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How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

By tinting windows, you will reduce the impact of sun rays on the interior of the car, so there will be no fading and cracking on the car seat or dashboard. The window film for day and night privacy blocks 99% of UV rays, which means it also protects your skin. Also, heat impact is reduced by up to 60%, and this will influence air-conditioning usage while driving, so your gas expenses will decrease.

When you search on the Net for how much does it cost to tint car windows, you will find that prices are in a range of $99 and $200 in most shops. Basically, the overall window tinting costs will depend on a few factors. Let’s take a closer look at the subject and how to tint your car windows at the lowest possible price.

DIY Window Tinting Costs

Several factors can determine your window tinting costs, such as:

  • If you do the job on your own, or you decide to hire a professional
  • The type of vehicle you have
  • The number of windows you want to tint
  • The kind of film you plan to use

If you consider yourself skilled enough, it will be easy to purchase a tinting film and convenient kit on your own. The prices start from $9.57 for a window tint film roll, which size is 19.69 x 118.11 inches (50 x 300 cm). For that price, you will also get a knife and a scraper in the package.

Having a whole roll of film will make it easier if you make a mistake. You will have enough material to do the job again. Also, you can purchase pre-cut films, as well. They are a bit easier to apply, but it will depend on how skillful you are.

Additionally, buying the tint film application kit that contains all the necessary tools, including application bottle, tint-on solution, the angle squeegee, and low- lint cloth, will cost you just $9.97.

Of course, the amount of film you will use will depend on the size of the windows and what model of vehicle you have. On average, it will take at least two hours of your time to finish the tinting.

So, basic window tinting costs can be less than $20. Of course, the price will get higher if you opt for more quality tint.

The Downside of DIY Window Tinting

The Downside Of DIY Window Tinting

There are a few reasons to consider hiring a professional instead of doing tinting on your own. The primary one is that film can often create bubbles after some time if it is not applied correctly.

Over time, you may notice air, soap, and dirt accumulated under the bubbles. Since you can’t remove them, you will need to re-apply a new film.

Also, any wrong cut of the film before you apply it will be a final cut, and there is no room for mistakes here. So, you need to be highly precise and clean windows thoroughly before applying the new film.

By doing a DIY project, you will decrease window tinting costs. On the other hand, you should include your time and energy in this demanding job, especially if this is your first-time one.

Professional Window Tinting Costs

When you hand your car to an experienced professional, window tinting costs for standard films may vary from $50 to $600. For high-performance tinting films, the price will be from $100 to $800.

Window tinting costs are determined after you have decided how many windows you want to tint and what kind of film you want to use. Also, it is crucial whether the windows are curved since that makes them more difficult to tint.

As I have already mentioned, the type and size of your car will also influence the window tinting costs. For example, the price varies from $50 to $500 for pickup windows. On the other hand, you should pay $100 to $600 for regular car windows, and at least $200 to $800 for SUV windows.

Make sure to check if the shops offer discounts or coupons for window tint. Also, most of the shops have an option to ask for a quote online, so you will know what to expect.

Advantage of Going to a Professional

Advantage Of Going To A Professional

An interesting fact about window tinting is that there is law regulation about it. Every state has different rules about which windows are allowed to be tinted and also the level of film darkness, so-called VLT.

VLT stands for visible light transmittance. The proportion of light that goes through your window is shown as the percentage. You should check this data before deciding which film you want to use.

The professional will know the laws of your state, so you won’t be at risk of paying a fine for the wrong tint darkness on your vehicle.

Another essential thing that will determine window tinting costs is the warranty that the installer will give to you. It includes a warranty for the film, its quality, and the work itself. That will cover any type of bubbles, peeling, or cracks that may appear on the window as a result of poor performance.

Benefits of Window Tinting

As I have already mentioned, tinted windows will reduce the impact of sun rays on the interior of your car. Plus, the film will block 99% of UV rays, which means it will protect your skin, as well.

Also, heat impact is reduced by up to 60%. That will influence air-conditioning usage while you drive, so your gas expenses will decrease.

Don’t forget that window tinting will protect your privacy and valuables inside your car, enhance the look of the vehicle, and make it look more expensive and classier. That is an excellent result of this procedure if you ask me.

What Type of Window Tint to Use?

The type of window tint you should use in your vehicle primarily depends on your budget and preferences. There are several types of window tint with different quality and cost. Let’s see.

Dyed window tint

Dyed window tint

It is the least expensive option you can choose for your car. Dyed window tint is made of two layers. The first one is adhesive, and you need to apply it to the window. The second layer, made of polyester, goes on the top and protects the glass from scratching.

The color is placed between these two layers. Keep in mind that this tint often gives the darkest appearance.

The negative side of this option is that it is not as effective in blocking the heat. Over time, it will probably change color to purple due to UV ray exposure. Also, it is more prone to create bubbles, so you will need to change this tint more often.

Price range:

  • $69 to $100 for three windows
  • $150 to $200 for five windows
  • $180 to $250 for seven windows

Metalized window tint

Metalized window tint

It is a compound made of several layers. One of them contains micro metal particles, which give better protection from the heat, blocks UV rays and glare, and strengthen the glass itself. Plus, in case of an accident, there will be less glass around.

One of the main disadvantages of this tint is that it might interfere with phone, radio, or GPS signal.

Hybrid window tint

Hybrid window tint

This window tint is created as a mixture of the previous two. Mainly it is a combination of titanium and grey dye. It is lighter, but it still blocks the UV rays, glares, and heat. Also, it won’t interfere with your electronic devices. As for prices, it will cost you more money than dyed tint, and less then metalized one.

Carbon window tint

Carbon window tint

You will recognize this type of window tint by matt appearance. It is a combination of carbon and polymer, and it is resistant to fading. Carbon window tint is effective in blocking infrared rays, and it can stop 40% of them from entering your car.

That will help you in saving money by reducing the usage of the air conditioner in your vehicle while driving.

Price range:

  • $100 to $130 for three windows
  • $150 to $200 for five windows
  • $200 to $250 for seven windows

Ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tint is a high-performance window tint. It blocks up to 50% of heat and 99% of UV from entering your car, giving you excellent protection and visual clarity. There will be no influence on your electronic devices.

Due to the latest, innovative technology in its production, ceramic window tint is one of the most expensive tints you can find on the market.

Price range:

  • $399 for three windows
  • $449 for five windows
  • $499 for seven windows

Crystalline window tint

Crystalline window tint

If case you don’t want to make your windows dark, but still want protection from heat and UV rays, crystalline window tint is an excellent choice for you. It is composed of 200 layers, but it is still very thin. It blocks 99% of UV rays, 60% of solar energy, and 97% of infrared rays.


The prices I have listed here are not final. They can vary from one car shop to another, but this review will give you some idea of what to expect.