places that have mild weather conditions since they cannot handle snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures.

Snow/winger tires

If you tend to experience extreme winters where you live, these are perfect tires for you. They can actually handle all-seasons and are created from a special rubber that does not freeze or stiffen when the temperatures are below the normal levels.

Additionally, they provide traction during winter for the bad road conditions such as slush, snow, and ice. If your weather is brutal, consider these tires.

Performance tires

These are actually high-performance tires that are created for drivers who care more about performance and speed. They are able to harness the horsepower of the engine and they grip the road like race tires.

However, they tend to have reduced wear ratings, and typically, they do not last as long as other types of tires. You shall often find them on a sports card.

Summer tires

Summer tires

In most cases, these are the regular tires. Basically, a summer tire can only handle three seasons in a year, do not try to drive your summer tires during winter as they will not function at all. They can work on a damp road traction and summer thunderstorms are perfect for them.

All-Terrain Tires

All-Terrain Tires

If you are the kind of person who loves driving your vehicle on beaten paths, then an all-terrain tire would be perfect for you. These are tires that are created to handle the hard earth surfaces and can run well on sand, rocks, and mud. They actually even look heavy-duty as well.

They can handle beaten paths as well. Taken then on normal roads and you shall experience a very high level of comfort, because this is an easy area for them.

Touring tires

These are the premium tires and are designed for drivers who are interested in having a smooth experience that is both comfortable and has superior handling. These tires will offer you a long tread life, reliability, and minimum noise.

If you love traveling long distances, then these are the tires you should choose. They work in all-seasons and can handle wet and dry weather pretty well. However, they may have some trouble with frozen and snow conditions.

Mud-terrain tires

These tires can handle soft surfaces such as sand and deep mud better than other tires on our list. Mud-terrain is considered to be extremely aggressive and you may actually have trouble maneuvering. But, with this type of tire, you can do it.

These tires have some intense design that is perfect for off-road as well, it however will not be as silent, smooth, or comfortable as the normal roads.

What’s the fuzz with car tires?

Now, buying car tires seems so easy, but finding the right ones for your car can be a little bit difficult.

If you get this wrong, you will end up hobbling your car’s performance and also affecting its ability to tackle all types of weather.

Car tires need to be replaced at least every four years and having a refresher course on how to choose the right one may be just what you needed so you can get it right, at least this time around.

Most car tires actually fall into different categories, which I shall explain next. From the list below, you shall be able to identify what you need, according to your needs. But first;

What size does your car need?

Before we even look at the type of tire you shall need, let us understand the size. It starts with the size, then you trickle down to the right type.

To find out the size, you shall need to consult with your owner’s manual, or you can check the placard that is found on the side of the driver’s door jab. This shall give you the recommended tire measurements for the car you are driving.

It will look like this – P215/60R16 94T. In my previous post – what does tire size numbers mean, I have explained all of this.

So, the number that you find there, is what you should be looking for. This is the right tire to fit the wheels on your car.


Once you have identified the right tire size for your car, you should then think about the type of weather conditions you are living under, so you can choose the right type of tire to fit your everyday life.

Most drives, however, tend to stick to the same old tires they had before. All you do is go to the tire shop and choose the right size and then just pick out what you had, without realizing that there is a whole world of tires out there that would make your life so much easier.

When I discovered this, my life finally started. Now, I driver the best tires and my car is able to navigate whichever terrain I find myself.

You should, however, ensure that you consider the following when buying a tire;

  • The cost – choose one that is affordable.
  • The brand – the top brands tend to be longer-lasting, so stick with the best.
  • Comfort – if you want comfort, choose a tire to fit your life.
  • Wear – sometimes, it is important to buy a quality and expensive tire, as it is likely to last longer.
  • Noise level – choose a tire that has minimal noise levels so you can enjoy yourself on the road.

Finally, we are always here to help you with your tire and car related queries. Please reach out to us if you experience any trouble on the road. Stay safe and drive safe always.

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