What Speakers Fit My Car?

Car speaker system comes as one of the best upgrade you can give to your vehicle. We might say we didn’t recognize the new car wheels, rims, or boot compartment, but no one can deny good sound when they hear one.

First things first, before you get that speaker upgrade, you should know what speakers will fit your car without adjustments. But how do you get to know the exact speaker that is the best fit for your vehicle? That’s why this article is your sure guide to know what speakers will fit your vehicle best. So read on.

Measure the Speaker to Get the Right Size

This moment you should take out your meter rule with which you get the accurate measurement for the speaker. And remember you measure in inches; here are some parameters you need to measure

The Diameter of the Speaker

You’d recall correctly that diameter is the length from one point of a circle to another, right? Good! It applies here too, as your speaker’s diameter is the length from one edge of the speaker to the other.

During measurement, we’ll advise you to carry it out two times before writing down. However, speakers come in different sizes, but they all fall within a typical range of sizes. These include 5.0, 5.2, 5×7, 6.5, 6×9, 3.5, and 4.0 all in inches. Car speakers don’t usually come outside these size ranges.

Usually, the speaker of size 6.5-inches is more even and gives you the opportunity to configure and customize it to your taste. You should know that the speakers don’t come in exact size but within a particular range. That means you might have to get your 6.35-inches speaker in a range within 60-6.5inches.

The Speaker Mounting Depth

The Speaker Mounting Depth

The mounting depth, however, is the space under the speaker extension until the bottom of the magnet.

No one wants their new speaker to be hitting the upper component of the car, as this will bring about the rattling sound. Not only that, but it can also spoil the speaker within a short while.

Get the Mounting Length

To get the correct mounting length, you should place your ruler at the base of the speaker projection to its apex. This measurement helps you to prevent the clashing of the speaker into the grills. It also enables you to create enough space for tweezers that pop out on the sides.

Take the Mounting Screw Diameter Measurement

Now, if you must know, this measurement is not all that important, but since it won’t take you much, measure them. To get this measurement, wrap your tape around the screw or better still make an opening that will contain the speakers.

However, most vehicles come with an opening for the speaker, thus you won’t need to bother yourself.

Take the Installation Space Measurement

Look around your car, and you’ll see the spaces where the speakers can be installed. For instance, the back and front door panels, the edges of the dashboard, and the trunk sides are all possible speaker spots. All these spots have their measurements, and it will do you good if you know them.

Other Methods to Get the Right Speaker for Your Car

There are various ways if knowing your car speaker measurement, aside from the methods mentioned above. You already know you are not getting the right speaker if your size guessing is wrong. So it’s advisable to know all the ways to get the correct measurements of your speaker.

Measure the Frame

This is yet another simple method of getting the speaker measurement in your car. You can measure the framework for the car speaker space or check the spots for the dimension on them. Although this method is straightforward, not every vehicle comes with the speaker frame marker.

This is a significant limitation on this method, but not to worry, the next one is even much easier and can be more accurate.

Use Online Tool

Use Online Tool

For this method, you should have all the information about your cars like the model and make, year and manufacturer. With these, you can get the accurate speaker measurement for your vehicle by accessing most of the online databases. In no time, this database shows you numerous speakers that’ll fit into your car.

They don’t just show you one speaker but several sizes and models that will fit best in your car. It gives you a broader spectrum of choices to pick out from, and you’ll have the chance to search for what you want. It guarantees you the refined sound you’ve always wished for in your car.

Some helpful online tools include the online car stereo, and the Car toys fit guide. They’ll run an analysis of your car model and provide you with the speaker of your dreams.

Car Guide / User Manual

You could check your car manual to know the accurate size of your car speakers. You could check beneath your stereo spot for information on the speaker. The info you will get there will be explicit on the measurement of the frames and the exact size of the speaker that will fit perfectly.

Always endeavor to visit the car manual for information about your car because they are one of the most reliable sources you have. Whenever you want to run an upgrade, ensure you consult your manual for fitting sizes that fit best. The same goes for your speaker upgrade, so you can get a matching fit just like the one the car came with.

The guide also informs you of possible expansions to make on your speaker spots or new places to install them. I’m very much aware that most of us can’t lay hands on our manual because we’ve misplaced them, that’s why the following method is essential.

Car Maker

If you can’t find your car manual and then you still want a matching fitting in your car, you should probably contact the carmaker. You can get them through the email address or phone number on the driver’s plate at the door side. Who knows, they might tell you what you won’t see on the internet.

Seek Professional Guidance

When all methods seem to fail, you can contact a professional for any information you need on your car. You should probably go with them to the auto part store to get the right speaker. In case you don’t get one for yourself, you could consult the experts at the store for professional advice.

Also, ensure that you get the expert to fix it for you. That way, you won’t have rattling sound issues, even though some experts are expensive.

Important things to look out for the Right Speaker For Your Car

Quality of the Woofer

Ensure you check for the woofer quality when getting the car speakers. It would be best you go for a woofer that guarantees better sound and a woofer that is not too heavy. For a stiff woofer that reels out good jazz sound, the experts will suggest that of polypropylene make.


This determines the quantity of sound the speaker can give at a point. All car speakers have the specific power that determines the amount of sound it gives out. The average power range of speakers is 15W, and I will recommend a speaker of about 90dB.

Wrap Up

There is no straight answer to the question – what speaker will fit into my car? But the information provided by this guide will significantly help you make the right choice. The best way remains, you get the specific dimension of your car speaker space before choosing a speaker.

I wish you a fruity search as you set out to find the best car speakers for your vehicle.