Sell a Car in Florida

9 Steps to Sell a Car in Florida

Selling a car in Florida isn’t as straightforward as in other cities. There are many rules and regulations to follow. One of which includes paying off all lien before handing the keys to the buyer. Usually, all cars listed for sale ought to be in good condition. This includes carrying out repairs on faulty parts … Read more

Remove Sticker From Car

6 Best Ways To Remove Sticker From Car

Do you want to know how to remove stickers from car? It is no secret that some car owners tend to have little or no expertise in removing stickers from car. That is because facing the facts, it may be a little task, but it can take your time. As car owners, we understand that … Read more

How Much Does a Car Battery Weigh

How Much Does a Car Battery Weigh?

A car battery is an integral part of any car, pickup or SUV. They come in relatively small sizes. However, despite their size, they are quite heavy objects. You might wonder, how much does a car battery weigh? Well, the aim of this post is to answer that question as well as provide other important … Read more

How Many Amps is a Car Battery

How Many Amps is a Car Battery?

Everyone wants to keep their car in the best possible condition, and part of that involves knowing a little bit about how cars work. Some parts, most people have a basic understanding of, but others, perhaps not so much – and the battery can be placed in that category. We have all heard terms like … Read more

Why do Cops Touch the Back of Your Car

Why do Cops Touch the Back of Your Car?

At some point, practically everyone who drives a car will see those blue lights flashing in their rearview mirror, the signal that you are being stopped and need to pull over. It might make some people nervous, but the chances are, you’re probably only going to get a speeding ticket. However, more observant drivers may … Read more

what to do after a car accident

6 Steps to do after a car accident that’s not your fault

Although we all hope it never happens to us or anyone we know, the statistics show that almost all drivers will be involved in an accident at some point in their life – although it might not necessarily be their fault. Since it can happen to even the most cautious drivers, the best plan is … Read more

How Much Paint Is Needed To Paint a Car

How Much Paint Is Needed To Paint a Car?

At some point in time, you will need to fix certain paint imperfections on your car. These imperfections result from several reasons. At times, a simple dab of paint in some spots will do the job efficiently. However, at other times, especially in serious cases, you might require to repaint the vehicle completely. How much … Read more

car wont start clicking noise

Why Car Clicks When Trying to Start? (Tips to Fix)

It’s a problem that most people experience at some point – and it’s something that usually seems to happen when you’re in a hurry and have no time to waste. You jump into the driver’s seat of your car, you turn the key and…nothing happens. Except for a click. If this situation sounds familiar and … Read more

Start a Car with a Bad Fuel Pump

4 Ways to Start a Car with a Bad Fuel Pump?

Most of us try to keep our cars in the best possible condition, but over time, things inevitably go wrong. One issue that many people face at one time or another is a fuel pump that stops working, and when it does, you need to get it looked at before it fails completely. If your … Read more

Keep Mice Out of the Car

10 Tips to Keep Mice Out of the Car

Since prevention is always the better solution than attempts to get rid of rodents, you should think about how to keep mice out of the car on time. Keep in mind that these animals need food available within 50 to 300 feet (15 – 91.5 m) of their nests. Therefore, it is usually enough to … Read more