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5 Tips to Get a Free Car

Many people want to have a car for trips, business purposes so they won’t bother about missing the public bus. Also, getting a vehicle reduces delay, especially if you live in a remote location.

Sadly, getting a new or used vehicle can be quite expensive or exceed one’s budget. However, if you know how to get a free car, that’s an exciting way to become a motorist without splurging. Surely, it’s possible to get a vehicle without spending a dime.

So, do you want to know how to get a car for free? If yes, follow the steps below to get yours without any big budget.

First, You need to ask yourself, “Am I Eligible For a Free Car?

Before thinking of how to get a free car, you should be an adult of at least 18 years. Also, if you belong to the following groups below, your chance on how to get a free car increases. The eligible group that can get a car for free includes:

  • Military families having financial problems
  • The elderly and sick
  • Families who depend on public support to travel to work
  • Low paid workers
  • Domestic abuse victims
  • People that live in temporary housing
  • Victims of earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters
  • Indigent families – Improvised families or those that earn meager wages can get a spot on a free vehicle program.

Tips on How to Get a Free Car

1. Find a Government Agency or Charity

Start by looking for places that offer free car. To get a quick headstart, visit local charities, and make inquiries. You could also use online search engines for this task.

If you need extra help in getting a place that donates vehicles to the needy, feel free to use the list below. I would also like to add that some of these places also offer repairs on donated cars and other freebies.

  • 1800 CHARITY CARS Donation Auto –This charity receives donated vehicles from individuals and delivers them to needy families.
  • Online Car Donations Auto Charity – This foundation receives vehicles as handouts before giving them to victims of domestic abuse, the physically challenged, and the homeless. Moreover, this charity helps donors get tax deductions.
  • Vehicles For Change – Like the earlier mentioned example, people can offer cars to this charity. In exchange, Vehicles for Change arrange tax deductions for them and donates the cars to impoverished families.
  • Org – Like most mentions on this list, WithCauses.Org provides vehicles for impoverished families. If you want to get a free car from this non-profit, it does not require much. Begin by logging on to their website and complete an online application form.
  • Donate A Car Today – This is one the best place if you’re thinking on how to get free donated Cars. The reason is that they have offices in many states and branches in many locations that offer vehicles for free.
  • Free Charity Cars – Try checking this non-profit organization if you looking for how to get a free car from the charity. After a successful application, it’s possible to get a free vehicle from Free Charity Cars, especially if you’re unemployed.

For additional help on how to find free cars, visit any Community Action Agency office in your location for information on partnerships. Apart from offering details, they will also guide you through the application process.

2. Look at the Requirements Closely

Look at the Requirements Closely

Whether you’re pondering how to get a free used car, you will need to meet some conditions to increase your chances. Start by checking if you can meet the requirements required by your preferred charity. For instance, some foundations focus on the sick or military veterans while others cater to the physically challenged and female victims of domestic abuse.

If you don’t fall into any of the categories, you could choose Free Charity Cars. Unlike some non-profits, this foundation accepts applications from anyone in need of a car. To get a spot, set up a profile, and make a post that shows your reasons for finding a free vehicle.

3. Complete the Application 

Get the required forms and complete every section on each document. If you leave out any details, your application could become invalid.

The charity requires information on household size, income, resources, and assets, especially before starting any donation process. Remember to add your reasons for applying for the free vehicles.

4. Provide Other Documents

Gather and present vital paperwork to the charity. Most times, these papers include proof of insurance, income/no income, welfare benefits, and a valid driver’s license. For physically challenged applicants, they might have to attach medical reports to their submissions.

You can add the following documents to your application to increase your chances on how to get a free car from charity or government.

  • Verified proof that shows the applicant’s income from various sources such as a pension, child support, and disability
  • Notarized proof of a training/job that shows the working hours of the applicant
  • Provide a cover letter that explains the reasons you want for a free vehicle.

5. Submit Your Application and Wait

Submit Your Application and Wait

Complete the process by submitting your application to the non-profit. Remember to go over the paperwork and check for errors. If you provided, you might get a vehicle as soon as possible or win a spot on a waiting list.

How to Get a Free Donated Car for the Physically Challenged

As expected, the physically challenged require vehicles to go on various duties. If you’re one and do not have the resources to purchase a car, you can seek help from charities or government welfare programs.

Unlike people without disabilities, the physically challenged have higher chances of getting a free vehicle. After all, they might not have the ability to work or find jobs.

As long as you belong to this group, the easy way on how to get free cars for disables is to submit an application and relevant documents. After proper submission and you meet the requirement, you might get a free car as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

There are many ways on how to get a free car from the government. But it’s easier to get a free vehicle from a charity, mainly if you fall into eligibility categories.

The first step when planning on how to get a free car is to seek guidance from verified local non- profits. Also, before you apply after searching online on how to get free charity cars near me, ensure you have the necessary documents to avoid any hassles.

Although how to get free used car craigslist steps might be quite different, our guide will help in securing a free car from charity and government.